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Day 17 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

July 23

ET Phone home

12:25 AM

Jeff and Jordan are in the LR chatting it up with the other HG's, they're talking about ET the movie and Jordan does her imitation of "ET phone home"...the look on Jeff's face watching her is priceless! (Jeff after she does it  )

One more goodnight kiss

2:05 AM

Jeff comes to bed...Jordan has been in bed for a little while...he gets in and settles...Jordan asks if they're going to bed...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says goodnight, she'll see him in the morning...they kiss...

Jordan reaches over Jeff's chest and says one more...they kiss again...

They say their "I love yous"...Jeff starts his prayers...

Ooh, I wanna do you

12:01 - 12:09 PM

Feeds switch to Jeff and Jordan who are in the candy room in bed...Jordan is putting on her makeup...they're talking about her eyelashes being long...Jeff says that's good huh?...Jordan asks if Jeff can tell the difference? she looks more awake?...Jeff says totally she does...Jordan says she's just going to put some more eyeliner and then she'll be good...Jeff says "don't put too much whore" LOL

Jordan says "Jayefff"...Jeff giggles and asks why she puts the white and then the black...Jordan says the white is conditioner, it helps lengthen them...Jeff talks about a deep pimple he's getting...palm trees...

They start talking game and wondering when the POV comp will start...they start bashing Porsche a little...Jeff says they are being mean this year, they've been throwing a lot of stones...Jordan says they have to, she's been throwing them in the DR...Jeff says he's been throwing a couple too...Jordan says they laughed in there with hers...Jeff says they love it...Jordan starts whispering about Rachel and how she became the way she is...Jeff says he doesn't know, doesn't care...Jeff says he kind of wants to keep Dom but wants to see how it plays out to let them war with each other...Jordan thinks that if they keep Dom then it will be harder to get him out later and Dani will come to them.

Jeff says he doesn't trust Dani...Jordan says in this game...Jeff says she's in it for herself 100% and she has such an easy road...they start talking about Kalia and how she's always eating and always talking lol...

Jordan keeps applying makeup while Jeff lays silently...Jordan says "do I look gross right now?"...Jeff says "no, why would you say that? you're putting on makeup"...Jordan says she just feels sometimes even with makeup you still don't look ok...she then says "if you saw me would you be like ooh, I wanna do you"...Jeff says yes...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "but I can't think like that in here, unless you want me to" More giggles...Jordan says she should've put makeup on before her DR, they even told her to fix her hair...Porsche walks in and Jeff says "ello poppet" and they chat...

Kiss & butt slap

8:51 PM

On Cam 4 Jeff is seen walking up to Jordan on the elliptical and pinching her butt, they kiss and talk briefly, then Jeff slaps her butt and walks away.

On Cam 3 Jeff is seen talking to Jordan, Jeff slaps Jordan's butt as he walks away.

BB11 finale & family stories

9:22 - 9:26 PM

Feeds switch from the weird vibe in the kitchen to the BY where Jordan is on the elliptical talking to Lawon, Porsche & Adam...Jordan is telling them about the BB11 finale, she says that because she was a finalist she got an extra person to come out to the finale, her brother and sister fought over who was going to come (with her mom)...Jeff comes outside and joins them...Jordan says that when her mom saw Jeff's brother, assuming it was him, she didn't know for sure, she thought he was hot! she also thought Laura's boyfriend, now husband, was really nice too...

Jeff says that on the finale, he had never seen Peyton or her parents because obviously he had just met her on the show (Jeff asks himself if he'd seen her parents before? whatever that's stupid)

...Porsche points out he saw pictures...Jeff realizes he saw one of Jordan's mom, not Peyton, so ok on the show they were waving to him because Jordan was still in the house, before announcing the winner, and Peyton was like (pointing to himself) "Peyton, Peyton" and Jeff said "what's up guys, she's gonna win!" because he knew that she kicked out Kevin and would win and Peyton kept pointing to himself saying "Peyton Peyton" and he was like "I know, she's gonna win" and Peyton kept saying "Peyton, Jordan's mom" and Jeff was "hey!" LOL

Adam asks what the vote was for Jordan?...Jordan doesn't even know...Adam says 5-2?...Jeff says it was...Lawon says that Peyton seems like a happy personality, just always happy...Jordan says mmm, hmm, he's a good kid, he'll do anything in the world for anybody...Jeff says he's a good kid, that kid...Jordan asks Jeff if her brother has ever met Jeff's brother?...Jeff says yeah, he has at the finale right?...Jordan laughs and says yeah...Porsche asks how old his brother is?...Jeff says he's going to be 38 August 2nd and his other brother is 39, he's 33...Jordan says Jeff is the baby...Jeff says they're 5 and 7 years older than him...Adam says they probably beat the shit out of him...Jeff says they were closer and had their friends and he just wanted to play so they'd make him go in the garbage can and fire pucks at him 😲

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