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Jordan's mini tweetfest 4/25

Had a laser treatment done on my face, and the first thing my mom says is "oh lord" "you look like someone beat you up"..haha thanks mom

@BBJordanLloyd It gets better

Might take a few days

@luvkahlua59 yeah it clear up after a week or 2

@BBJordanLloyd Eyebrows?

@deedee42066 no just my face

@BBJordanLloyd Did they lazer your whole face, or just a spot?

@maxnsam i do my whole face in the winter and in the summer i go randomly for my forehead or cheeks

@BBJordanLloyd Does it feel like a bad sunburn?

@TracyBil it feels like that after the treament for a little bit and then it stops

@BBJordanLloyd @maxnsam Jordan..what do you get it done so often? Is it could for your skin to do it each season?

@singingmary @maxnsam i have a little discoloration on my cheeks and forehead.

Forgot to send this out @BrandieTucker needs to raise money so she can do a breast cancer walk. Follow her to find out more info.

@ckitt212 awe I'm sure you look fab as always!!! RT--“@BBJordanLloyd: "you look like someone beat you up"..haha thanks mom”

@ckitt212 You are to nice...cant wait for @virginiasnc wedding Sunday. All of yall are going to look so pretty

@BBJordanLloyd I'm sooo excited!!! See ya then girl!!

ETA from the morning of 4/26

@BBJordanLloyd hey Jordan I am in Charlotte for a fundraiser.any ideas for shopping.

@lornadancing southpark mall is good. If your hungry eat lunch at this place called Arthurs. Its downstairs in BELK

@lornadancing they got good salads,wraps, soup,hamburgers,sandwiches,etc

@BBJordanLloyd thanks so much. We ended up at noda a little weird but one store had local artists. Thanks again so much.

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