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Jordan's Mini Tweetfest 4/19

So sweet of my dad to take me shopping today! He bought me a couple going away gifts. So excited but feel bad at the same time..ha

They had this booth set up at the mall for dogs who have been rescued but need a home. There was the sweetest Cocker Spaniel there..I really wanted her but I can't have 2 dogs right now. So bummed.

@BBJordanLloyd Hi Jordan! I either checkd you out lastnight at WM, or you have a twin! All I could do was smile, lol.

@skeelo28 haha you did! it was me and my mom.

This is the paper they gave me about the cocker spaniel rescue if anyone's interested.

To everyone who keeps asking, were finally moving

@BBJordanLloyd I have had my cocker for 15 1/2 years & she is so laid back, doesn't bark and my constant BFF. She loves everyone!

@nanna47 I used to have a black and white one and he was so cute.

@BBJordanLloyd What mall were they at? Southpark? Do you know if they are they all the time?

@knouase yes, southpark. I don't know how long they will be there

yes, with Jeff and to LA

@BBJordanLloyd If you go to Chi before move,I left one bottle of wine for You at @nonnasilvias ,If not tell Jeff to pick it up:)Cheers !

@IsBallygood @nonnasilvias aww that is very sweet! thank you very much

Thank you everyone!

@beezay123 that "call me maybe" song would have been are jam in high school. ha..reminds me of when we would drive blasting Brittany and Jessica songs!!!

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