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Reality World TV Interview With Jordan

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Jordan Lloyd thought her chance of winning Big Brother was a toss-up -- until she realized how much the jury members had soured on Natalie Martinez.

As a result, the 22-year-old waitress from Matthews, NC wonBig Brother 11's $500,000 grand prize on by a 5 to 2 jury vote during Tuesday night's live finale broadcast of the CBS reality series.

On Wednesday, Jordan talked to Reality TV World about why she felt the jury's vote would be a toss-up; if she thinks she would have been able to defeat third-place finisher Kevin Campbell if she had taken him to the Final 2; why she formed such a close alliance with Jeff Schroeder and how it helped her in the game; and what the current status of her relationship with him is.

Reality TV World: Congratulations.

Jordan: Thank you

Reality TV World: So right up to your final statement to the jury you expressed a belief that it would be difficult for you to beat either Natalie or Kevin in the Final 2. Based on that, I take it you were surprised to win the grand prize?

Jordan: Whenever [host Julie Chen]pulled my name out first and I had America's Vote, I was like, "Wow. Maybe I think I have a shot at beating her." I didn't think I had [Jessie Godderz'] vote. Well I kind of thought it when he walked up and said, "Jordan, hakuna matata." I was like, "Okay, is he saying no worries being sarcastic, or is he being smart? What is he doing?" I just didn't think I had his vote.

I knew I didn't have Kevin's vote or [Russell Kairouz'vote]. So I knew it was a toss-up. I knew I would lose for sure over Kevin, but with Natalie it would be 50/50. At least I would have a shot at winning.

Reality TV World: So when you said you didn't think you had a chance you were just kind of playing along?

Jordan: I really didn't think I had a shot against Kevin. I thought with Natalie I might have a shot. But I did think I would come in second place because all of their friends were in the jury house.

Reality TV World: Obviously Jessie's vote was a surprise to you, what about Lydia Tavera's vote?

Jordan: When Natalie was talking to Lydia [during the finale] and I could see the faces Lydia was making, it was kind of not like a good face. So I just assumed that Lydia was voting for me because she said, when she was [casting her vote], "I always love a good blonde." I was like, "Alright, she voted for me."

Reality TV World: But before that happened, did you have an opinion about which way you expected her to vote?

Jordan: Um... It was a toss-up because I'm the one that put her on the block when I was HoH and got her out. Then her andNatalie acted like they were friends. But then her and Natalie would always say they hated each other. I just didn't know if she would vote for me to get revenge for me putting her up on the block or if she would vote for me. So it was kind of a toss-up.

Reality TV World: Did you get to see Natalie's reaction when Julie revealed Jessie had voted for you instead of her?

Jordan: No, I didn't see her facial reaction.

Reality TV World: Okay, because they didn't seem to show her reaction on the show either, that's why I was asking -- they were focusing on yours instead. What went into your decision to take Natalie to the Final 2 instead of Kevin? Was it only based on the fact that you thought the jury might reward Kevin for being a strong competitor?

Jordan: I really did. I thought that everybody didn't like Jeff because he used the Coup d'Etat on Jessie. So I figured that [Kevin] had Jessie's vote, he had Russell's vote, he had Lydia's vote. I knew Jeff and [Michele Noonan] would vote for me. Then I knew Kevin was so funny that I figured America would vote for him. So my gut kept telling me not to take him,so that's why I didn't.

Reality TV World: So it wasn't that you expected the jury to be so hostile towards Natalie?

Jordan: Yeah! I had no clue! I didn't even think they had turned on her.

Reality TV World: Was it just a case of you felt you couldn't defeat Kevin versus [the two of you] having different feelings about [taking] Natalie?

Jordan: When me and Kevin would talk, I would just tell him, "You can't take Natalie because she's got..." This is kind of like strategy. I kept telling him, "You can't take Natalie. She's got all friends in the jury house," and make him believe that.

Because if I lost [the final HoH competition] I had to have my tracks covered. I wanted him to take me instead of her. When really ,he probably would have won against her. I think anybody now --thinking back on it -- would have won against Natalie because I can tell from the audience and the jury members that she wasn't very liked very much.

Reality TV World: Did you believe Kevin when he was saying he was going to take you to the Final 2 if he won the final HoHcompetition?

Jordan: Um... I was iffy about it. I wasn't really for sure. He told Jeff he wouldn't put him on the block and that he was safe if he won HoH, and he ended up sending Jeff home that week. So I didn't know if he was just telling me and feeding me a bunch of B.S. or if he was being for real.

Reality TV World: Knowing what you know now, do you think you still would have won had you chosen to take Kevin?

Jordan: I don't know. There could have been... Maybe not. I don't think so. I think Kevin would have won if me and him had gone up against each other.

Reality TV World: What was going through your mind during the third round of the final HoH competition? Were you confident you'd be able to beat Kevin in the challenge?

Jordan: In the final round of the HoH I wasn't confident at all. I was already assuming, "Alright, Kevin's going to win. He's going to beat me." Then when we did the tie breaker and I was one point away, I was just like, "Oh my gosh!" It was like the best feeling in the world.

Reality TV World: How did you come so close by picking 50? Was it a complete guess?

Jordan: Yeah! Fifty was a complete guess because I was like, "Well, I have no clue. But it's in the middle, so I'll just pick 50."

Reality TV World: Had Natalie and Kevin made it to the Final 2, would you have followed through with your promise and voted for Natalieto win?

Jordan: Yeah, if Kevin would have evicted me I probably would have voted for Natalie.

Reality TV World: It might seem kind of obvious now, but did you really think Natalie was only 18?

Jordan: I can honestly say I did. She always seemed so innocent. She never wore makeup and she wore bigger clothes so she looked like a little girl to me. I thought she acted younger than her age. She definitely tricked me for sure.

Reality TV World: I don't know how much you've talked to the jury members [yet], but do you think that lie played a role in her losing?

Jordan: No, I don't think her age played that big of a role. Jessie knew about it. No. I really don't think it really had anything to do with it. I think a lot of people just didn't like her.

Reality TV World: What was your own opinion of Natalie?

Jordan: In the beginning I hated her. I thought she was a brat. As me and her got to know each other better, I really started liking her.

Reality TV World: You and Natalie spent a majority of the season on opposite ends of the house, however she compared you to one of her girlfriends back home after you beat her in the second round ofthe final HoH competition. Do you think she was being sincere or just trying to get on your good side?

Jordan: I think it might have been a little bit of both. Of course she was trying to be on my good side because she needed me if I won. I think she was... I think it was probably a little bit of both. I'm kind ofconfused now because I found out all this stuff about how she lied about all this stuff. I didn't even think she did. So now I'm just so confused about her. I feel like I didn't even know her!

Reality TV World: What was your take on Natalie's lie about her Pandora's Box decision? Do you think it would have been better for her had she just told the truth from the beginning?

Jordan: I never understood that. I don't know why she felt like she had to lie. I thought that was kind of weird. But I guess if she felt like that was the right thing to do... I don't know why she had to lie about an engagement. I thought that was really weird.

Reality TV World: Would you have made the same decision as Natalie about Pandora's Box?

Jordan: I would have probably done it. I would have probably picked time to spend with a loved one, just because you haven't seen them in so long and just that item to get to talk to them,it might make you feel a little bit better and make your spirits feel better and you might have more confidence in the game.

Reality TV World: You said part of your strategy heading into the house was to lay low and not trust anyone, however you seemed to build a very trusting relationship with Jeff. Did that surprise you?

Jordan: Not at all. Whenever Jeff... He shared a room with us girls when we first all moved in the house. He was so nice and so funny and then the whole "technotronics" thing happened and I just... I don't know. I just saw something in him and I was like, "he's so nice. He's not like other guys and he's not like all the guys in this house." I respect him. I just knew he wasn't a bad person and he was someone I knew I would want to align myself with.

Reality TV World: Do you think you still could have gotten so far if Jeff hadn't been there?

Jordan: No. I think Jeff helped me through everything, even like talking me through emotional ways. he was always saying, "Stay positive. Don't get down." Even when I would be like,"We're always losing. We're always on the bottom."

He'd always just be a good person to have around. I remember the second or third week, I was ready to go home because I couldn't handle any of the people because I thought they were all crazy.

Reality TV World: Everything obviously still worked out for you, but given they turned around and booted Jeff the next week, do you regret deciding to betray your alliance with Russell and Michele and team up with Kevin and Natalie instead?

Jordan: In a way there is regret. But Russell's such a strong competitor, I thought it was a good move to get Russell out just because he was coming after us anyways because he kept telling Michele that.

Reality TV World: You actually seemed to be the one who was pushing Jeff that you guys needed to turn on Russell -- was that the case?

Jordan: Yeah. I really wanted Russell out. I didn't want him in there at all. I never really cared for Russell. I thought he was a liar. He just wasn't someone who could be trusted and I wanted him out as soon as we could get him.

Reality TV World: Any update on things with Jeff?

Jordan: We've talked since the show. Things are still up in there, I don't even know what's going to happen. If nothing happens, then we'll just be good friends. But if something does happen then it will be great.

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