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Day 33 of BB13 Feeds

August 8

What’s up boo?

1:03 - 1:09 AM

Jeff is playing pool with Adam...Jeff sings something and Adam says "pronounced with an Umpty?"...Jeff says that's his karaoke jam

Jordan comes outside and Jeff says "what's up boo?" "I thought you were sleepy boo"

Jordan says she was sleepy and then her and Rachel were talking for a long time, other stuff besides game finally...Jordan asks if they've been playing this the whole time?...Adam answers her...they keep playing with Jordan nearby watching...

Jeff says "so! what's up love?"...Jordan says nothing...Jeff says "just chillin? being a villain?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...she says she feels gross for eating that slop, if she thinks she's eating catfish she has to think it's chicken or it grosses her out, especially that stringy part...they continue talking about being HN's...

JeJo funny spider story

1:41 - 1:45 AM

Jeff and Jordan are sitting on the couches outside in the BY with Adam, Shelly and Kalia...they're talking about LA...Kalia calmly tells Jordan there's a spider nearby her...Jordan says to not to tell her ends up not being a not being a spider...Jeff pokes Jordan in the ear to freak her out a little...they talk about bugs and people freaking out and how Jeff was running from Shelly who was chasing him with the huge moth she caught...Jeff says he would climb the fence if someone chased him with a roach...this prompts Jordan to tell the story about her, Jeff, Megan and Peyton driving home from the beach in Charleston with a spider crawling around in their car. Funny stuff!

Jeff funny possum story

1:52 - 1:57 AM

Critter story time in the BY with Jeff and Jordan ...after Shelly tells her mouse story Jeff tells the story of how he helped Mimmo, VIt Tan Don and their dad get a possum out of their garage...another hilarious story!

Jordan and her funny squirrel story

1:58 - 2:01 AM

Critter story time in the BY with Jeff and Jordan...Jordan tells her a story about her friend Megan and her family finding a baby squirrel and they kept it as a pet and then the squirell attacked the family...LOL

JeJo hold hands

11:49 AM

Jeff, Jordan & Shelly have been chatting in the HN room after the POV ceremony...Lawon comes in and tells them the back is open...they leave the room...Jeff who walks out ahead of Jordan, reaches back for Jordan and they hold hands walking through the LR to the kitchen…

Love…you look sexy!

2:11 PM

Jeff is in the kitchen, has poured himself a drink and then heads to the bathroom and sees Jordan...he says "love! ♥ "...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff adds "you look sexy"...

Jordan says "thanks"...Jeff goes into the bathroom stall…

BY talk - China/Chile/TAR

2:19 - 2:34 PM

Jeff is sitting on the couches smoking, Lawon and Adam are in the pool, Rachel is on the elliptical, Shelly is tanning, Jordan is shaving her legs...

Shelly is talking about travelling overseas and the flights she takes, then they start talking about hubs and airlines...Shelly says for international trips she flies Delta because she's diamond, she gets free business upgrades with those passes, you fly business the whole way...Jeff says she writes that all off anyway?...Shelly says she doesn't pay for her tickets but gets the miles...

Jordan says "how much do your tickets to China cost?"...Shelly says 3 to 5000...Jordan says "are you serious!?"...Jeff, who is taking it all in, laughs out loud about what Jordan just asked because of the TAR connection...

Shelly says it can cost as much as $10000 for a ticket...Jordan is shocked!...Rachel says that's ridiculous...Shelly agrees and says she flew coach once and she praises every company she works for for letting her fly business...

Jeff can't hold it in any longer, he says "Jordan do you know how much tickets are to China from Amazing Race?"...Jordan says "no I don't, do you?"...Rachel asks how much were they?...Jeff nods no and says they weren't, they were going to Chile and Jordan was like, can we get two tickets to China? LOL

Jordan says she knew it started with a C...Jeff giggles...Rachel asks if they had to pay for them?...Jeff says no, they don't have any money, they take care of it...Jordan tells Shelly that when they were on Amazing Race, the 1st stop, she couldn't remember where they were going, they were going to Chile and she said "we need two tickets to China"...Jeff adds "like running up to the counter she says it"...Jordan demonstrates how she said it...Jeff thought, this is the 1st leg, we're gonna do great! LOL ok whatever Jeff you won the 1st leg, don't forget that!

Shelly thinks that show would be so fun to do that travel and fun stuff but she bets it's hard work...Jordan says yeah it is...Shelly says her and Cassi talked about doing it, they'd laugh their butt off...Jeff says until it got serious and you end up wanting to kill each other...Jordan agrees...Shelly says in the challenges you're not going to get hurt...Jeff says yeah you do but it's still scary...Jeff says Jordan did all the heights one, she went across a canyon and did bungee jumping in Germany...Shelly didn't know that...Jordan explains her and Caite did it...palm trees...Jordan says "we hated each other"...Adam says he highly doubts that...Jeff, who IMO never likes it when Jordan says this, says "omg"...Jordan says they really did...Shelly asks what happens when you get to the hotel after, you just want to sleep?...Jeff says they washed their clothes out and hopefully dried them by morning...palm trees, more questions and more palm trees

Jeff explains they don't have much interaction with the other teams, you just go to your room, wash clothes, watch some TV, they take the clocks out of your room and if you're not down there they just start...Jeff says he had a watch, but because he's a tight ass, he bought a cheap watch from Target with an alarm so he sleept lightly because he was so nervous the alarm wouldn't go off, moral of the story, don't be a tight ass and buy a cheap watch!

Shelly says at least they got to be in the room together, if you did that with a serious boyfriend or your spouse it would be a blast...Jeff says they stayed in a shitty hotel, a nice hotel, outside, his favorite stop was Argentina in a big tent...Jordan says Shelly would like it, the people that run the farm were awesome...Jeff says they fresh lamb they cooked on an open fire...Jordan says they cooked for everybody, it was nice...Shelly asks if they keep in touch with anyone?...Jeff is about to say and palm trees...Jeff says they were from Providence, near Boston...Jordan talks about the AR anniversary party and how nice it was, there have been so many racers, people are happy to see you, there's no drama and it's fun, there are no cliques (as opposed to what? )

Shelly asks if they met the lady that shaved her head?...Jordan says yeah, she was nice...Jeff says she was super cool...Jordan says Stephanie, the girl that was proposed to on the show, she's pregnant now...palm trees...Jordan says she loves them, she danced with "her" she was so much fun...Shelly says it was well worth meeting those people, they became friends or acquaintances for life...Jordan says oh for sure...Jeff says that reunion, everyone that came was cool, Dan & Jordan, Shawne & Monique...Jordan says everyone got along but if you had a BB party everybody would be separated in cliques and would be talking about other seasons, people are immature...Shelly says they don't get over it?...Jordan says some people don't...Shelly promises no matter what was said she'll be everyone's friend...Jeff says "ok good because I said some shitty stuff...he's just joking"

Shelly just doesn't want a bad goodbye message...Jeff says he would never do that...Shelly says to keep it classy...Adam says you have to remember it's a game, he thinks it's cool they're in a fraternity...Jeff does some damage control by saying that with what Jordan said, for the most part 90% of the people out of here would be awesome but the 10% sometimes people don't like you and you don't like people...

HN room chat - JeJo isn’t like Brenchel

5:59 - 6:03 PM

Feeds switch to the HN room...Jordan is talking to Jeff who has been sleeping, he's groggy...Jordan is talking about Brenchel's relationship and she tells Jeff that her and Rachel were talking about their Brendon and the "internet thing"...Jeff says really?...Jordan says she asked what Rachel's parents thought and her mom thought it was Rachel's fault and she was like what? her mom is a little off that's maybe why Rachel is, she was getting aggravated, she told her that her and Jeff would never do that, they would kill each other if they were 24/7, all over each other 24/7 and then they hung out 24/7, you gotta space it out...Jordan says one by one they all left her there, Shelly, Kalia and her...

Jordan says that Shelly told her that Lawon said if he wins HOH he's going to put up Kalia and Dani eyeroll...Jeff says he thinks it's all bullshit...Jordan says Jeff didn't miss out on anything...Jeff says Rachel was talking about her and Brendon, what a surprise and now Jordan is in here and she's mad about something...Jordan says she's not mad, they were just telling her that sometimes she needs to have her own friends and go out just with the girls but Brendon likes to come...Jordan is rubbing Jeff's arm...Jordan says that Rachel said they talk 10X a day maybe more, that's a little ridiculous but Rachel said Brendon likes that, Jordan told her if it works for them that's good, but that her and Jeff could never do that.

Jeff says he can't take it, if you walk away from Rachel she gets offended, she has no common sense...Jordan says they were all saying their moms would side with them but Rachel said her mom always agrees with everything Brendon says, what??

Jeff says something is off, that's for sure...Jordan thinks her mom might be a little off and Brendon is the type of guy that will fall in love with anyone, after the show last year they wanted to get married in September and Jordan said they didn't even know each other and Rachel said they did, they fell in love, she told her if that works for y'all then...Jeff says Brendon was just engaged too ...Jordan says that Shelly is going to tell her the story about Rachel's ring and she was wondering how Shelly knew all this...

HN room - sweet head rub

6:03 - 6:07 PM

Jeff and Jordan continue talking in the HN room...Jordan says the catfish Jeff made was good...Jeff says he'll make some more...Jordan fills Jeff in on Kalia and Dani, Kalia has been coming around more and Dani is still sleeping, they're all on their periods, she sleeps all day, her and Porsche are having really bad cramps...Jeff thought she was just on hers?...Jordan starts rubbing/scratching Jeff's face, head and neck...super sweet

Jeff says he needs to go workout, he hates it...Jordan says she got off the elliptical and got dressed because she thought she'd be called to the DR, she's been wearing sweats the last 2 days…

Jordan says that when she came in there Adam told her to tell Jeff to workout at 6 but she didn't want to wake him up...Jeff says he has to, it's the last thing he wants to do but...Jordan says he'll feel better...Jeff says it's crazy that there's nothing to do but you can't find time to work out, it makes no sense...Jordan says that Jeff's stomach has gotten more toned, he keeps saying his arms but she noticed in his bathing suit...Jeff says it's because he's losing weight, Big Jeff is getting his 6 pack back Jeff leaves saying "alright love ♥ , gotta go do the do"...

Jordan - tea kettle newbie

8:43 - 8:48 PM

Jeff is in the kitchen with Lawon...Jeff is getting the catfish foil packages ready for the grill, he places them on a plate and starts to head outside when Jordan comes inside, she sees Jeff and holds the door open for him, Jeff says "oh thank you love ♥" but then heads back forgetting something...Jordan comes inside and grabs a pot...Jeff asks her what she's making?...Jordan says "tea"...Jeff says "green tea?"...Jordan gives Jeff a look and Lawon starts giggling...

Jeff says Jordan should make the tea in a tea kettle...Jordan says she doesn't know how to use it lol

Jeff says if she's going to boil water in the pot, she can boil water in the kettle...Jordan says "ok, I've never used one before"...Jeff is surprised saying "you've never used a kettle?"...Jordan says no, never, seriously...Jeff says "it's a pot, but it's for tea"...Jeff hands Jordan the kettle saying "there you go love ♥"...Jordan says thanks and puts water in the kettle...Jeff says "Jordan, Jordan, sometimes I don't know"...

Jordan sarcastically says "thanks Jeff"...Jeff says "thanks what?...don't get mad at me cuz you never used a tea kettle"...Jeff heads outside to grill the fish while Jordan asks how much water you use?...Lawon advises her on how much water to put saying she doesn't want to overfill it...Jordan puts the kettle on the stove and asks Lawon if it will whistle when ready?...Lawon tells her it will...

Funny moment here when Jordan asks Lawon if you put the tea bags right in the kettle? Lawon gets this look ---> o_O and gives Jordan some weird non answer and then starts rambling about how it's been so long since he saw his grandma make tea (like when he was 6 or 7 ) about the blind leading the blind LOL Lawon says he can't believe Jordan hasn't used one, Jordan swears she hasn't because her mom "and them" set the water/tea outside in the hot sun...

Making the sauce & tea/catfish dinner

9:23 - 9:32 PM

Jordan is in the kitchen making tea...Jeff walks in and asks if he should make the sauce for her?...Jordan says she can make it...Jeff says it takes one second...Jordan says "I don't know what's wrong with me"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says she doesn't know what's wrong with her, she's just hungry...Jeff says "I think you're gripy"...Jordan says she's not gripy...Jeff sings and palm trees...Jeff makes the sauce while Jordan tries to figure out how to put the sugar in the tea, she asks Jeff for advice...Jeff turns the ingredient list into a funnel and puts it in the jug...voila

Jordan says thanks...palm trees...Jeff is making catfish for himself...Jordan tests her tea and decides she needs more...palm trees...Jeff asks Jordan to tell the others the food is ready, please, so it doesn't get cold, she does and Rachel and Shelly join them, they thank Jeff and they start to dig in...

The fish was good huh love?

9:50 - 9:57 PM

Feeds switch to the kitchen just after the 9:50pm mark...Jordan and Jeff are in the kitchen with Shelly...Jordan is cleaning up, Jeff is eating his catfish dinner...Shelly says she's never ever met anyone so needy for attention...Jeff says ever! holy shit, he fu**ing can't take it...Shelly says then there's 14 questions before you even eat your food, just eat it...Jordan says at least she feels the same way, she thought it was just her being gripy...Shelly is trying...Jordan is too...Shelly says Kalia has been following her around too...Jeff starts up with his being on top is easy but when you're on the bottom is when your true colors emerge speech

Shelly goes to the bathroom and returns walking towards the LR, she says "leave me alone, I don't want to talk to you...especially with you"...Jordan feels she gained 20 lbs from eating the fish, she feels ugh...Jeff says the fish was grilled, it was real good for her, his is pan-fried so it's not as good for you...

Shelly walks back in thanking them for dinner, it was awesome...Jordan says "you're welcome"...Shelly says in a few more minutes they'll have coffee, she asks if the blanket on the chair is hers?...Jordan says yeah...Shelly goes outside and Jeff asks her if it's extra cold or they don't have energy?...Shelly says maybe it's from not eating very much...she leaves...Jeff says he's been taking vitamins and eating fish, it should be enough...Jordan says it might be, she was cold last week too...

Jeff finishes and gets up saying "that was good huh love ♥ ?"...Jordan says it was good...Jeff says "I can't believe you're eating fish, I'm so proud of you"

Jeff changes the trash bag and says "I think that's what's wrong with both of us love ♥ "...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "I think the same thing is wrong with both of us"...Jordan says "what I just said?"...Jordan says "well, yeah, I'm trying"...Jeff says he thinks they have to, but it's hard...Jordan says she's been with her all day today, ALL DAY...Jeff says Jordan is trying way harder than him, he's out, he can't do anymore pep talks or whatever, next time she says something he'll be like listen, do you need help packing? Jeff says he can't do it either and he leaves the room...

Jeff is still bitter about finale night LOL

10:45 PM

Jeff, Rachel and Adam are playing pool...Jordan is in the hot tub, she can be heard talking to Lawon about the finale, how excited you are to see your family...Jeff suddenly says "Jordan tell them what happened when you came out of the house, I went to hug you and you pushed me"

Jordan is heard trying to explain/justify why she did what she did...she says she told Michele to tell Jeff she misses him and is thinking about him but she (of course ) didn't tell him what she said, Jeff asked Michele if Jordan said anything and she said no so Jeff was kind of like hmm, she didn't say anything? and so on finale night Jeff said that Jordan completely brushed him off and ignored him (umm she certainly did)...Jordan yells out to Jeff "what did you say? to give me a hug?"...Jeff shows how she pushed him away...Jordan says that Jeff said she was being distant and he had thought, she just used me this summer ...Jordan says she doesn't remember doing that just because she was overwhelmed, she saw her mom and there were so many people...

Jordan dancing - no one comes between me and my man!

11:43 PM

Rachel and Lawon have just had a hilarious dance off in the BY, next Rachel and Porsche show off how they walk into a club...then Jeff sets up the next scene...

Lawon and Jordan are supposed to be at a club dancing, Porsche and Rachel are his other two ladies, they come strutting in and see him with Jordan, Porsche & Rachel start grinding/dancing with Lawon...Jordan interrupts and says "no one comes between me and my man!" So cute!

Jordan joins Jeff in the hammock

11:48 - 11:59 PM

Jordan calls out "stupid!" and goes over to Jeff, who is on the hammock...Jeff asks why she ran over there?...Jordan says "cuz"...she sits down asking was that not hilarious? (the dance off)...Jeff says yeah, it was...they start swinging and chatting...feeds finally switch to JeJo...

Jordan says it's not even 12...Jeff says tomorrow is Tuesday, another nothing day...Jordan says she should give Rachel her sparkly pants...Jordan asks Jeff if he wants her to get up off of there?...Jeff says no...

Jordan says she thinks on Thursday they should make hamburgers...Jeff says "on the grill?"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says no problem, he wants steak too...Jordan says this place at home called Showmars they make pitas with hamburger, tomato, pita sauce and lettuce, it's so good...they chit chat with Shelly and then Jordan says she's going to work out tomorrow in the sun...more random chit chat in between periods of silence...

They talk game, mostly about Lawon and why he was put up...Jordan randomly says Jeff's teeth are so white, they look good Jeff says he's so bohred...Jordan says she's full from tonight...Jeff says it was a lot of fish...Jordan says he did a good job

Jeff farts...Jeff asks what Kalia & Dani do all day every day (up in the HOH)...Jordan doesn't know, it'll be different when the power changes...more game talk and talk about what BB might give them to keep them entertained...Jeff wonders if they're in jury again...Jordan can't believe they're halfway there, remember how in the hotel they were scared thinking they'd be the first ones out . Jeff says one of them (their side) HAS to win this week, just one...they talk a little about Rachel...Jordan says Jeff has to stay on her good side...Jeff is trying but he has to bend over backwards to adjust to her personality but she can't even take one of his comments...Jordan says she's just like that...Jeff says he can't take her baby attitude...more game talk about Adam and how he needs to stop riding the fence, that is what Jeff was trying to talk to him about last week...Shelly says she has their back 100% Jeff thinks so too...Jordan says Shelly made her feel like a piece of (shit), like this big (small) when Jordan was questioning her and Shelly said wait until they watch the show and see she was with them and that when it came down to it she would take friendship over money (UGHHHH)...Jordan says that's sweet

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