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Jordan tweetfest 10/18

Jordan's Tweefest October 18th

Going out to dinner w/Jessie..then got to rush back home in time to watch X factor!

@BBJordanLloyd I hope they keep the burrito boy on xfactor! haha who do you like?

@BrandieTucker The guy that sang "young homie" i think his name is chris

@BBJordanLloyd Are you watching the show "Revenge" on Wednesday nights??

@nanna47 my mom does..she says its really good

@BBJordanLloyd have you watched all of season 13 by now? If so are you still besties with Rachel?

@DAcks14 haven't seen everything from this season. yes, me and Rachel are friends

@BBJordanLloyd Now that Miss Megan is on twitter, any chance Peyton might get on twitter?

@luvkahlua59 probably not..haha

no, my friend Jessie from home

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan...have you started your Christmas shopping yet ?

@cheryllo1 not yet. probably wont start that till mid November

@BBJordanLloyd Did you get to meet up with Racheal yet..glad you two became friends,,,miss having you all all in my home!

@Bootie1972 were hanging out this weekend

@BBJordanLloyd omg i love you soo much and i hope you and jeff get married !!!

@stinkerbell2297 aww thank you! I hope we do too!

@BBJordanLloyd You remind me so much of Carrie Underwood for some reason. Have you ever heard that before?

@HeyItsDiana no, but I LOVE her and i"ll take it!

@BBJordanLloyd I'm a big fan of you and Big Jeff and it's my birthday tomorrow...can I get some love?

@coreywentworth Happy Birthday

@BBJordanLloyd I think it was sweet during Superpass Newly Wed game when @jeffschroeder23 told you "you have beautiful eyes"..didn't you ?

@cheryllo1 @jeffschroeder23 It was very sweet!

@BBJordanLloyd jordan you're so cute

@nickiminajforva thank you!

@BBJordanLloyd Thanks for my superpass autrograph!!

I love it!

@Jess_BBLove your welcome!

@BBJordanLloyd Just wanted to say you are my all time favorite BB player in the history of the show no one can replace you


@UnheardWords aww thank you!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan will u watch X factor and tweet on commecial who u like?

@deedee42066 i will try..I get so into this show..aha

@BBJordanLloyd when are you going to see jeff next?!

@bnculbertson hes coming for my brothers bday

@BBJordanLloyd ~ I think 2morrow Superpass will play the whirleyball contest. I can't wait to see it. It looked like such fun : )

@McCoy17 it was a blast

@BBJordanLloyd Im a HUGGEE fan of you and Jeff can I get a retweet ??

@Nicole_Schubert hey! thank you

@BBJordanLloyd Hi Jordan! Loved watching you & Big @jeffschroeder23 this season. Miss u 2 on the live feeds (that sounds so creepy) lol

@MsMarcy34 @jeffschroeder23 thank you! hope we werent too boring..haha

@MsMarcy34 @jeffschroeder23 thank you!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan, is Maggie following you around all the time now that you're back home. I bet she missed you.

@maxnsam all the time..when I move shes coming with me

@BBJordanLloyd whose your favrorite on XFACTOR right now?!! love when you tweet us fans back!! you're amazing!

@EddieGrayy the guy chris that sang young homie..I hope he makes it to the next round

@BBJordanLloyd hey jordan i am a huge fan of you and jeff !!! you two make a beautiful couple...can i get a tweet back .....your awesome

@jejofan1 thank you so much!

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan, silly question where did you get your polka dot make-up bag, I've been looking for one that size & can't find one

@SuzanneNelson umm my sister bought it for me for xmas..she ordered it out of a catalog but im not sure which one

@BBJordanLloyd ~ It looked like it. I know U can't say who won, but did Jeff get competitive, lol.

@McCoy17 i think everyone was..ha

@BBJordanLloyd Do you and Jeff still skype? Will you see Rachel while she is in town??

@nanna47 yes, this weekend

@BBJordanLloyd what kind of whitening strips do u use, which do u recomend ?

@maryr10s I bought some from a dentist but crest white strips work really good

@BBJordanLloyd Your my idol...i look up to you so much...thanks for being such a great role model and person...we need more people like u

@BigBFan87 thank you! very nice of you to say

@BBJordanLloyd when is peytons birthday so we can all send him birthday wishes

@jejofan1 the 27th

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan I LOVE your crooked smile!! It's too cute!!

can I get a RT??

@LoveJEJO haha thank you!

@LoveJEJO I get it from my mom

@BBJordanLloyd Do u watch Dancing with the stars? I love u and Jeff btw, so GREAT together. U are Americas Sweetheart

@nicolenickles I haven't been keeping up with it since kristen was voted off

@BBJordanLloyd We've noticed that Miss Megan is now tweeting. She's a sweetie just like you. We love hearing from her too!

@maxnsam shes a GREAT friend

@BBJordanLloyd hey Jordan ur so beutiful I love u could I have a tweet back or follow?

@rhialexa123 hey! thank you

@BBJordanLloyd Heard you and Jeff will be on @thebaubshow soon.. can't wait! Those are always the best interviews with you two

@TeamJEJO @thebaubshow YES! I love Baub. I dont know the date yet

@BBJordanLloyd Kristen was on Dr. Phil's show 2day as an advocate for children who are bullied.

@maxnsam whos kristen

@BBJordanLloyd What do you think about you and Jeff being the #1 & #2 most followed BB Hg's on twitter?

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan Lloyd @TeamJEJO im flattered! all the fans are great

@BBJordanLloyd thanks for the autograph!!

@ZacharyNicolos your welcome

@BBJordanLloyd Heard a rumor you and Jeff might be headed to Cambodia to help out with People for Care, is that true?

@TeamJEJO YES, we are! I cant wait. will post more later with details.

@BBJordanLloyd who are some of your X factor favs?

@deedee42066 that guy chris and the lady in the 30's group but i dont remember her name but her voice is amazing

@BBJordanLloyd Did you have fun meeting Renny at the BB wrap party ?

@loladrivesajeep Yes, Renny was so nice!

@BBJordanLloyd does the Cambodia trip involve ATW productions or just u & Jeff? btw, i think it's awesome!its gonna be an amazing experience

@glorytorres just me and jeff

@BBJordanLloyd Any new movies you are looking forward to seeing? & did you & Jeff ever end up rewatching ET when you got out of the house?

@TeamJEJO i want to see footloose

@BBJordanLloyd who did you hope to win this season of bb?? you rachel and jeff were my top 3, gotta have faith in the vets

@masher331 i wanted Jeff and Rachel too!

@BBJordanLloyd hi Jordan!!! I would love a reply

you and @jeffschroeder23 are my faves!

@taylorbridges @jeffschroeder23 hey! thank you

@BBJordanLloyd did you & Jeff ever end up rewatching ET when you got out of the house?"

@MarcusBurt @TeamJEJO ha no but when jeff comes were watching it together

@BBJordanLloyd Do you like anyone who has made it through on X Factor so far?

@heathur22 the young blonde girl with curly hair

@BBJordanLloyd hey Jordan, whats up!? cannot believe I am actually tweeting you! I am a huge fan of you and Jeff... you both are so funny!

@dcaten11 thank you soo much

@BBJordanLloyd are you guys going to be on season 14?!

@jefferyjosephw no

@BBJordanLloyd lol at the ET tape..I thought I was the only house that still owned a VCR

@MelissaB71 nope I still have ours from when I was little

@BBJordanLloyd you and Jeff are BY FAR my favorite BB houseguests ever

love you guys! Hope y'all are doing well <3

@ReInHartFano182 aww thank you

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan! love you and Jeff!!! Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes??

@krssylynne forever 21, target, and ivy and leos

@BBJordanLloyd ~ The X factor is so emotional 2 watch. All these people are so talented.

@McCoy17 I know I feel so bad for the ppl not getting picked b/c there all so good

@BBJordanLloyd @jefferyjosephw well you dont have to be on it but it would be awesome if you came back to host a comp or something.

@jejofan1 @jefferyjosephw I would come back to host and see everyone but dont want to play the game again

@BBJordanLloyd jordan i love u and jeff sooo muchh u guyss make my day every day! i wish the best for yall can i get a retweet pleasseee??

@nj393 hey!

@BBJordanLloyd Did u see Kim Kardashian engagement ring, tell Jeff u want a square cut ring like that. HAHAHAHAHA

@varneys04 haha in my dreams..i would be scared to walk around with something that big..might loose it..ha

@BBJordanLloyd Will you introduce Rachel to your family or any of your friends this week-end. "Girls just Wanna Have Fun."

@nanna47 oh yeah..they want to meet her

@BBJordanLloyd Hi

@paesimagination hey

@BBJordanLloyd will jeff be there for Halloween also ?

@lucindagay09 yes

@BBJordanLloyd if you could host any type of reality show what would it be?

@Kimber_Gayle only BB..I would be a terrible host on anything else

@BBJordanLloyd Are you going to do any of the corn mazes this year, the one in Huntersville is great.

@knouase yeah the one in mint hill is good and they got good food too!

@BBJordanLloyd your so pretty! loved you on BB this year! nice work(:

@ilylotsxred thank you. very nice of you to say

@BBJordanLloyd where do you buy your rompers?

@caseyanne58 2 of them were from target

@BBJordanLloyd I'll have to try that one, it much closer. Do you know the name?

@knouase dont know the name but its down 218. my favorite haunted house is in fort mill its called campground massacre

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan u should do more on radio u sounded great on there. Sounded like u had a great time!!

@varneys04 I did! Ace and TJ are so nice

@BBJordanLloyd Hi Jordan!!

@Kpots27 hey

@BBJordanLloyd So for halloween if you're going in your humilitard, what will Jeff's costume be?

@TeamJEJO he doesnt know yet

@BBJordanLloyd what's you favorite dish to make?? Or what's does @jeffschroeder23 like for you to make??

@Renee_tx @jeffschroeder23 Jeff makes this great pasta with chicken

aww so happy that kid went through to the next round

@BBJordanLloyd I would love a tweet/reply from my idol. :-)

@TeamBB4ever hey!

@BBJordanLloyd Are yoou and Jeff going to the Gravedigger's Ball?

@HerbsforeverNDA maybe not sure

@BBJordanLloyd Is Jeff afraid of Haunted Houses? LOL

@singingmary No he doesnt really show it if he is..haha

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan I normally wouldn't bother u, but my lil sis Hayley is hanging over my shoulder bugging me to say hey. Ur her fav!

@Rebz2945 hey hayley

@BBJordanLloyd Will you follow me I'm from NC too (: Big fan of Big Brother you and Jeff love you Jordan(:

@maddiev99 thank you

@BBJordanLloyd is on! i really hope that she sees this twet because i have loved her ever since #bigbrother11<3

@AshleySaini17 aww thanks!

@BBJordanLloyd jordan, on average how many times do u and jeff talk to each other every day!!??????

@nj393 alot


@mtnboy72 hey

I don't think @BBJordanLloyd realizes how much I admire her. She has the heart of an ANGEL! <3

@SellyGLovesMe hey! thank you very much

@BBJordanLloyd jordan! who is ur favorite judge on X factor?

@nj393 dont have a favorite judge

@BBJordanLloyd hi Jordan! I loved watching you on BB. Hope you and Jeff get married one day! I think you are a great couple.

@kayann60 thank you!

@BBJordanLloyd have u ever seen bb uk?

@skoobi70 no

@BBJordanLloyd hey Jordan

@barrman hey

@BBJordanLloyd Did you ever get a chance to check out that song "Eighteen Inches" that Carrie wrote? If so, did you like it?

@heathur22 no, I havent yet

@BBJordanLloyd hi from Montreal, Canada. What was the name of the lotion that Jeff love so much? Love you both and lot off happiness!

@SilvyF1 is it aveeno

@BBJordanLloyd I know that @jeffschroeder23 owes you a trip since he won money.. any places you really want to go to?

@jburke_ @jeffschroeder23 Greece

i lovee you @BBJordanLloyd youur amaziing!

@pajammajamxoxox thank you

@BBJordanLloyd strange daughter and I have been trying to figure out what mascara you use and where to get it

@MelissaB71 Revlon "lash fantasy" get it at CVS

Jeff and I are rooting for this guy to win x factor

@BBJordanLloyd hey Gucci, I love you more and LOVE how good you're getting on Twitter :-)

@TheBaubShow HEY!! thank you im trying

@BBJordanLloyd how are you liking #jerseyshore this season? @sn00ki, still your favorite? any guy favorite?

@jburke_ @sn00kie love snookie, vinny and pauley d

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan! I adore you! Do you have a favorite author?

@jeslpope hey! thank you..Nicholas Sparks he writes good love stories

BBJordanLloyd Chris Rene all the way to win x factor

@BBJordanLloyd I would love a tweet/reply from my FAV person that has been on BB!

@BieberFans_68 hey!

@BBJordanLloyd Loved watching u & J again~u guys r the best..loved meeting u in Vegas~not sure if u remember?~wishing u both much love:)

@lovemy4boysrtsj I do. Hope your doing well

@BBJordanLloyd So happy 2 see you tweeting alot! Was proud of you on BB again this

year,you get more beautiful with each year, inside & out!

@golfgirly12 thank you!

@BBJordanLloyd Met Jeffs friend tony in Chi at Nonnans great guy, he talked about how sweet u are! Had WAYYY to many drinks there!! HA HA

@varneys04 hes a great guy and they have great food there too

Thanks everyone for talking but I got to finish watching the show

Hope everyone has a great night!

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