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Day 3 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

July 9

JeJo POV & TAR troubles

2:38 AM - 2:42 AM

JeJo, Brenchel & Kalia are by the HT talking about the POV comp...Jeff says that they (him & Jor) would have just got done right now LOL!

Kalia says it looked hard...Jeff says that they needed a moral booster because they couldn't even get the "O" so Jordan finally took the "O" and put it on the bottom left, Jeff was like do you see the bricks are going like this? no? ok so let's just get the "V", get some kind of victory out of this so Jeff gave her a big right side piece and she took it and put it all the way on the left "V" and he was like (omg)...

Jeff looks at Jordan sweetly...Brendon and Jeff laugh about the comp, how they were tied together...Jeff thought the whole thing was a disaster and he looked over and Brenchel was done, he thought thank God...Jeff wanted the f**k outta there...Kalia leaves...

Jeff then looks at Jordan and says "and then Jordan doesn't talk to me" :( ...Brendon says Jeff is just a competitive person...Jeff says she knows, they almost killed each other on TAR, they separated them o_O Rachel says they wouldn't be good...Jordan disagrees...Brendon says they just argue through it, he doesn't know how they'd do because Rachel doesn't like to listen to him and she has the worst sense of direction...Jeff says he has the worst sense of direction and Jordan doesn't like to listen to him...Jeff says if he says something, she wants to do the opposite thing...Brendon says that's Rachel, he's starting to see a pattern here...Jeff says me too...Jordan really thinks they'd do well, they're good competitors...Brendon says that's not all the game is about...they start talking game…

Jeff throws balls at Dom

5:02 AM - 5:05 AM

Jordan has been up in the middle of the night cleaning, doing laundry, etc. She comes back to bed, they settle in after Jeff goes to pee...Dom is snoring like crazy...Jeff can't take it, reaches inside his bedside drawer and throws a ball at him, he chuckles and Jordan laughs...Jeff says "wtf?"...the snoring continues...Jeff reaches in again and throws another ball right at his head LOL! Jordan laughs again...Dom wakes up, reaches for his head and says "oh man was I snoring?"...JeJo laugh...Dom said something cracked him in the head just now and he was like wtf?...JeJo crack up more and they start the "who dat" routine...Dom says it hit him right at the top of his head, it was a great shot :)

Jordan giggles and coughs...they settle into sleep...about 15 minutes later Jeff throws yet another ball at Dom...where is he getting this endless supply of balls? ;)

balls aka plastic lemons

Quick cuddle & chat

11:19 AM - 11:24 AM

Jeff is laying in bed...Jordan is looking for something in the drawers...Porsche comes over to talk game with Jeff...Jordan changes into her bathing suit...Porsche finishes up...Jeff looks over at Jordan and says "yay"...they clasp hands and Jeff pulls her down onto the bed...Jordan says she was on a cleaning rampage last night...Dom comes in and says it's past 11 and leaves...Jeff says something about "Big Jeff"...Jordan says it looks like Jeff is wearing a dress :) Jeff says he likes it...

Porsche leaves...Jeff says this (going to bed) at 3 or 4 in the morning has got to stop...Jordan says the other night she went to bed early and slept well but was woken up, she's used to going to bed early...Jordan says it's pretty outside and then lays down to cuddle with Jeff...

Jordan says she finally did laundry...Jeff says "yay"...Jordan says her BB bag stunk so bad...Jordan asks if today is Saturday?...Jeff mmm, hmm's and then is called to the DR...Jeff mumbles "f**k" and leaves...

Pool kiss

1:51 pm

@1:51:30pm Jordan hugs Jeff and kisses him on the cheek in the pool. :)

Game talk continues between JeJo, Dom & Brendon…

Pool hug

2:08 pm

@2:08:25pm Jordan hugs Jeff from behind just before they get out of the pool :)

JeJo game talk in the pool

2:51 PM - 2:57 PM

Feeds switch to Jeff and Jordan who are talking game in the pool...hard to hear at first and then audio focuses in on them...

Jeff goes over what's been going on in the house...Jordan says "I think they're stupid" LOL They talk about who they should get rid of and who they could possibly trust, they say they trust Cassi more than Dom...they talk about house gossip and supposedly they're the next targets...Jordan says that's stupid, Brenchel are bigger targets...they discuss strategy about who to get rid of from each couple and general game moves...they can't believe what Dom was saying to them earlier...Jeff says "you're gonna win next HOH" ;)

Jordan is concerned that she'll look like an idiot during the Veto puzzle comp...Jeff says BB will show him yelling so he'll look like an idiot...Jordan whispers yeah...Jeff then says "why do you do that? why do you get so upset that you make me look like a fu**ing idiot too...can't we be just be idiots together and not have everyone know?" LOL feeds switch...

Cute JeJo pool time

3:00 PM - 3:09 PM

Feeds switch to JeJo in the pool...they are talking game about who is going btw Keith and Porsche, how many people are left after Thursday...Jordan is surprised nobody is out there, maybe they don't want to mess up their hair & makeup for DR's...Jeff laughs at how Kalia was overly dressed up, BB just doesn't want them looking like scumbags...Jordan doesn't trust Lawon...Jeff says for Jordan not to talk to Kalia, it will get back to him...

Jeff asks if Jordan is working out today?...Jordan says probably, they talk about a certain exercise...Jeff says it's Jordan's fave...Jordan says it's pilates, she likes watching Danielle do her workout...Jeff says he would want to workout with her because he would die LOL Jordan says Dani's backside is nice, they agree she's toned.

Jeff says his abs are killing him...he did a girly workout with Cassi & Dom, he likes it, they'll do aerobics tonight, Jordan can lead the class...Jordan says me?...Jeff giggles...Jeff inches over to where she is...Jordan says she wishes she had smaller legs, she has big ones...inside joke...Jeff says "what are these?"...Jordan says "hamhocks" LOL Jeff laughs

Jordan says she tries...Jeff says "whaddya talking about? you're good" :) Jordan says no, they're big...Jeff says "oh shut up"...Jordan starts holding up Jeff with her legs...Jordan wonders if the mirrors make you look bigger?...Jeff say yeah...Jordan asks if he's just saying that?...Jeff says "no, I'm fatty in these"...Jordan says he's lying...Jeff says they're like circus mirrors...Jordan helps keep Jeff afloat...

Jordan says her legs are cellulite city...Jeff says he has back fatville LOL...Jordan giggles saying he doesn't...Jordan holds Jeff up...

Jordan says everybody has cellulite though...Jordan laughs about the POV comp, what if he did the puzzle and she ran holding him up...Jeff says it wouldn't have helped either way...Jordan starts spinning Jeff around and he laughs saying it feels like she's teaching him how to swim...they giggle and continue clasping hands and being cute ♥ Jeff then floats with Jordan just holding his feet...FISH...

Feeds return with them talking about floating...JeJo debate over whether Jordan can...Jordan says her mom can't even float...she demonstrates how her mom "swims" in the pool...Jeff says she looks like a little wet cat LOL Adam joins them...

Recalling Technotronics

5:35 PM - 5:37 PM

Jeff is on the elliptical...he asks Jordan if she's doing abs?...chatter amongst the HG's...Adam & Shelly recount the technotronics fight w/ Russell...Adam says "technotronics, you spelled technotronics"...Shelly says "dude, you spelled shotgun!"...Adam says "when you think of a good one, come back to me"...Adam tells Jeff he must hate that they throw those lines back at him...Jeff says he doesn't mind...Keith says it was the best thing on the whole show...Shelly says he was just picking a fight...Adam says in Russell's DR he admitted it...Jeff says he's a cool guy...Adam asks if they made up?...Jeff says yeah, right away, in the jury house he was his best friend, he actually owes him a bottle of vodka because the 49'ers beat the bears and they bet on it one day :)

JeJo workout - You love me?

6:40 PM - 6:48 PM

JeJo are working out...Jeff with Adam, Jordan with Dani & Kalia...Jordan pauses while talking to Dani...Jordan and Kalia talk...Jeff and Dani discuss an exercise...Jordan is resting in between exercises...Jeff asks "love, how do you feel?"...Jordan says "good"...Jeff says she's tan...Jordan says she tans easy...Jeff comes over to where she is and pretends to step on her, they hold hands and then Jeff squats down above her...Jordan giggles thinking he was going to put his butt on her face...Jeff touches her belly...Jordan says she can't get "it" away...Jeff says she looks skinny...Jordan says she's bloated from her period...Jeff says gross. LOL

Jordan stands up...Dani says she gains 5 lbs during hers...Jeff says "and super crabby, 5 lbs of crabby"...Jordan hugs Jeff from behind and says "you love me?"...

Jeff says "no I don't"...Jordan says "yes you do!" Jeff giggles...Jordan hugs Jeff's belly...

and lets go...they see the exercise Dani is doing and Jeff says Jordan should do those...Jordan does...

Jeff goes back to his weights and then looks over at Jordan and giggles...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "touch your toe!"...Jeff can't take his eyes off of her...Jordan says "turn around"...Jeff says "no, I want to see"...a little chatter as they continue...Jordan sings the big booty song, she imitates Rachel's silliness super cute! Jeff does one more set of reps...feeds switch…

Love how do you feel?

6:43 PM

Just after the 6:43pm mark Jeff looks over at Jordan who is relaxing during her workout and says "love, how do you feel?" :) Jordan says "good"...

Cute bathroom talk - smells like Jordan

7:42 PM - 7:46 PM

Feeds switch to JeJo in the bathroom...Jeff says he's playing with Jordan's stuff, he brushes his hair lol...Jordan is putting on makeup...Jeff asks what she's getting all done up for?...Jordan doesn't answer...Jeff says "you just like to look good once in awhile?" LOL

Jordan says yesterday she just laid around...Jeff says he'll put jeans on too to not make her look left out...Jordan says no, he just wants to wear them...Jeff says he does, he only brought a couple pairs of shorts so he doesn't want to wear the same thing everyday, he wants to mix it up...Jeff asks what she wants for dinner?...Jordan will eat a salad...Jeff wants to just make what he wants to eat and not cook for everybody, it's too much of a production ;)

Jordan says the stuff she's using, you can sleep in it and your face won't break out...Jeff is smelling her stuff...Jordan says that's deodorant...Jeff says "it smells like you" ♥ Jordan says she should try it, it works...Jeff says "Elizabeth Arden" why does he know that?...Jordan thinks maybe her mom uses it...Jeff says "do they sell furniture" LOL

Jordan says no, it's makeup...Jordan asks if Jeff smelled her spray?...Jeff smells it...

...and says "yeah, this is you, this is what you smell like"...Jordan asks "do you think of me every time you smell it?"...Jeff says yes...they giggle about the hairbrush that Jeff is now using that is Jordan's, he was using someone else's before :/ Jordan sings "big booty"...Adam walks in and they do the Adam growl, talk about the POV comp and he leaves...Jeff then leaves shortly after…

Dom wants to end up with a girl like Jordan

8:28 PM - 8:33 PM

Jordan, Dom & Rachel are by the pool chatting...they're talking about motorcycles...Dom has a Honda and used a Ducati for "filming"...Jordan asks what that is?...Dom says it's an Italian motorcycle, equal to a Ferrari in a car but they're cheap...Jordan warns Dom that he better be careful on a street bike, they're dangerous, she's surprised her mom let him have one...Dom says his dad bought it for him...Rachel says Jordan reminds her of her best friend Sarah, Danny's wife, the more she gets to know her, she's like her best friend from high school, just a nice, good girl...Jordan asks how they met?

Rachel starts to say but Jordan says she knows Danny, he was in an older grade than her sister, he's cute...Rachel says he's really cute...Dom says "I want to end up with a girl that has your personality Jordan" :) Rachel says "aww"...Dom says just a sweet, like nice, just a genuinely nice person, it's hard for her to be mean right?...Jordan says no, it's not, she really can be mean...Rachel guffaws over that one...Dom says "mean like shut up! is that mean to you?"

Jordan says she's serious, she can really be mean, she's being for real, her brother told his mom he's more scared of her than his mom...Jordan says here is not real life, it's stupid but in real life she lets things get to her, she can have a temper, ask Jeff, he thinks sometimes she's the biggest "you know what", she can be, not towards other people but she gets real moody...Dom is chuckling saying that just the fact Jordan said "you know what" instead of bitch proves she's just a nice girl...Rachel agrees and says she's the opposite, she's more bitchy in the house over real life...Jordan says she would have been the same way Rachel was last year, she had her guard up because people were attacking Rachel, her appearance, didn't they see how she bumped Russell? she did that, if someone makes fun of you you feel like crap, they're trying to get a rise out of you but if you think about it you'll probably never see these people again, you may at functions but who cares.

Rachel admits she came in there with her defenses up...Dom admits he came in thinking Rachel would be a certain way too, he's wrong...Jordan admits that her mom told her she didn't want her to do the show, she had a bad feeling about it...Rachel says her mom was bawling, saying don't do it, she wouldn't watch it...Jordan thinks her mom will watch... Rachel's not so sure, her mom cried every day last summer :(

Dom says his mom didn't want him to do it either, they would exploit him...Jordan says they have nothing to worry about this year, people are different, they're not going to be all like "omg Dominic, you're a model, you're so stupid" LOL Dom laughs, says she sees what she's saying...Jordan says not to stress...Dom says it's fun, just to go with it...Jordan says she almost wishes if she's one of the 1st 4 out, she'd want to go to sequester too and have the summer off...Rachel says that would suck, she wouldn't want to do that, 90 days...feeds switch...

Washing dishes love

8:56 PM - 8:59 PM

Jeff is cooking dinner...Jordan is cleaning up...Jordan asks if she can wash a plate near where Jeff is cooking?...Jeff says to hold on...Jordan finds something else to wash...a couple minutes go by and then Jeff says "hey love ♥ you wanna wash this?" :) Jordan takes it and Jeff says "thank you"...

Bean bag hugs and kiss

9:45 - 9:53 PM

Jeff and Jordan play the bean bag game with Keith and Kalia...Jeff is heard telling Jordan "that was cute" and she kisses him...they high five...they continue playing and flirting...funny moment when Kalia doesn't realize she's playing with Jeff (he's kidding), Jeff tells her that she's got a 2 hour ban from playing this game with Big Jeff LOL

@9:51:35pm Jeff reaches over and pinches Jordan's cheek...Jordan hugs Jeff sweetly & kisses him...Jeff (Cam 2) grabs and holds Jordan's butt ;) ...

They keep playing one more round, they decide they're done...Jeff asks if Jordan wants to play pool?...Jordan wants to hug him ;) ...Jeff asks "what's up?"

Jordan says "she's feeling"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan doesn't say and they walk back to where the others are.

First JeJo hammock time

10:36 PM - 10:40 PM

Feeds switch to JeJo who are in the hammock facing each other... Jordan says "old memories" :)

Jordan says she's not used to everybody being outside, last time it was just them being outside...Jeff says he's pooped and doesn't know why...Jordan is too, she says it's the workout and the food...Jeff asks himself if he pooped? yes, he did LOL Jordan says she did twice (these two!)

Jordan says it's good they're tired...Jeff says he gets a 2nd wind at 11:30...Jeff wonders what time it is?...Jordan says probably midnight, 11:30...they talk to Adam for a sec...Jordan yawns...Jordan looks like she wants to say something to Jeff but stops herself, then she asks what Jeff thinks the boys are doing back at home on a Sunday?...Jeff says he doesn't know, maybe by Melendez...Jordan says "in the garage singing?" :) Jeff smiles yeah...Jeff says they might be there now...Jordan asks when they leave?...Jeff says it's goes late sometimes...Jordan knows this ;) Jeff says it depends on the how the singing session is going...Jordan smiles asking if Vit Tan Don is there?...Jeff says he might be there earlier but then he goes to the clubs...Jordan says "gotcha"

Jordan says Kalia reminds her of her sister Jana, she asks Jeff if he thinks so?...Jeff says hmm, not really LOL Jordan yawns again saying she can't wait for bed...feeds switch :/

First hammock time continues

10:58 PM - 11:03 PM

Feeds return to JeJo on the hammock...

Jeff is talking about fishing all day...Jordan says something about going somewhere private...Jeff says deep sea would be awesome, crack some beers on the boat...Jordan says remember when they went fishing and Jeff had to hook her bait for her because it was gross and she kept throwing at the pelican...Jeff asks didn't she start doing them though?...Jordan shivers at how gross it was, you stick in the eyeballs...Jeff says you get used to it...Jeff asks if Donavon came with them?...Jordan says no, his friend Brian, his wife and Eddie and then at night Bob came over!...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says it was fun...Jeff agrees it was fun, Bob wanted to fish again this last time but Jeff didn't go but he will go after this time...

Jordan says she really liked Brian's place...Jeff says it's awesome...Jordan says it was cool, the balcony was quiet, the wind, the ocean...Jeff says having jams up there...Jordan giggles...Jeff says it's the best...Jordan liked it...Jeff says he has a kitchen up there...Jordan says he's lucky to find something like that with a kitchen upstairs...Jeff says he bought it, it came like that, he put the big screen up there though...Jordan says he took a picture of the sunset, it was nice...Jordan says they can do that again, Jeff can go fishing, she'll lay out...Jeff says they'll rendezvous at 6 :) Jordan says they'll eat their fish, she'll eat a burger or hot dog...Jeff says an in and out burger?...Jordan says no, they need to grill, well Jeff does...

Jordan says she liked that beach, that one restaurant they went to was the only one that made sweet tea...Jeff isn't sure...Jordan explains which one, it was in Hermosa on the promenade...Jeff knows now, they ate inside...Jordan says it was really hot...Jeff says he ate eggs Benedict, he always eats that on vacation cuz it's fat, he's a fatty on vacation, he's always a fatty...Jordan says she wouldn't mind going back to that Loew's hotel (in Miami) it was fun...Jeff says Miami isn't that nice...Jordan says the pool was fun though...Jeff says it's 600 bucks a night, get real...Jordan knows, she's playing with Jeff's leg...

Jordan says they can go on a cruise...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says she can talk to Stewie...Jeff says he can cruise it up...Jordan asks if he's ever gone on one in November?...Rachel joins them asking if they're having a romantic evening?...Jordan immediately says no :/ Jeff says they're talking about what if they had a free day tomorrow, what would they do around here...Rachel sits down to tell hers...

Quick JeJo banter

11:26 - 11:28PM

Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen with Brenchel, Porsche & Lawon...they're talking about what each of them would do if BB gave them a free day in or around LA to do whatever the want (within reason)...Lawon starts to say his but is a little confused with the midst of this conversation, Jordan whispers to Jeff that his teeth look white LOL...Jeff says "so do yours, is that what you wanted me to say?"...Jordan says no...Jeff says "oh thanks" :) He reaches over and puts his hand on Jordan's leg...

They continue talking about this and then Jeff suggests them going outside to talk on the couch and be cool :P they head out...

Cam 1

Jeff asks why are they inside? what are they gross?

Jordan says "no, it's just you"

Jeff, in a cute tone, says "you're gross"

Jordan, in high pitched tone, says "I'm just kidding"

Jeff says "fatty" :P

Jordan uhhh's....

Jeff giggles...

Jordan says "you're cut off"

Jeff says "you called me Fatty Schroeder 50 times"

Audio switches here and Jordan says something inaudible...

Jeff says "no, don't ban me"

Jordan says "I know, cuz you get me" she giggles...(aww :) )

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