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Reality Nation with Jordan

BB13: Exclusive Interview with Jordan Lloyd

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Jordan:In the house – people not cleaning their dishes.

What was the best part of the season?

Jordan:Getting to spend time with Jeff.

What was worse, finding out that Shelly had lied or Jeff leaving?

Jordan:It was both.

How do you think your game play/strategy changed between season 11 and season 13?

Jordan:I didn’t do anything different – I did the exact same thing and played the exact same way as I did last year.

How did it feel going back into the BB house? Did it change since the last time?

Jordan:No, it wasn’t any different just a new cast and new people and you have to get adjusted to everyone again.

What is your biggest regret the second time around?


If you played the game again, would you have been so close to Shelly?

Jordan:Probably not.

Did you ever think you would become such good friends with Rachel?

Jordan:No. Walking into the house I did not think we would because we are opposites. But once I got to know her, she was really sweet and I really like her.

Will you keep in contact with Rachel outside of the house?


Will you be friends with Shelly outside of the house?

Jordan:Yes, everything is squashed.

What are you most looking forward to in the jury house?

Jordan:I am looking forward to spending some time with Jeff without cameras being around. then we can decide what we are going to do. I am looking forward to going back home to see my family and friends and who knows what I will do from there.Reality Nation with Jordan

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