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Jordan's Tweetfest from 1/25/2010

anyone who's interested in buying the r3 detox boost gets 15% off when you type my name in. They have a twitter account check it out

@BBJordanLloyd Remember when u got 2 watch that movie in the HOH room? Kevin was talking 2 Jeff in the BY & Jeff said "jordan's my rock" : )

@kayla_kristinee jeffs sweet

@BBJordanLloyd-Isn't great being so in love and trusting ?

@lucindagay09 yeah a relationship cant work if you don't have trust

@BBJordanLloyd are you and Jeff still together???

@detorr44 yes we are

@BBJordanLloyd do you still have to scratch jeff's back?

@IheartHollydays normally he loves his back scratched

@BBJordanLloyd Do you like skype with Jeff?

@positivepeg yeah it makes it easier

@BBJordanLloyd Why aren't you going to LA with Jeff?

@Jess_BBLove i dont know just going to let him go so he can hang out with friends

@BBJordanLloyd My 16 yr old son Chance loves you! Can you plz say Hey to him! thanks so much!

@MikkiJo hey chance

@BBJordanLloyd I know you said you love Jeff's Mom. What about his Dad? He looks so sweet.

@positivepeg there both really nice people

@BBJordanLloyd Are you guys going to get to make Mardi Gras this year? It's only weeks away!

@StevenSin i wish..some of my girlfriends are going

@BBJordanLloyd Did you c where one of the final 24 got kicked out b/c his dad told their local paper he made it?

@deemj61 really that sucks

@BBJordanLloyd Would you ever try out for american idol?

@HeyItsChanee NOO im terrible at singing

@BBJordanLloyd me too... do u watch the whole thing or just the screw ups? They r so funny

@leeann1l i only watch the screw ups and then i quit watching for a while

@BBJordanLloyd Has Daniel P. @P21 told you about the ghosts at his and Chris's house?

@positivepeg @JCavi8 no haha i will have to ask him

@BBJordanLloyd Don't you think the guy on the bachelor is so hot? He looks like Matthew McConaghy! BTW you rocked on big Brother!

@pinksparklezz yeah the bachelor is nice looking

cant wait for amican idol tomorrow

@BBJordanLloyd Too bad, I thought you did a good job!

@deemj61 thanks

@bbjordanlloyd Hi, Jordan! I've got my classroom of First Graders routing for you and Jeff on The Amazing Race!!

@TXBluebonnet66 aww yaya thanks!

@BBJordanLloyd Have you cut Jeff's hair any more? That was on replay yesterday, so cute!

@deemj61 no he wont let me

@BBJordanLloyd yeah whats greek about?! and what channel is it on?!

@rkosxdestiny i have no clue its on fox family

megans making me watch this show greek she said its really good

@BBJordanLloyd I'll be surprised if he gets engaged to any of them, they're all looony

@Havein i know! i said that the other day

@BBJordanLloyd Numbers, Jordan... TWO (not "to") and FOUR (not "for")!

@mrdodger1966 haha

@BBJordanLloyd--on a scale of 1 to 10 whats your Jeff ?

@lucindagay09 a 10!

@BBJordanLloyd Does Miss Megan think it is weird that we are interested in her? We feel like we know her after hearing you talk about her

@heyhay28 no she loves it

no dont tell me i want to wait and see who wins

i cant believe for girls went home tontie..guess he knows what he wants

@BBJordanLloyd does miss megan have a boyfriend? she's pretty cute

@JCavi8 yeah she does


@BBJordanLloyd is she the one who picked the sand spur out of you know where?

@knouase yes...haha ..what a great friend

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan!!! Would you ever do a show with Jeff like Nick/Jessica did? I think you two would be a fun....

@ndd123 yeah it would be so funny he gets so mad at me sometimes

@bbjordanlloyd Hey Jordan... does miss megan have a twitter acct? We'd love to have her join the fun!

@winder40 she doesnt she just has a facebook

@BBJordanLloyd What does miss megan think of Jeff?

@knouase she says hes her guccie

@BBJordanLloyd Has Jeff burned your peace pants yet?

@Jess_BBLove i put them things away there long gone..aha

@BBJordanLloyd Tell Miss Megan that we felt like she was another houseguest - we loved hearing about her from you.

@maryotin aha shes so excited right now..we have been friends since 9th grade we met in ELP CLASS

@BBJordanLloyd who do you think jake is going to end up with?

@oxxox i hope ali or tenley there my favorite

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan - if you had two wishes right now, what would they be ? Hey Miss Megan !

@cheryllo1 miss megan said hey..umm 1 wish would be to meet carrie underwood

@BBJordanLloyd me too. Jakes throwing them out like crazy tonight, isn't he?

@deemj61 I KNOW!! its drama but im hooked

@bbjordanlloyd now aren't you glad Jeff didnt go on The Bachelor?

@deemj61 YES!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan with all the travelling you've had to do lately..have you gotten over your fear of flying ?

@ugotgot im not as scared as i used to be but i still get really nervous

@BBJordanLloyd What's your favorite licquor? vodka? whiskey? gin?

@JCavi8 grape vodka and sprite or vodka cranberry

@BBJordanLloyd Great Show, What did you think about the two woman '' Ella & Kathrine '' leaving ?

@SpiritualGhost2 its crazy the girls are just eliminating themselfs

@BBJordanLloyd I can not wait to see you and @jeffschroeder23 on#TAR!

Your the only reason I'm watching the season!

@UnheardWords yay! thanks! your guccie!

@BBJordanLloyd who r u rooting for to win bachelor....i like ali

@BHcheerleader45 i want ali or tinley to win

@BBJordanLloyd me too, with my hubby He said he'll watch it to hangout w/ me giving a guys view...haha!

@twinky411cd haha thats sweet he will watch it with you

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan - we are so excited that you and Jeff are going to be back on @TheBaubShow!!!

@maryotin i know! i just talked to bob tonite and im excited i love bob

@BBJordanLloyd this season of the bachelor is so crazy

@teach1122 they are so dramatic on this season

@BBJordanLloyd Who do you like on Bachelor?We like Ali.

@jillmgut i like ali and tinley the girl who said her husband cheated on her she seems real sweet i want one of them to win

@BBJordanLloyd Glad to hear you're enjoying home..when is the 1st episode of amazing race? Can't wait! How's jeff?

@hillarypepp it airs feb 14th..jeffs doing good

@BBJordanLloyd Just wanted to let you know that I bought the r3. You can count on your fans' support.

@enmom thats great! how do you like it? if you put my name code jordan you get 15 percent off

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