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Zap2it Interview with Jordan

'Big Brother 13's' Jordan: 'In the beginning, it was just for fun'

By Andrea Reiher

September 9, 2011

Why did you want to do "Big Brother" again?

"Jeff wanted to come back and try to win again, and since we had been doing long distance it was a good opportunity to spend some time together. We thought it would be fun to try to win again and get to see each other all summer."

Were you less driven to win this time around since you had already won? Was it more for fun/Jeff winning?

"You come in there, and you don't expect to win again so I kept telling myself if I make it to the final 5, maybe I would have a chance. But I didn't think I would win again. In the beginning, it was just for fun. But when Jeff left, it was suddenly like I had to win and I was trying to be more serious."

Who do you hope to see in the finals?

"I am hoping its Rachel and Adam just because they were in my alliance and I would love to see them win."

Are you interested in repairing your relationship with Shelly?

"We already did... whatever happened in the Big Brother house stays in the Big Brother house, so all of that has been squashed."

Any messages to your fans?

"Thanks for supporting me and for watching. I hope I entertained ya'll enough!"

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