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Jordan's Live Tweets MBC

I love @TamiRoman!! #AskBootCamp #MarriageBootCamp

#MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp and were couple number 4!!

#askbootcamp @BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 Was BC easier or harder than BB?

@Owl_Luvverr @jeffschroeder23 BC was harder emotionally

@BBJordanLloyd @TamiRoman She has some great one liners!

@knouase @TamiRoman she does!

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd What were you feeling walking into the house? Nervous/Excited?? #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp

@disawyer @jeffschroeder23 I was terrified

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd How is the pillow situation now? LOL #AskBootCamp

@luvkahlua59 @jeffschroeder23 has improved

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 I love you guys so much!!! If I ever got a tweet from the both of you I would cry! I LOVE YOU!!!

@AndreaBTRFan1 @jeffschroeder23 thank you!!

#AskBootCamp #MarriageBootCamp what are y'all's first impressions of the couples

Ahhh, @WEtv, just seeing @jeffschroeder23 and @BBJordanLloyd bak on TV, is so good! #MarriageBootCamp

@arencain @WEtv @jeffschroeder23 glad to be back on your TV!! Thank you

@BBJordanLloyd I been supporting u since the start.

But, u can't take 2 seconds out of ur life to show me that u care by following

@joe_andrews_1 thank you

@BBJordanLloyd Tell Jeff to leave u alone about the pillows. Remember him talking about that 2 yrs ago! Lol. Im OCD too. #MarriageBootCamp

@ymabamamay im so OCD with cleaning too..haha

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd What was your first thought when they said you were getting married? #MarriageBootCamp #@WEtv

@suebruce57 @jeffschroeder23 I was just wondering who they brought for Jeff and I to stand up & object us getting married #MarriageBootCamp

@BBJordanLloyd @WEtv @jeffschroeder23 Did you think you were really getting married?

@varneys04 @WEtv @jeffschroeder23 at first I did. #AskBootCamp #MarraigeBootcamp

@BBJordanLloyd Were u excited to see Kendra arrive at the house ? #MarriageBootCamp

@Chillout27 I was

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd In the house there was drama & tears but did you get a chance to have fun ? #MarriageBootCamp #Askbootcamp

@LolaBBfan @jeffschroeder23 towards the end we did #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp

Omg @BBJordanLloyd and @jeffschroeder23 were u scared or shocked when they announced you getting married today

@moniebear0515 @jeffschroeder23 BOTH!

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Would you have gone through w/ the wedding if they surrpised you with your family being there? #AskBootCamp

@luvkahlua59 @jeffschroeder23 no. Not without family

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Was it uncomfortable sitting there listening 2 the other couples let alone gettin up urselves? #askbootcamp

@GloriasAlias @jeffschroeder23 it was a little awkward at first because you didn't know what was going to happen #AskBootCamp

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 was it an easy decision to do this show or were you both scared to do it? #AskBootCamp

@AndreaBTRFan1 @jeffschroeder23 at first we were hesitant

RT ‏@ymabamamay

Can we just get a Jeff and Jordan show already?! Seeing @jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd back on my TV makes me so happy! ❤ #MarriageBootCamp

‏RT@TFactoryMedia May 29

Only spent 14 months out of the last 5 years together? #absencemakestheheartgrowfonder @jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd #MarriageBootCamp

RT@WEtv May 29

"Defeat" the purpose? Or "the beat"? Who knows! LOL @BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 #MarriageBootCamp

RT@MBCElizabeth May 29

Communication is KEY @BBJordanLloyd brings it to the front in the cutest possible way #MarriageBootCamp" target="_blank">

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 are you glad ya'll did it? #AskBootCamp

@AndreaBTRFan1 @jeffschroeder23 Yes! A very positive experience. @JimMBC @MBCElizabeth were so great!

‏RT@jsbreaux0302 May 29

@MBCElizabeth @BBJordanLloyd 5 years later and Jordan still lights up a room. Jeff is far from beige. He's a keeper! Love this couple.

I felt so bad for Kendra when her mom came down the alter #AskBootCamp #MarriageBootCamp

Hank is such a sweetheart #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Were you wanting to leave about

@varneys04 @jeffschroeder23 not leave..RUN!! Haha

RT@jeffschroeder23 May 29

@annawhiteee_ @BBJordanLloyd we don't need fixing, we just need to sharpen the tools that we have #MarraigeBootcamp

I wish @BBJordanLloyd & I were friends. #MarriageBootCamp

@lockedhearts_ that's sweet!

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Will you two be doing an upcoming “Watch It With” episode in the future? #MarraigeBootcamp #AskBootCamp

@knouase @jeffschroeder23 no we weren't asked too

Please tell me pale is the new tan

@nicole_franzel your beautiful!!

RT @jeffschroeder23 May 29

Tks 4 tweeting along w/ us, it was fun! Gonna be a GREAT season! @WEtv @TFactoryMedia #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp" target="_blank">

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