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PopWatch Interview with Jeff

by Lynette Rice

Categories: Big Brother

Big Brother 11's Jeff: please quit your day job!

Season 11 of Big Brother may not be over until Tuesday, but it?s already finis for rabid fans of Jeff Schroeder, the 31-year-old advertising salesman from Norridge, Ill. who ?got got? by Kevin and was booted from the house. Does that mean his days in front of the camera are history, too? Never say never, it seems: just learned that the coup d?etat crackerjack will appear as a guest on The Bonnie Hunt Show next Friday, Sept. 18 ? two days after the show?s two-hour finale (apparently, Hunt?s a big fan of Schroeder).

So what?s next for Jeff after that? Many fans on the message boards think he and Jordan are shoo-ins for a future cycle of The Amazing Race (though when asked recently whether he?d want to appear on the gold standard of reality shows, Jeff exhaled, ?let me decompress first!? ). No matter what offers come his way, Schroeder is just too good for the de rigueur appearances on CBS? The Young and the Restless (hi Kaysar and Dr. Will!)

What do you think, BB fans? Where do you want to see Jeff show up next?

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