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Reality News Online With Jordan

There Are Many Different Ways to Play This Game” – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Big Brother 13’s Jordan

by David Bloomberg -- 09/09/2011

Jordan came into the game as the only previous winner. Did she know this would put a huge target on her? How does she feel about making it as far as she did? How does she describe the way she played the game and did it change from a couple years ago? Jordan discusses all of this and more, so read on!

Reality News Online: Hello again, Jordan, and thanks for taking the time to answer some questions from Reality News Online. When you decided to come back to Big Brother, did you realize how big a target you and Jeff would be, and how did you plan to deal with that?

Jordan: Yeah, coming back in I knew we would be a target for sure. But I didn’t know we were duos right off the bat. But when I saw the other returning duos, I thought Brendon and Rachel would be much bigger targets than Jeff and I because they were such big competitors and had such strong personalities.

RNO: Given that you were a previous winner, did it surprise you to make it as far as you did and even come close to having another shot at winning?

Jordan: Yes. It did surprise me that I did make it this far which is why I am not too upset. But I do wish I had made it to the top three, I was only a week away.

RNO: Indeed, only one other player has accomplished what you did (winning and then getting to the final four), and that's Dr. Will. How does it feel to be basically on the same level, survival-wise, as the guy who is generally thought of by fans to be the greatest player ever? And what do you think it says about your ability to play the game?

Jordan: It’s a big compliment and makes me feel good because I know people love Will. And it shows that there are many different ways to play this game and my way is to be honest and laying low and I don’t have to win competitions, I can be a social player and still make it far.

RNO: When I interviewed you two years ago, after you won your original season, you said your strategy then was to exaggerate your naïveté and make yourself less of a threat. You also told me, “My way of playing the game was to not lie and to be nice.” Did you try to do these things again this time or did you use a different tactic?

Jordan: No, I was honest. I played the exact same game that I did last time. I was more mature this time and wiser about the game, but I played the exact same way.

RNO: You also gave me what might be one of the best summaries of the game of Big Brother ever, saying, “You don’t have to win the most competitions, be the strongest or the smartest – it’s a lot of things, how you connect with people, how you control yourself. A lot is just being nice – that wasn’t fake, that was for real. My thing is make people feel the way you want to be treated. Even when people were rude to me, I still treated them with respect.” Why do you think it’s so difficult for so many players to understand that it is, indeed, “a lot of things,” especially how you treat your fellow houseguests?

Jordan: I don’t know, there are just a million different ways to play the games. So many people think you have to win every competition, but if people don’t see you as a threat, it’s easier to get by because everyone wants to get out the strong competitors. For me, I don’t like to lie and I think you can be yourself and be honest and win the game without being a manipulator.

RNO: After being evicted, you told Julie Chen that it was almost a no-brainer for Porsche to evict you instead of Rachel because you’d barely talked to Porsche. Given the way you seemed to get along with everybody, why hadn’t you talked to Porsche more?

Jordan: We were both just very different and didn’t really click.

RNO: Do you think Porsche’s decision could have been more about strategy in terms of who might be easier to beat at the end, rather than just who she liked more on a personal level?

Jordan: I think it would have been smarter for Porsche to take me because she probably could beat me, but instead she took who she liked more and took Rachel who is a much bigger competitor.

RNO: Looking back into the game, and with hindsight being 20/20, what would you do differently earlier that you think might have affected the outcome in a positive way for yourself (other than winning a particular competition)?

Jordan: I wouldn’t change anything.

RNO: So you’ve been on two seasons of Big Brother and on The Amazing Race. What reality show would you like to do next?!

Jordan: None... I'm retired.

RNO: Ha! Well, thanks again, Jordan!

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