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Jordan's Tweetfest 12/1/13

Jordan's Tweetfest December 1, 2013

@BBJordanLloyd @Thecheekybean I am thinking of ordering one

Is it warm because it gets really chilly here in Boston.

@luvkahlua59 @Thecheekybean you should get it! So warm and cozy.

@BBJordanLloyd @Thecheekybean I am going to call tomorrow to order

Thanks Jordan

@luvkahlua59 @Thecheekybean you will love it! When you get it, tweet a pic!

@BBJordanLloyd These look like YOU! RT @Thecheekybean: for winter: over the knee boots-this pair is my #1 pick!

@nanna47 @Thecheekybean these are adorable! I already got me a pair similar to these from last year

@BBJordanLloyd ~ You did a Fantastic job decorating. Your house looks beautiful. Rooting for the Panthers 2!!

@McCoy17 aww thank you. I really got into decorating. Did the lights outside too..haha. There's still some other Xmas decor I want

@BBJordanLloyd @McCoy17 Jordan, did you say you also decorated the outside of the house!!! Good for you!! You go girl!!! : )

@singingmary @McCoy17 I did!

@BBJordanLloyd @McCoy17 I am truly impressed!!! Can you do my house next? LOL Happy Holidays to you, Jeff & your family Jordan!! : )

@singingmary @McCoy17 thank you! And the same to you

@BBJordanLloyd Did you get that long skirt from @Thecheekybean Fri? Hope you got the cute top shown w/it too! Great look for you @ Holiday.

@positivepeg @Thecheekybean yeah I got the skirt

@BBJordanLloyd did u Jeff c what a great job u did ? will u make it 2 Chicago 4 a few days this xmas

@lucindagay23 going there for Xmas

@bbjordanlloyd your house looks amazing Jordan great job. Go Panthers

@pdson2 thank you

@BBJordanLloyd Is ur tree real ? did u get any good deals ?

@lucindagay23 real. 35 dollars

@BBJordanLloyd nice Big Tree is Jeff Having Christmas with you

@Chloesmall5 yes!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan what's your favorite thing to do during the holiday, decorate, visit w/friends & family or relaxing?

@cheryllo1 all the above!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan, there were 2 long skirts @Thecheekybean advertised. Did you get the long one that touched the floor w/ flowers on it?

@singingmary @Thecheekybean yes!

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