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Manchester TV Examiner Interview with Jordan

'Big Brother 11' winner Jordan Lloyd ecstatic about win, shocked to receive Jessie's vote

September 16, 6:04 PM Manchester TV Examiner Amanda Hamilton

'Big Brother 11' winner Jordan Lloyd is ecstatic about her win! She said she was so nervous before Julie Chen, 'Big Brother' host, announced she had won the $500,000 grand prize and is still shocked to have come out on top.

"My heart dropped... I just had all these feelings going on," she said. "I can't believe I just won."

A winning strategy

A huge part of the 'Big Brother' game is strategy, and Jordan had a strategy that most people weren't so sure would get her through the two and a half months.

"My strategy basically was be myself. I didn't want to be the liar, the manipulator... I kind of played it a different way," she said. "I think that is what everyone thinks you have to do in this game, you have to play it like a professional, you gotta do it this way or do it that way, but I didn't want to play it that way. I wanted to be the nice person, be myself, have fun."

Obviously, Jordan's simple strategy to be nice and lay low worked because she won the game with a vote of five against two. Read Jordan Lloyd named winner of 'Big Brother 11' on season finale to find out more about Jordan's win and the 'Big Brother 11' season finale.

Jessie's vote was a shocker

Jordan said she started feeling really good about winning after it was revealed that the America's Vote key and Jessie's key had her name on them. She said she was shocked to receive Jessie's vote more than anyone else's vote, but she thought it may have happened because Jessie might have been upset about the news of Natalie's engagment or possibly because Natalie, according to Natalie, had left Jessie a nasty goodbye message. Jessie and Natalie, the 'Big Brother 11' runner up, had been two peas in a pod while in the house and many viewers thought there was a lot more than friendship between them. It wasn't until Jessie entered the jury house that his opinion and feelings toward Natalie seemed to change and by finale night viewers could tell there was no way Jessie's vote was going to Natalie.

Another huge shocker for Jordan on finale night was learning that Natalie had been lying to her for weeks. Natalie had been telling house guests she was 18-years-old, when in fact she is 24-years-old, and she and Kevin had been scheming to put targets on other peoples' backs since Russell's eviction.

"I believed her the whole time," she said. "I was really shocked to find out she lied the whole time. I thought she was one of the people you could trust in the house... when really she and Kevin were sneaky." She added that lies or no lies, she has no hard feelings toward any of the house guests.

Future plans

Jordan's future plans for the money are to put a down payment on a house for her mother, her brother and herself. She said she doesn't see herself quitting her job or taking any extravagent vacations, instead opting to put most of the money in the bank.

As for her future plans with Jeff, no first date has been set up... yet!

"Right now we're friends. There's obviously something there... but right now we're taking it slow," she said. The two live pretty far from one another (Jeff is in Chicago, Jordan is in Charlotte), and Jordan didn't sound like she would be moving for romance any time soon.

"If it works out then great; if it doesn't work out then we'll still be great friends."

Millions of viewers are hoping the two will eventually become a more permanent couple, and Jordan made it sound like her mother, who met Jeff at last night's finale, would be on board with that.

"My mom thought he was hot and thought he was really nice."

Advice for 'Big Brother 12' house guests

CBS announced just last week that the network will be renewing 'Big Brother' for another season, and Jordan had a lot of advice for the 'Big Brother 12' house guests.

"Have self control, patience, don't trust anyone, lay low, be yourself," she said, adding that the new house guests shouldn't use lying as a strategy unless they're really good at it.

"Just know that things change in the 'Big Brother' house every day. Something that might happen in an hour will be completely different two hours from then."

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