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Day 2 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 6

July 8

Jordan’s baby maker

1:00 AM - 1:06 AM

Feeds come back from fish to Jeff & Jordan...Jeff is laying down on the couch, his legs on top of Jordan...they have been talking with Kalia (off camera)...Adam is milling about...Jeff and Kalia talk about conspiracy theories...Jeff loves them...Kalia says they are the "what if" game and Jeff hates that game...Jeff says "what if's" are negative, conspiracy theory is fun, the other is stupid...Kalia says Jeff is stupid. LOL

Adam & someone off cam start throwing around a made up ball, Jeff tried to "Pele" it...Adam and Jordan then play catch, Jeff interrupts them...Jordan says she doesn't like Jeff (huh?)...Jeff says "what are you talking about?"...Jordan says she's just kidding...Adam, Jeff & Kalia start throwing the "ball"...Kalia throws it at Jeff's balls...Jeff says he doesn't need that...Kalia says she didn't mean it...

Adam says "that's Jordan's baby maker" :)

Jeff says "aww Jordan" and smiles at her...Jeff gets tricked into thinking someone entered the house, he jumps saying he was so excited, he loves surprises, he never had a surprise birthday party before, he tells Kalia his bday and then says his mind is so crazy, he thought maybe a celebrity was coming in the house, he wasn't even thinking about ED...Kalia asks Jeff about his wrist tattoo...Jeff says he did it first, then checked online to make sure it was right...Dani gets called to the DR & they discuss the ED situation, they talk about how late it is, the Bozo Buckets show, Ren & Stimpy and then the feeds go to fish for hours (re: Evel Dick)

Quick butt grab

5:54 AM

Jeff and Jordan leave the HOH room after long game they approach the stairs Jeff grabs Jordan's butt. :)

Jeff asks "love ♥ , did you have a breakdown?"...Jordan says "I did...I think I'm about to start my period...I'm like all emotional, I was"...Jeff says he's going to brush his teeth and tells Jordan "come over here"...Jordan says she should brush hers, she puts something away in the kitchen first and feeds switch out…

Jeff throws things

10:23 AM

JeJo are sleeping...Dom is snoring really loudly...JeJo stir with the noise and suddenly Jeff opens the bedside table drawer and throws what sounds like a ball (but is a plastic lemon) at Dom's head. 🤣

Rachel, JeJo & a duck dream

12:10 PM - 12:14 PM

Feeds switch to the candy room...Rachel is talking game with JeJo...Rachel says that one of them 5 has to win every week, she's going to fight her heart out and wants them to feel comfortable...TRIVIA...Jeff tells Rachel that not worry about it, they feel comfortable with them...they talk about Keith a little and how it's already 12pm...Rachel gets up to leave and says she's sorry, she's not going to f**k up their game by being emotional...Jordan says she was emotional too...they high five each other and she leaves.

Jeff says he's so "tiedd" (meaning tired) right?...Jordan says "you know what I was dreaming about?"...Jeff says hmm...Jordan says they were at the beach and they were trying to get this duck out of the house and the duck was like...feeds switch and return to the candy room...

Jeff asks Jordan what color was he (the duck)?...Jordan says an orange beak, she doesn't remember, no it was navy blue and green...Jeff says "who grabbed his beak?"...Jordan says me!...Jeff sleepily says "yeah, you did?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jordan says Jeff was drinking a beer and didn't care, he wanted her to forget about it and she said no! this duck!, that's what she was dreaming about when Rachel came in, they were at the beach on vacation and somebody had left a duck behind...Jeff asks if another couple had left their pet duck behind?

Jordan says no, not affiliated with this, they were on vacation and they left it at a beach house...Jeff says he wasn't saying that, he was saying people have ducks as pets?...Jordan says no, but you never know at the beach LOL

Jeff says he's too tired for...Jordan says "stupid stories?"...Jeff says "yeah, that's great love ♥, I'm glad you got it out of that house"... feeds switch...

Jordan cranky in the bathroom

12:48 PM - 1:01 PM

Jordan is putting on makeup in the bathroom...Jeff is nearby laying down, he's talking to Brendon about how tired he is, they chit chat about the POV...palm trees...Lawon joins in...Brendon asks him if he's tired...Lawon was napping...Brendon says they woke up thinking it was way earlier than it was...BB tells Jordan to put on her mic...Brendon says it's for all those conversations she's having...Jordan has her bitch face on :/ ...Lawon complains about DDD's, damn diarrhea for days haha

Jeff looks at Jordan and says "love ♥ , you're cranky again today, is your period coming?"...Jordan says "I think it is"...Jeff says "I don't like you"...he gets no response so he says "what are you so crank about?"...Jordan says she's just tired...feeds switch, they return just after @ 12:53pm...

Jordan continues putting on makeup silently while Jeff keeps peeking looks at her...palm trees...Jordan finishes and says she has to go do laundry...Jeff says tonight?...Jordan says for them to go make something, they head to the SR...they look in the fridge and Jeff asks what she wants to eat?...Jeff asks if she wants turkey meat & vegetables or maybe pork chops...Jordan says no to the pork chops but says there are no raw vegetables...Jordan asks what they can eat with turkey meat?...Jeff says turkey LOL...they stand there staring into the fridge hoping something inspires them...

They decide on sandwiches, there isn't much food...Jeff heads back to the kitchen with bread...

“Ello love”

1:56 PM

Jeff and Jordan are laying in bed in the candy room...other HG's are there, they're chatting about the comps...Dom starts imitating Jeff (in a Chicago accent which ends up sounding like a British accent LOL)...he says "dude, I'd go out there and be like bro, motherfu**ing Jordan, Jordan! hello love, love, Jordan, Jordan, you want a sandwich Jordan, I mean I'll get you a sandwich, you know, ELLO LOVE, ELLO LOVE!...that's my Jeff right there" :)

The others all laugh and say how it's a Jersey accent...Dom says that's what Jeff says though...Jeff says that when they ask Dom if he wants to talk game he says "where's Cassi?" LOL

JeJo HOH - taking a nap love?

3:04 PM - 3:23 PM

Feeds switch to JeJo in the HOH room...Jordan lays down on the couch and sighs...Jeff lays down on the HOH bed...Jeff says everybody is laying in their room...Jeff knows...Jordan says she is about to start her period...Jeff says awesome...Jordan says she can feel it...Jeff listens to the HOH CD and says "Spice Girls", he knows this song...Jordan asks which one?...Jeff says it goes "la la la la" :) ...brief palm trees...Jeff says Jordan knows the next song and giggles, he says wow...

Jeff says "what are you doing? taking a nap love?" ♥ Jordan says nothing, she's just laying there...Jeff says "do you wanna talk?"...Jordan says "do you want to talk?"...Jeff giggles...Jordan says "no, you wanna listen to music"...Jeff says he doesn't care, whatever she wants...Jeff starts taking game, he tells Jordan Porsche talked to her, Jordan isn't sure she trusts Kalia, she maybe opened her mouth too much...Jordan is glad they got picked for POV, she's going to try...Jeff says she should and he will too.

Rachel comes in and they talk about the picking of the POV players...Rachel was stoked she picked JeJo...Jeff said he had a feeling she'd pick them...they start discussing strategy if the POV is a stay or fold game...they talk about Keith a little and then go back to talking voting scenarios and more game...Brendon then joins in...palm trees...more game talk (yawn)...Kalia joins them and they stop talking game...Jeff wonders why she's so dressed up...more game chatter…

Candy room relationship talk

5:01 PM - 5:05 PM

Feeds switch to the candy room...JeJo are laying in bed talking with Adam, Kalia and Dom about relationships...Jordan is rubbing Jeff's arm and saying something about giving your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt, if he's going to do it, he'll do it (cheat), then if he does it, you cut his nuts off (oh my Jordan! lol)...hard to hear what Jordan is saying but I think she's saying that she trusts Jeff, he's never given her a reason to not trust him...

Jordan says she doesn't care if they're at a bar and another girl comes up to Jeff and talks to him, she starts fumbling over her words here but in essence she is saying that Jeff doesn't really do "that" but occasionally he might look, which is ok, it's not like he looks at her saying "oh look at her, she is so fine", he'll look and then look away...Jeff jokingly says if it happens (with Jordan) he'll be "wtf is going on?"...Jeff laughs...Jordan says Jeff doesn't make her feel insecure, if he did that would be a problem.

Kalia says her problem in relationships is that she's not overly emotional or drama or jealous but the one thing she can't stand is blatant disrespect from another girl...Jeff says he was the total opposite, he used to be jealous...Dom says it's like when someone comes and stands right by your girl...Jeff says yeah, that's disrespectful, he'd have a problem if they were having drinks or something and some guy came up to Jordan saying "hey what's up" trying to break the ice, get the f**k outta here LOL

Jordan says if a girl did that it would make her feel a little uncomfortable but she knows Jeff wouldn't be, he would just talk to her to be nice...Adam talks about a situation he and his gf were in...Dom, being a smartass, asks Jordan if Jeff going on online dating websites for men upsets her?...Jeff says "you know when people they sometimes throw around throw out their insecurities as a joke?" BURN!

They laugh...Jeff says to Dom, you ever get like that? ;) Jordan says she's not gonna lie, she's been drunk and been psycho, crazy saying to Jeff "I know you were staring at her", she admits she did that at her friend's wedding, Jeff didn't talk to her for one day...Dom asks if Minka Kelly came in this house would Jeff freak out?...Jeff says free pass??...Jordan says Jeff would probably leave her for her, she's not gonna lie...Jeff keeps talking to Kalia while Jordan talks to Adam and then feeds switch...

Cute bite & headrub

5:15 PM - 5:18 PM

Feeds switch to the candy room...JeJo are talking to Kalia, Dom and Cassi...Jeff and Kalia are talking about Friday Night Lights...Kalia wishes she had seen the last season...Jeff says he loves it, it's so good...they talk about it being a cult favorite, they couldn't find the right slot for it...Jeff says the coach is the best actor, he buys it 100%...Kalia loves the wife...they talk about the movie of the same name and the actors in it...Cassi & Jordan are talking about country music and someone she knows in the industry...Jordan starts telling Cassi about the Carrie Underwood concert when Jeff adjusts himself so his head is in Jordan's lap but before that he bites Jordan's butt (on Cam 2) ;) ...Jordan tries to put her hoody under his head to make a pillow but Jeff whips it off and whines about it being zippers in his neck, lol...Jordan says "oh sorry" and they all giggle...Jordan starts rubbing Jeff's hair...

Jordan continues telling the story of how she didn't want to miss any but Jeff was sort of dreading going to it, so he drank shots beforehand at a bar, then they got there for the last Billy Currington song...Jeff says he was pretty lit up so they had a good time, they sat real close...feeds switch

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