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Day 1 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

July 7

BB13 Starts 

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM CBS 

Jeff & Jordan are one of the dynamic duos 

10:01 PM - 10:08 PM

Feeds start for the BB13 season...Jordan is in the purple room talking with a bunch of HG's, her convo is with Kalia, they're talking about doctors & specialists, how much money they turns to celebs that are hot or not...Russell Brand...Jordan says he's alright, he's nasty but sometimes he looks ok, probably not, he's not her type, if he kept his mouth shut maybe...most think not...Katy Perry, all agree she's hot...Vanessa Hudgens...Dom says she's super Dominic...a bit of both hot & not...

Dani comes in and at this point they are still joking around about ED being missing, they are starting to wonder what's up...they wonder if he left?...Jordan asks if he's part of a twist? she's just joking...they wonder if he is doing his webisode thing...Jordan says maybe he's taking a really, really long cigarette break LOL

Jeff and the others start piling in the purple room all wondering where ED is & if a note on the nomination chair is a continues…

Evel Dick mystery 

10:16 PM - 10:21 PM

Feeds switch to JeJo in the bathroom...Jordan is going to take off old nail polish...she sits down on the bed with Jeff...Jeff says "no" in the way he does, Jordan imitates him...Jordan says "don't I look tanned?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan points out her bruises...Jeff hurts her lol...Jordan says "stop"...Jeff asks if they're from the competition?...Jordan says yes...Jordan says she's "bohhred"...Jeff is very "bohhred"...Jordan wishes they'd bring Peyton in the house...Jeff wonders how...Jordan says how Natalie had her guy come in...Jordan says it would be fun...Jeff says he thinks he's her dog in this house  ;)

Jordan wishes the house had a pet...Jeff says a dog would be cool...Jordan says they had a pug one year...Jordan says she'd be BFF with the dog, she'd love it...Jordan says her nails look gross...Jeff says yuck...Jordan says "oh be quiet"

Jeff wonders where ED is for real?...Jordan says who knows, maybe he's doing his show...Jeff says it's not fair then but what if it's something happened for real?...Jordan says oh, don't say that, she thinks BB would have told them something...Jeff says maybe in the morning...they discuss the ED mystery a bit more and then Jeff throws some dirty towels off to the side saying they use so many towels...Jordan says Shelley does them all...Jeff says he did the first load of towels...Jordan says "aww cutie" ♥ ...Jeff says he knows but he hasn't done one since LOL

Brendon walks by and they giggle about him...Jordan says he's funny...

Jeff says he's so funny, he's the one that did the note prank on the chair...Jeff laughs about how the others fell for it...Brendon walks in and Jordan compliments him on how good he did with that, he acted well...Jeff giggles...they talk about the paranoia already in the house but wonder, really, where is Dick?...Rachel walks in and asks if they want to play the spot the difference game and they decide to leave and play…

HOH Cuteness 

10:45 PM - 10:51 PM

HG's including Jordan are up in the HOH room...Jeff goes upstairs to join them, he tells Brendon that BB took his UCLA hat...Brendon says BB let him bring his, that's stupid...Jeff goes in the room and heads to Jordan, they hold hands briefly...

Jeff sits on the arm of the couch...Kalia tells Jeff they were asking what Jordan's best quality is and she didn't answer, she asks what Jeff thinks is her best quality?...Jeff says "her personality" :) Jordan says "Jeff's is his sense of humor, cuz he's funny, he always cracks jokes" :) 

JeJo talk some more with Kalia but it's hard to hear...the other HG's talk about playing another game...Jeff leans over the couch...

More chatter about games...Jeff says he loves surprises...Jeff kneels down...hard to hear little JeJo whispery moment...

Jordan pinches Jeff's cheeks...

Even more chatter about games...Jeff wants to play a game where they can cool off (it's warm)...someone suggests taking showers...Jordan rubs Jeff's arm...JeJo are amused by this, cute! LOL

Jordan then starts rubbing Jeff's neck...Jeff is relaxing :) The HG's finally all decide to leave the HOH they leave Jeff is heard telling Jordan that she's wearing a cute outfit :) Jordan says "thanks"

Must be jelly

10:51 PM - 10:52 PM

As JeJo come downstairs from the HOH room, Jeff pinches Jordan's butt...Jordan ow's and Jeff pinches again and says "is that jelly? what is that? must be jam?"...Jordan holds onto Jeff's waist and says "must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that"


10:53 PM - 10:55 PM

The HG's are all talking about games they want to play...Jeff is sitting on the kitchen counter...Jordan is standing and moving around, occasionally touching Jeff, seems like she wants to hug him, she pats his legs...Jeff asks when Showtime ends so they can be back to normal?...they figure it ends soon...Jordan asks Jeff if his brother got Showtime...Jeff says he doesn't think so, they might (they did!)...Jordan thinks her aunt and her brother got it...

Jeff says "show your boob" LOL!

Jordan says "nooo, you're crazy"  🤪

Jeff asks if her family got it?...Jordan says no, they don't even have HBO...Jeff says she should have ordered it for the summer...Jordan says Peyton would be the one staying up watching...Jeff says "all night"...Jordan makes a funny noise imitating her brother and then they disperse…

Shelly and Jordan talk life after BB

11:03 PM - 11:11 PM

Jordan & Shelley talk about what her/her & Jeff's life was like right after BB11, school, her winnings, the Amazing Race, possibly moving to LA, etc. It's at times hard to hear because there are other HG's having louder conversations as well...

Jordan says that CBS flew them to Vegas after the show, flew them back to LA & then flew them home....she couldn't sleep when she got home because of the time change and she'd get up and ask "where's my mic?", she'd pat herself looking for it.

Jordan says she missed her phone but didn't have tons of messages because people knew she was on the show last time, this time people didn't know, she was supposed to take classes with her friend Matt, she sent him a text the day she left for LA telling him she was at the airport saying she had an opportunity for the summer and wouldn't be making class but she signed up to have a back up in case she was evicted early...only two of her girlfriends knew this time...

Shelly asks how fast she got her money...Jordan says her money for winning BB11 only took a couple of days to get to her, they Fed Exed it LOL The money is sent in full, BB sits you down and talks to you about it, Jordan went right away to the lady that does her taxes and she advised her on what to do.

Shelly asks about their whirlwind after BB11...Jordan says that all offers went through Jeff and then Jeff would tell her, she doesn't have an agent, Jeff does, they moreso wanted Jeff for stuff and she'd tag along, for example Bonnie Hunt...2 days after BB they were invited to a CBS party and that was cool, it was fun, that's where they were asked to do TAR but they had to go through the same process as others trying out for the show, TAR casting coincides with BB ending...

Jordan says she thought she wouldn't be nervous on camera for TAR since she had just been on BB but she would freeze and let Jeff do the talking and he wondered what was wrong with her? she wasn't being herself...Shelly asks about the people, are they nice? not as cutthroat as BB?...Jordan says no, not at all, they're normal LOL

Shelly asks if Jeff had to quit his job?...Jordan says Jeff has known his boss since he was 18 so he lets Jeff take off whenever, he's good about it...Shelly asks if they will ever move out to LA?...Jordan says she thinks Jeff wants to but she really doesn't want to  :/ ...Shelly says she can't imagine cuz Jordan loves where she is...Lawon pipes in saying he can see it ;) ...Jordan says she'd try it to see but she feels like she'd be lonely :( Shelly says she almost lived in CA because of a job but they didn't move, the beach would've been nice...Jordan also says LA  is expensive, it would be fun if you had endless amount of money...Jeff comes by and doesn't really know what they're talking about but concurs endless amounts of money would be fun...conversation changes and they share a pickle :P

What are you doing love hug and kisses 

11:29 PM - 11:30 PM

Jordan walks by the counter area where Jeff is talking to Adam...Jordan approaches Jeff to hug him...Jeff asks "what are you doing love?" ♥ Jordan says it's pyjama time...they continue hugging...Jeff says he put on shorts it was too hot...Jeff gives Jordan a neck kiss/bite...they then kiss  :) ...Jeff tries to rub Jordan's butt...Jordan says "Jayeff"...Jeff squeezes her in tighter and Jordan gives Jeff another cheek kiss...they let go of their hug...Jordan rubs Jeff's neck for a bit and then leaves to change…

Purple room chat 

11:35 PM - 11:59 PM

At first JeJo are sitting apart but then they catch each other's attention @ the 11:37pm mark and Jordan moves her chair over so that she can put her legs on Jeff's lap. The HG's talk about various topics including a funny story about how Jordan tried to get Dom to stop snoring one night and how he freaked out (around 11:44pm)...Jeff recounts the story and all the HG's get a good laugh out of it...throughout Jordan and Jeff continue touching..Jordan rubs Jeff's arm...

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