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Jordan's Tweetfest Wed 2/3

Jordan's Tweetfest Wed 2/3

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finishing the notebook with miss Megan and getting ready for bed got a long day tomorrow!!!

@BBJordanLloyd I like Tenley and Ali!!

@Amanda0009 them to are my favorite i hope they make it in the final two

@BBJordanLloyd Friends & I are getting 2gether 4 TAR &your interview on 14th. Sure you both are going 2 be great. Hope it was great for yall

@deemj61 thank you!

@BBJordanlloyd I thought of a question after all... What is ur favorite thing that Jeff cooks for you? Did u 2 go grocery shopping 2gther?

@winder40 steaks and chicken..we do sometimes

@BBJordanLloyd Who do you think Jake picks on the bachelor??

@Amanda0009 i want tenley to win

@BBJordanLloyd What are you going to do during the Super Bowl?

@ndd123 i dont know i dont even know whos playing..haha..but i will watch it on sunday prob. at a bar with miss megan

@BBJordanLloyd it's been way to cold here in Charlotte, going to Puerto Rico tomorrow the escape the freeze.

@knouase your very lucky

@BBJordanLloyd Is jeff in the loop with regards to the suprise visit??? If he does show up id pay money to see you 2 watching dear john lol!

@dloon20 if he came and suprised me on Friday i would make him go see dear john with me even if he didnt want to go

@BBJordanLloyd Read the EW article. Loved you said you would rather Jeff eat bugs than you!!! Too funny.

@positivepeg i know bugs are gross

@BBJordanLloyd Do you and Jeff still Skype often? That has to help when you can't be with him!!!

@maryotin yeah normally

@BBJordanLloyd What is Jeff doing? No tweets from him in awhile.

@Sheshebee3 hes out of town

@BBJordanlloyd I was hoping 2 meet U & Jeff in Vegas but my plans didn't work out! Maybe u could come to Dallas? U have lots of Tx fans!!

@winder40 texas seems nice i think i would like it

@BBJordanLloyd-Love the scruffy look on Jeff

@lucindagay09 ME TO!! i think its sexy! haha

@BBJordanLloyd did u c this fm Laura? "..found out I was selectd by Maxim 2 B 1 of the models at the Maxim Superbowl party Sat nite n Miami"

@PaulDReed excited for her thats so good

@BBJordanLloyd Hopefully you have more than the 1 bra you had on BB now. HaHa! Victorias Secret has had good sales.

@deemj61 haha had to get rid of the other one

@BBJordanLloyd thanks! I appresh u willing 2 answer questions 2 people u don't know, it shows your character.... stay true its so refreshing

@leeann1l aww thank you

@bbjordanlloyd I dont have a good question but maybe u could just tweet me back & say Hey! Love U & Jeff and can't wait for TAR to start!

@winder40 hey!

@BBJordanLloyd If you could go anywhere at this exact moment, where would you go & who would you want there with you?

@OtherCarrie family and jeff

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan just wanted to say that u are so cute and i cant wait to see u on the amazing race!

@ClassicFlow thank you!

@BBJordanLLoyd are you going to be getting a surprise visit from Jeff?

@BBfan50 I HOPE SO!!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan I bought a Chi and I love it $165. I have very curly hair and it makes it really straight!! Can't find Luminous here

@MelissaPenglis chi's work great on curly hair...luminous is system professional made by wella you might could find it at a salon

@MelissaPenglis they should be able to order it for you

@BBJordanLloyd Are you excited Ellen is going to replace Paula on American idol?

@lillyhearts yeah i LOVE ellen i think shes so funny

@BBJordanLloyd Have you bought any Victoria's Secret Pink since youve been back?

@savannahsmum yes i love the semi annual sale

@BBJordanLloyd has it warmed up any there? Or is it still freezing?

@traceandtob still freezing

@BBJordanLloyd how'd you like the grammys?? i need to work out ive been lazy all winter

@thisFriday they were ok i dont know why i didnt like it as much this year

@BBJordanLloyd Now that you are back at the salon I bet you are catching up with all the gossip by reading, People, Us, etc.Love those mags

@alejules haha yeah always reading that at work when im bored

@BBJordanLloyd my stylist said she could get me one for 90, is that a good deal bor should I keep looking?

@leeann1l yeah thats really good there normally $175...DONT buy a generic chi had one before and hated it pulled my hair

@leeann1l and it didnt work at good but if your stylist can get you a real chi for 90 thats good

@BBJordanLloyd are you going to see Dear John on Friday?? Cant wait to see it!!!

@Amanda0009 YES CANT WAIT!!

@BBJordanLloyd Is Vegas crazy? I've never been. Im sure you are just going to be glad to see Jeff.

@deemj61 last time i went it was fun but not crazy

@BBJordanLloyd Loved the new article in Entertainment Weekly about you and Jeff. Very cute!

@tishcawley thank you!

@BBJordanLloyd I bet you are getting super excited about seeing Jeff. Not too much longer!

@tishcawley i know im counting down

@BBJordanLloyd what movie? I'm watching 'united states of Tara' with my roomie

@LoverOfChuck notebook

@bbjordanlloyd, when will you do the @radrealityshow?

@Jess_BBLove i think thats march 1st

@BBJordanLloyd thanks! got my hair cut the other day & they used on it I was in awww. It takes me 4ever with mine and it only took 10 w/ chi

@leeann1l yeah chi's are the best i straighten my moms hair almost every night and it works so good on her hair

@BBJordanLloyd Enjoy your movie Jordan!!!! Be Happy!

@twinky411cd thanks!

@BBJordanLloyd Hope you're having a great week !!!!Enjoy your movie

@MelissaB71 thanks!

@BBJordanLloyd will u and jeff watch race together?

@ranameyer yeah we will be in vegas together

@BBJordanLloyd How are you doing this evening? Got any projects lined up?

@botiejoe no projects comming up

@BBJordanLloyd have you decided on your v-day gift to jeff yet?

@JCavi8 not yet

@BBJordanLloyd Did you do a bunch of crunches? You used to do alot of those on BB!

@deemj61 some crunches we did alot of cardio

@BBJordanLloyd hey my sister in law lives in Charlotte and I want to give her a spa day for her b'day, do you have any that are good there

@katie11074 Ballentyne resort has a spa very nice, voci spa, massage envy, and modern spa

@BBJordanLloyd have you been watching Celebrity Rehab this season? it's so good!

@Sarahnator83 i have watched a little bit..i liked last season alot better

@BBJordanLloyd hey jordan... where can I buy a chi... I am dying for one

@leeann1l ulta, beauty brands, and some hair salons sell them to

@BBJordanLloyd Are you excited for Amazing Race to start airing? What do you not want to see?

@ranameyer i am excited

went with miss Megan to workout and just finished watching american idol..then a movie

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