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Jordan's Q & A on Instagram

Do you guys want more kids?

* My answer changes everyday!! Sometimes I want to try for a girl but then there's other days where I want to pull my hair out!! And happy with just 2 boys!!

Not a question - Layton is such a copy of you and Lawson is so Jeff! They are too cute

* We have one of each!!

I miss you and Jeff on YouTube, please come back!!

* I have been thinking about doing it again but making it more of a beauty blog and just talk about having kids/husband/life but keeping Jeff and the boys out of it (meaning not filming them) just me talking

Can you describe your boy's personalities?

* Layton is more laid back, happy, quiet. And Lawson is Jeff's personality!! Lawson is all Jeff! .. haha

No question just saying your delay is all Jeff's fault ahha

* I think your right!! Haha He has bashed the airline his show so much that were always delayed for life.. haha been sitting on the plane for over an hour now!!

We live in AZ but CO always appeals to us..what would you say are pros and cons of CO?

* I honestly don't have any cons about Colorado. Maybe real estate is crazy!! But besides that, I love the people & everything about Colorad. I would cry if we had to move again.

Would u let ur boys be kid models btw beautiful fam

* Probably not!! I wouldn't let them do reality tv either! I know that sounds crazy because I met Jeff on a reality show but people can be so mean

Will you try to find a bigger place to live?

* Yes!! Eventually. I can't wait. If Jeff show continues we will get a house but don't want to rush anything

Do you prefer Santa Monica or Denver?

* Denver!!

Would you ever do another reality show?

* I wouldn't do another reality game show but if Andy from Bravo wants to make a housewife's of Denver, call me! I'm in! Jeff wouldn't like it so much.. haha

Have y'all thought about moving back to the South?

* I will always love the south & consider myself a southern girl, but I have been gone so long now from NC that I'm happpy wherever we end up! I have started a life in Denver and very happy! One day, I would love to have a beach house in NC or SC... we will see

Does Jeff hate flying even more now? Is that even possible? lol

* Bahaha...he's so mad!! Just watch daily blast live when he gets back. I'm sure he will have something to say!

Will you guys ever do the big wedding you were originally planning?

* Probably not! We saved so much money getting married at the courthouse! I would rather have a house instead of a big wedding now

Does Jeff work a lot of hours each week? Btw I think it's great you're a stay at home mom!

* Yes. He's always working and not home much. One thing I love about him is how he makes time for our boys!! Even if it's just a little bit. He's a family man and I love that! that's why I married him!

If a local say sees you at the mall how do you feel when someone says hello?

* No one ever recognizes me! They recognize Jeff!! Ha Anyone that has ever came up to me has been so nice!

Any more segments with you and Jeff for DBL?

* That's not up to me! DBL is Jeffs thing & it's better when it's just him

Would you ever do a BB Allstars?

* No. I have no desire to go back and live in a house with other people and drama. I would rather sit on my couch from home and watch! Plus I'm not an Allstar. I was terrible

Would you ever move back to Chicago?

* No. No desire to live in Chicago. Too cold for me! The people are great though!

How is potty training going with Lawson? Any tips?

* A roller coaster!! Some days I feel like we're never going to get out of pull ups & other days he uses his little toilet all the time!! I wish I had some tips but I really don't because I feel like we're all over the place

So you watch sports? Favorite sport? Favorite team?

* I watch football with Jeff! I'm a panthers and Broncos fan!

Who do you get to babysit for you? A nanny?

* No Nanny's and no sitters! I do it all!! The boys go with me everywhere! And if I can't take them to an appointment then Jeff watches them on a Saturday when he's off! * Family flies in to watch them when we go out of town. That's why we cut loose when have a kid free weekend..haha

Who's your favorite showmance to ever play on big brother USA and big brother Canada?

* I have never seen Big Brother Canada. I love all the showmances! That house is crazy and when you find that special bond with someone that's amazing!! And I'm happy for everyone!

Would you ever do Big Brother again?

* No

Any plans on another baby for you and Jeff?

* As of now No. I think I would be overwhelmed. If it happened then it's meant to be

Would you have a fourth child if you're next one isn't a girl?

* No!! I couldn't handle 4. I get stressed with 2!! I told Jeff, if we had a 3rd, I know it would be a boy!! I already have a name!! Haha

Do you ever watch your seasons of bb over again?

* Never! It would be funny now to watch

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