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Jordan's HOH Blog - BB13

Jordan's HOH BLOG

Posted On July 21, 2011

WOW... this has been one week as HOH. I was so nervous last Thursday at the HOH competition because I felt like Jeff and I would get sent home if one member of our alliance didn't win. All the hours of practicing paid off and thanks to Jeff and brandon for letting me win! I was so happy to get a letter from home. I miss my family, friends, and dog Maggie so much. When I read my letter, It made me want to try a lot harder to be here, because I know everyone back at home is cheering me on. I want to make my family proud.

I hope everyone watching is enjoying this season so far. All the house guests are so awesome. For the most part everyone gets along and we have fun together. shelly is the "mom" of the group. She's always cleaning and doing laundry. She has a heart of gold and loves her family so much. whenever I get married, I hope I have the relationship and love that Shelly and her husband have.

Spending the Summer with Jeff has been GREAT! I hope Jeff and I make it far in this game. I'm worried about this next HOH competition because I don't want us to get separated for the Summer. I'm so happy to have Jeff in here because he takes my mind off the game and we can have fun. We have are moments where we bicker but what couple doesn't. I love how Jeff always has my back and wont let anyone mess with me..haha. The whole argument at the veto competition with Jeff and Rachel is squashed. I think she was just upset cause I chose not to take slop and she did. I think sometimes she just really gets into competitions and doesn't mean what she says. Rachel isn't as bad as she seems. she's very sweet and caring. I think she just has such a big personality that some people get a little aggravated with her and her comments. Rachel means well. Brandon is so funny. He's a very calm person and I think him and rachel balance each other out. I think he is also very intelligent and nice.

Cassie is a beautiful person inside and out. She's the girl that gets along with everyone and is very laid back. I enjoy talking to her and shelly because you know their good people.

Lawan and Kaleigha are HILARIOUS together. I love them. Lawan's always happy and dancing and kaleigha is fun to talk to. Her and I can talk for hours about everything and we both like to gossip haha. I told her were like Deon and Cher from clueless.

Dominique's like everyones little brother you pick on. He's such a good kid. You can tell his mom raised him right because he's very polite.

Adam's crazy! who would have thought that someone like him who loves heavy metal is obsessed with 90210. Adams a very nice person and is so happy to be here! Every time he talks about BB he just lights up.

Danny is great to have around because she tells you like it is and I love how she's a little sassy. I enjoy laying out with her at the pool and feel like she's a good alliance member.

Were all sad Dick had to leave. He's a very nice man and very entertaining. Jeff and I would have loved to play this season with Dick because there's never a dull moment with him.

This has been a emotional week for everyone. At the veto ceremony I had to put up Shelly and Cassie and that wasn't really what I wanted to do. I felt like Shelly, Cassie, Jeff and I would have made a great team together. I felt awful when I put them on the block. I almost cried during my speech and then after the ceremony they were crying so I started to because I felt like I disappointed them. Its hard being HOH with this many people in the house because you cant please everyone. I couldn't turn on my alliance because it would be dumb on my part this early in the game. I have to look out for Jeff and I and whats going to further us in this game and I felt like that was the best decision.

Besides all the emotions and drama between the girls this has been a great summer so far and I'm so happy to be here again and hope to make it far with Jeff!

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