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Meeting Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan on the set of B&B

Last week on Tuesday, I spent time with Jordan and Jeff the big winners from CBS's hit reality series, Big Brother. The duo was on the set of the Emmy award winning daytime drama series, The Bold and the Beautiful taping a top secret scene that will air on October 27th. And while I cannot reveal what happens, I was there to witness their acting debut on a soap!

The scene stars B&B's Jennifer Gareis (Donna) and Aaron D. Spears (Justin). And being that this was the first acting gig since being let out of the house (literally), I would say Jeff and Jordan did rather well... a few line flubs here and there, but hey, even the best soapers do that now and then! See if you can guess what the scene may be about by checking out Jordan and Jeff's wardrobe in the above pic!

After meeting Jordan and Jeff, I know why America fell in love with them. Not only are they a "super-cute" pseudo-couple, but they are very down to earth. Jeff who hails from Chicago and Jordan who is from North Carolina were both looking forward this weekend to heading back to their respective homes to see their family and friends, and get out of the rat race of LA for awhile. But of course, celebrity and fame are calling! So hurry back!

In a brand new video interview On-Air On-Soaps filmed directly after the duo got off set, I did ask some burning Big Brother questions, namely, "Is Jeff going to take Jordan with him on his trip to Hawaii? What happened with Jeff trying to say "coup d'état "? His answer will surprise you. When I asked Jordan if she is a voyeur? (In lieu of her being on Big Brother After Dark, and the primetime network series, and having millions of people watching her every move) she seemed to not know what a voyeur was, which was actually cute! I think I stumped the $500,000 winner! But you can see how this and more went down when the video clips are up. Look for them coming in October on this website.

We took the liberty to shoot some photos for my blog here. My videographer pal Mariano (a huge Big Brother fan and aficionado) got an opportunity to sneak in a pic with the fabulous duo. He left CBS a happy camper!

In addition to the sit-down interview mentioned above, B&B and I shot some additional fun footage that we will be sharing with everyone on YouTube in the coming weeks! Be on the lookout.

Till next time,


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