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Will They Or Won't They? Buddy Tv Interview with Jordan

This season of Big Brother is over, but we still don't have closure regarding one thing: whether or not Jeff will take Jordan on his Hawaii trip. Who cares about Natalie getting married when this unparalleled question floats about in our heads tonight? Honestly, will any of you be able to sleep knowing Jordan's still waiting for a yes on that island paradise? Okay, maybe I can.

If you saw Jordan's jaw drop when Jeff told the audience she's only "short-listed" for Hawaii, then you'll know just how appalled she is at the guy. They've been through a whole summer together so much that it looks so unusual to see them apart. He just has to take her - with or without the promise of "booger."

Unfortunately, Jeff hasn't reached his decision yet. Until then though, we've thought of a few reasons why she should spend his vacation with his very own hula girl Jordan. There could be a million other reasons why not, but I'll leave those up to you.

3. She's a genuinely nice person and could use the break.

Throughout the season, Jordan's proven how likeable she really is. Practically everyone fell for her girl-next-door persona and she never fails to make us laugh with her goofball words. She may not be the brightest bulb in the tool shed (that's possibly an understatement), but she's sincerely nice, loyal and generally funny. Kinda like those tiny puppies socialites carry around in handbags. So Gucci.

2. They're BFFs.

Jordan and Jeff were inseparable in the Big Brother house, and they seemed like the only HGs who didn't fight throughout the summer. Sure, the Wizard got annoyed at his lady at times, but that was only because he wanted her to get better at the game. Mostly they got along exponentially well, so Jeff taking her to Hawaii would only be a fitting end to the season. Being there with her would be like an extension of the game, a life-changing experience, only they won't have to worry about being evicted or backstabbed. Besides, friends are usually the best choice if you want a great time on vacation. There's got to be some statistics to support that.

1. She just won Big Brother 11 and is thousands of dollars richer than before.

While Jeff can be as gentlemanly as he wants, there's no denying that the extra cash she won would come in handy. Add that to his own winnings and they're really in for one luxurious Hawaii trip. It might have been luck that got her that far in the game, but if she gets Jeff to take her then this girl's a four-leaf clover. Probably has the brains of one too, but easier to find.

Jeff could have a lot of people to choose from, but out of this season's HGs, who else would he want to be with? Maybe he should just leave it up to us, imitate Big Brother and ask America about it.

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