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Jordan's Tweetfest Sunday 1/24/2010

(Read from the bottom up)

being lazy and watching a good lifetime movie

@bbjordanlloyd watcha think?!

@rkosxdestiny i like it!

@BBJordanLloyd who are you rooting for between the Vikings and the Saints?

@ugotgot im going to root for the saints

@BBJordanLloyd Do u still have Jeff's Hat/sweats from the bbhouse? AND any new iteams u "borrowed" from him outside of the house?

@keeponlivin26 yeah i saved everything from the show

@BBJordanLloyd If you click on my youtube name you can see all my Jeff & Jordan vids, they R hard to find on YT cause they are titled "JEJO"

@Hellataz you make great videos thanks

@BBJordanLloyd do u stil have the hat and shirt that jeff gave u when he left the bb house?

@KendallCav yeah i still wear that hat

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan you are really gettng the hang of twitter now. How do you like hearing from all your fans ?

@ugotgot i love it i like seeing what people have to say

@BBJordanLloyd In the BBhouse, you talked about taking a Vaca w/ ur Ma...Have u be able to take one yet? I'm close to Ma too and its great!

@keeponlivin26 no im waiting till the summer we always just drive to myrtle beach for the weekend

@BBJordanLloyd Jeff said he had to go to LA at the end of feb. r u going too ?

@cattychic no hes just going

@BBJordanLloyd what other shows do you like? If you watch extreme home makeover do you always cry? I do lol every time!!

@Jojo1S everytime i cry its always so sad in the beginning

@BBJordanLloyd Have you cooked for Jeff yet?

@Jess_BBLove no he cooks for me haha

@BBJordanLloyd hi this is my moms account but im kate and our whole household adors u cuz ur GUCCI

@Singermomm aww thank you! thats cool you say gucci iv used that word since 8th grade haha

@BBJordanLloyd The Gotti Gucci 1 is funny, but i'd love 4 U to watch the one i made U 4 your Bday

@Hellataz i saw that one is was really cute thank you

@BBJordanLloyd Did you say yes right away when they asked you to do The Amazing Race or were you worried about anything?

@stamalot i was excited about it cause i knew i would be a great expierence

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Gucci..Did you ever get to watch March of the Penguins movie with Jeff???

@sister3of5 yeah i saw it

@BBJordanLloyd Have you improved your cooking skills since being home? haha

@JCavi8 no im terrible

@BBJordanLloyd Ok I have to ask is Jeff a good Kisser? can only imagine!

@keeponlivin26 great kisser

@BBJordanLloyd Have you been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this season?!

@Jess_BBLove yeah i love them

@BBJordanLloyd Jeff said U both just got into Skype, do you plan little Skype dates with each other now?

@Hellataz yeah haha it makes it easier

@BBJordanLloyd My daughter lives n Vegas,works at Cirque de Soleil, I'm planin a trip 2 C her, will u & Jeff b doing a Meet & Greet w/ fans?

@winder40 i went and saw that show when i was there last

@BBJordanLloyd did you ever get to watch Gotti meets Gucci video? It is so cute and funny.

@Calbria no ill have to watch it

@BBJordanLloyd Wow Jordan a year that's a long time...

@arencain i know! hes going to have to be patient

@BBJordanLloyd I had a gr8 long distance rel but after a bit gave in. How long do you think you'll make it b4 you can't take it and move?

@alejules a year maybe two

@bbjordanlloyd If you could meet any other reality personality who would you want to meet?

@ams06 the kardashians and the jersey shore cast

@BBJordanLloyd Have U seen the reunion show of JS? What they did to Ronnie @ Sam made me SICK!!! They both had kneejerk reactions, so sad!

@sandifan2z i missed the finale

@bbjordanlloyd - Lady Antebellum new song "Need u Now" reminds me of u and jeff - have u heard it?

@chandabs love that song me and my friend megan always blast that in her car and she sings the girl part and i sing the guy part

@BBJordanLloyd You always talked about you mom in BB, how is you mom doing, as well as you sis and brother

@MelissaB71 there all doing good

@BBJordanLloyd Vancouver Canucks hockey team have a new player named Jordan Schroeder. That name has a nice ring to it don't you think?!!

@COURT_LBWGANG really? thats funny ill have to look him up

@BBJordanLloyd Jeff said he had an idea that you two would be together when you left the house. Did you think the same thing?

@IheartHollydays i knew we would date outside the bb house cause we just clicked

@BBJordanLloyd How was that train ride to chicago? I heard those rides are beautiful but long as heck.

@JCavi8 the ride to chicago went by fast cause i slept half the way there

Will you and Jeff be holding a TAR premiere party on Feb 14th? @BBJordanLloyd @JeffSchroeder23

@RealityTVWill no will be in vegas

@BBJordanLloyd what's your favorite store to go clothes shopping at?

@JonPiper victorias secret, target, and express

@BBJordanLloyd Have you watched any of your BB episodes or any feeds from your season?

@tamiewilliams watched a couple episodes but not everything havent watched any of the feeds

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan! i am so excited 2 c u and jeff on the amazing race! How didja like competing in the race??

@LuvBug325 loved it i would so do it again

@BBJordanLloyd who is your favorite girl and guy on jersey shore??

@KendallCav love snookie and the "situation" there entertaining

@BBJordanLloyd so happy to see you and Jeff together. Glad it lasted longer than BB! Every coming to Dallas?

@nataliemcgensey i would love to go to dallas. want to go to a cowboys game at that new stadium.

@BBJordanLloyd How much of BB11 have you watched?

@MartiniHoudini little bits here and there but havent watched every episode

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan, I'm thinking bout moving to Charlotte. What is the best area to live? Thanks sweetie

@iampattic mint hill, matthews, ballentyne, waxhaw, and south park area

@BBJordanLloyd Congrats on winning BB and getting on TAR. Will u & JJeff be setting up facebook?

@RealityTVWill thank you! my friend made me a facebook but i never get on cause its to much and i dont know how to use it

@BBJordanLloyd If you had to pick an animal to be, would you still be a squirrel?

@Jess_BBLove yeah!

@BBJordanLloyd I played tennis in highschool and loved it. Do you still play just for fun?

@lillyhearts i havent played in a while i wish i would have stuck with it

@BBJordanLloyd Did u get ur sister and brother "big gifts" for xmas?

@winder40 no we did the usual girfts we give each other every cards make up or clothes

@BBJordanLloyd Everytime I see a squirrel now, I think of you! Love ya!

@Savannahsmum haha so funny

@BBJordanLloyd I bet you miss Jeff alot..

@arencain i do!!

@BBJordanLloyd what do your girlfriends think of jeff????

@dloon20 they love him

@BBJordanLloyd hey do u have like a laptop or something and BTW me and my friend taylor are your biggest fans i made a quiz about u and jeff

@loulou7878 haha thats funny

@BBJordanLloyd what is your favorite fastfood chain?

@MJY6087 chick fi la

@BBJordanLloyd how did you like watching the chicago blackhawks when you was in chicago?

@RadRealityShow the hockey game was sooo much fun i liked it better than going to a basketball game

@bbjordanlloyd Thank you for tweeting back to me!!! I'm so excited. Can't wait for Feb. 14th!! Good luck to you and Jeff always.

@Danimariexoxo thank you so much

@BBJordanLloyd Did you think the kiss in the TAR promo's was cheesy????

@akitamocha OMG yes..i was trying not to laugh you can tell in the picture i was holding back from laughing

@BBJordanLloyd do you and jeff have a photo album together yet?

@JCavi8 no we havent made one

i have never been to new york and want to see time square and i want to go to jersey shore from watching that show haha

@BBJordanLloyd I'm so excited about the amazing race! Do you think you'd want to continue traveling? It's fun seeing new places.

@stamalot for right now im tired of traveling i just want to be home but when summer comes i want to travel some

@BBJordanLloyd Jeff just tweeted up a storm now U come on!!! omg, what a tweet treat!!!hahaha Can't wait to see U Guys on TAR!!!!

@sandifan2z i cant wait for all of you to see it

@BBJordanLloyd Who you going for in the next game jordan? Vikings or saints?!

@rkosxdestiny ill say the saints

@BBJordanLloyd Not watching the games with your boo tonight?

@SonOfTheBronx i watched to much football when i was in chicago thats all jeff watches that and man vs wild


@sandifan2z thank you for rooting for us!

@BBJordanLloyd Are U planning on doing the Baub show at teh end of Feb.???

@akitamocha if bob asks me to do it i will i love him

@bbjordanlloyd Hi Jordan!! So happy to hear you and Jeff are great. We love you guys. Which did you like better Amazing Race or BB?

@Danimariexoxo i liked amazing race cause you get to travel to cool places

@BBJordanLloyd Are you getting excited to see Jeff in Vegas????

@akitamocha so excited to see him

@BBJordanLloyd Have you been to Butter @NC Music Factory in Dilworth?. Just opened Jan.23. Supposed to be THE place in Charlotte!

@positivepeg was there last almost positive thats what its called..very nice on the inside 2 levels

@BBJordanLloyd how does it taste?

@MandeeMe doesnt taste bad and you dont have that after taste in your mouth like some of the other ones

Watching @BBJordanLloyd 's intro TAR video and she says Waxhaw Nc. Representing my town now. Awesome!

@SwayWithMe1 love waxhaw glad i moved here

@jeffschroeder23 @bbjordanlloyd What are your favorite tv show's to watch?

@ams06 i like american idol, bachelor, jersey shore, and real housewifes of orange county

@BBJordanLloyd JORDAN!!! Hey girl.... How is work going?

@ndd123 works great

@BBJordanLloyd-Are u going to be in la at the end of fed.with Jeff doing the Baub show ?

@lucindagay09 not going back to LA for a while

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan... Jeff was just having a tweetfest with the fans! Hows it going today?

@winder40 going good being lazy like i do every sunday

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan

@_Bernardini hey!

@BBJordanLloyd Hello Jordan. Can I get a shout out from you on here? It would make my year!

@RellLovesJoseph hey!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan!! I'm excited to see you on Amazing Race !

@MichaelDimech thank you! amazing race was awesome

@bbjordanlloyd Are you going to Cali with jeff end of Feb? as well as Vegas?

@zamtzu going to vegas but not LA

@BBJordanLloyd it is a blessing to c u remain so humble and true to who u r. U deserve all that comes your way. God bless u and yor family

@leeann1l aww thank you thats sweet

watching a movie and taking it easy had a long night out with the girls!! its so good to be home again

i like how it has all those vitamins b/c i need that

@R3shots I had fun the other night thanks. I love the r3 energy. I went out last night and drank it b4 i went to bed and no hangover!

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