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Day 15 of BB13 Feeds

July 21

Move to be with Jeff? 

12:16 - 12:18 AM 

Jordan is up in the HOH talking to Dani, Kalia, Porsche and Rachel...they're talking about doing a prank on Jeff...suddenly Rachel asks Jordan if she will try to move to Chicago to be with Jeff or move there (LA) if he moves there?...Jordan says "I don't know"...Porsche says she thinks they should move to LA because Chicago gets so cold...Jordan is about to say "we gotta" and she gets interrupted by Porsche asking about one of her pics...Jordan goes back to it saying she doesn't know, she'll figure, they gotta talk after the show you know? figure out what's going on...topic turns to tampons and toxic shock syndrome…

Jordan’s last HOH bedtime 

1:24 - 1:34 AM 

Feeds switch to Jeff and Jordan who are in bed talking game...Jeff thinks they are good with Kalia...Jordan tells Jeff about the talk she had with Shelly and how everyone wants Brendon & Rachel out  Jordan asked her what if they won the veto?...Jeff says if they won they would use it, if someone put B&R up and they took themselves off then either they or D&A would go up...Jordan hopes Lawon doesn't get it because she doesn't know where his heads at, there's no new information, she asks what Adam said?...Jeff says they had a talk and he wants Kalia out of there, he hates floaters and Jeff told him he agreed with most of what he said...they talk about Porsche a little, apparently she doesn't want to go to jury house and spend the summer there, she'd rather hang with her friends, who says that? that's part of BB, voting to see who wins...

Jeff asks if he talked to Cassi?...Jeff says not really, just about ATWFF, no game talk...Jordan says Shelly is so nice...Jeff says she busted her ankle so he told her to relax and stop moving...Jordan says that Shelly said she would never vote them out...Jordan is leaning towards Adam because you can read his face whereas they never know what Dom is thinking...Jeff says he thinks they're in a good position...Jordan says that Cassi advised her to make a bold move and put themselves on the block so at least they'd be guaranteed to play in the POV (UMM well that advice SUCKED) ...Jeff says "f**k way"

They debate who between Brendon and Rachel would best be left in the house once they're singles...Jordan likes Brendon around just because he's funny...Jordan says that she voiced her suspicions of Dani to Shelly, she's likable, she planted that seed...Jeff says she's going to get far and so is Shelly...palm trees...feeds return to them being quiet...Jordan gets up to use the bathroom and the feeds switch off Jejo and don't return…

Yet another butt pinch

2:54 PM 

Jeff, Jordan & Brenchel are in the candy room talking about random stuff...JeJo are in the bed closest to the far wall...Jeff reaches over and pinches Jordan's butt oww 

JeJo Back drawings 

2:56 - 3:05 PM 

Feeds return from palm trees...Jordan is getting ready to scratch Jeff's back...Jeff lays down the opposite way Jordan wants so she asks why they always have to do everything he wants to do?...Jeff says what is she talking about? he's laying down, he was just on top of her, for her not to make it a big deal...

Jordan lifts up Jeff's shirt and says "lean up, stupid"  Jordan asks if he wants her to draw pictures?...Jeff says ok...Jordan ponders what to draw and then she says she's going to write something, she's writing Big Brother and the feeds switch off JeJo...

Feeds return a minute later...Jordan continues drawing...boobs...Jeff gets it...Jordan draws a hand, Jeff has no idea...Jordan draws an animal...Jeff guesses stairs LOL

A dragon...Jeff gets it right...another one...Jeff guesses wrong 3x...Jordan gives a hint...Jeff guesses shark, correct!...another one...Jeff guesses a cell phone and a boat and then with a hint guesses a smile with teeth

Jordan draws another animal...Jeff guesses butterfly but it ends up being a turkey LOLJordan drew it like she learned in grade school...she draws something you eat, a sweet...Jeff guesses ice cream cone - correct!

Next one is something you wear...palm trees and then trivia...

Poopin and nerves before the show

5:21 - 5:23 PM 

The HG's are biding time waiting for the live show...Jeff walks over to where Jordan is and says he might have to take a poop...not because he has to but he has to…

Jordan says to drink some coffee...Jeff says he did...Jordan says coffee will make it wiggle out...Jeff says nooh...they giggle...Dani walks by and they do their "best friend" schtick (ugh so sick of this already lol)...Jeff smiles at how pretty Jordan looks

Jordan says she's nervous...Jeff says for what?...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says to just close her legs when she talks LOL Jordan says no, she's going to keep them open...more chatter about what they're all wearing and then Jeff goes to try and "drop one" (TMI lol)

You look really good

5:30 PM 

Before the live show moment...Jeff comes out of the candy room after getting dressed and walks into the LR where Jordan is sitting down...Jordan says what Jeff is wearing is very nice, he looks really good...Jeff says she's seen this before...Jordan repeats he looks good...Jeff says it's not his first rodeo...Kalia says Jeff looks nice in purple...Jeff says purple is the jam, purple was the jam a year ago...Jordan rubs Jeff's leg and smiles...Lawon and Jeff compliment each other and call each other "boo"...Dom walks by and says "that's a throwdown"...Jeff says it is a good throwdown...Jordan then says "you look cute"...Jeff says "thanks love" ♥

What about me? Blond vs brown

7:28 - 7:30 PM 

Jeff, Jordan, Dani and Dom are chatting in the kitchen...they're talking about some rating system of the girls in the house that Dom made, he picked Jordan as his number 3...Jordan is terribly saddened she was number 3...Dom says why? she's taken, he can't do that to his boy Big Jeff, just having her on the list made him uncomfortable...Jordan says what if she wasn't taken by Jeff?...Jordan looks at Jeff and says she's just kidding...Dom says Jeff's got it on lock...Jordan says she'll color her hair brown for Dom...Jeff says "what about for me?"...

Jordan says "I'll dye my hair brown for you"...Jeff says "you will?"...Jordan says that Jeff is attracted to dark haired girls (umm is Jordan STILL hung up on this? OY

Jeff says when Jordan came to Italy she tried...Jordan starts to say she didn't like it, she's a blond...Dani asks if she dyed it brown?...Jeff says that Jordan does her hair like that (the way it is now) ALL the time, one time she had bangs, it looked fu**ing awesome! got rid of them in a second, she dyed her hair brown, he told her she looked nice, GONE!

Jordan says she doesn't look good with brown hair...Dani says she can't picture her with brown at all...Jordan says she sent him a video on his phone when she first did it when he was away, it wasn't as dark as Dani's, her hair just doesn't look good, everybody that she knows well said it didn't fit her personality...Dani says Jordan has a blond personality, she feels more like a brunette...Jordan says she felt like she had to wear more eye makeup...Dani says she tans more or she feels like a ghost...

Quick cheek kiss

9:41 PM 

Jeff and Jordan in the kitchen...Jeff is cooking...Jordan says what Jeff is making looks good, it looks like chicken...Jeff says it tastes real good...Jordan kisses Jeff on the cheek

Tuna - good job love 

10:07 PM 

Jordan and Rachel are outside chatting about the log rolling comp from BB11...they decide to go inside, Jordan's hungry...Rachel says there's Jeff tuna...Jordan says she doesn't eat fish but Jeff's tuna smelled good...they enter the kitchen, Jordan taps Jeff and says "hey"...Jeff says "wanna try some tuna?"...Jordan says "I'll be brave"...Jeff says "yeah?"...Jordan says I'll take a bite, a small one, does it taste fishy?"...Jeff says "no not at all"...

Jeff feeds Jordan a bite...PAUSE LOL...Jordan says "it's not fishy"...Jeff says "I know it's not, it's good right?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says "good job love" ♥

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