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Jordan and Jeff Discuss Their Cameo Appearance on “THE BOLD & BEAUTIFUL”


Jordan: I was nervous I wouldn’t know my lines and people would think I was a yo-yo!!

Jeff: I was excited…and a little nervous. We knew we had a cameo but weren’t sure if we were actually speaking or not. We didn’t get the script until the night before…then Jordan panicked. That’s when we also found out that we’d be rockin’ it in a 80’s flashback sequence….awesome!

Jordan: When we got to CBS Television City (where they shoot “Bold & Beautiful”;), we were immediately escorted up to the stages. Everyone was so nice! First, they gave us a backstage tour and we got to watch Jack Wagner and Ashley Jones as they were filming their scenes for “B&B.” Then they showed us our 80’s flashback stage …that was cool.

Jeff: After that, they walked us over to wardrobe. Jordan got to try on a black dress and a pink dress…the pink ended up being the winner (puffy sleeves and all). My “pirate outfit,” as I kept calling it, was ready to go. Once that was done, we headed over to hair and make-up.

Jordan: Yeah, that was the best. After we met the Emmy award winning hairdresser Carlos Pelz, I heard, “The bigger the better” for my hairdo in the 80’s scene…I was all for it. I wanted Jeff to sport one of those…what are they called? (Jeff: “Mullet.”), but that didn’t work out. Once through hair/make-up/wardrobe, we had some downtime and that when the butterflies started in my stomach.

Jeff: Jordan was hilarious…that blank look kept coming over her face which meant she was deep in thought rehearsing ONE LINE (starts laughing)!

Jordan: Shut up, Jeff! I was particularly nervous because I’ve never acted a day in my life. Jennifer (Gareis) was getting her 80’s wig on and asked me what role I was playing. I told her “I’m Donna’s best friend!” Then she said, “Oh, I’m Donna…we should practice!” She told me to act surprised, happy, excited…but how you’d be in high school. She was really nice. Then Aaron (D. Spears) came around…he was taking a poll of all the women in the room. He wanted to know if I liked a man with a) no chest hair b) a little chest hair or c) a lot of chest hair. I chose B, btw.

Jeff: Do I have too much? I have some, but it’s not like a forest or anything…is it??? Jordo, do I have too much chest hair??? (at this point Jeff is genuinely concerned that he has too much chest hair).

Jordan: Jeff…you’re FINE. (they engage in a playful stare down until they realize someone else is still sitting here trying to dictate their experience).

Jordan: Anyway, we were then escorted up to a holding area before we were told it was time for the big moment. I’m now crazy-nervous. Some people from “The Bold & Beautiful” came in and then the actor, John McCook, showed up to help me run my line! He was so great…that was definitely a highlight for me!

Jeff: Meantime, I’m still laughing at how nervous she is. When they finally called us to stage, Jordan was a basket case because she wasn’t used to having all those cameras where she could actually see the people behind them! After having said her line at least 100 times in her head, she got it perfect the first time!

Jordan: Yeah, Jeff. How’d your line go? (grin of satisfaction comes over her face.)

Jeff: Why you gotta be like that? Actually, I deserve it. Having spent the whole day trying to calm her down (I’ve done some bit acting and modeling before), when the time came, I flubbed my line (said the wrong last name of Donna) and then completely choked. I was so embarrassed. We got it done in three takes, I think. Ugh.

Jordan: Yeah, well, maybe we’ll see it on one of those blooper shows.

Jeff: It’ll probably be on this website!

Jordan: Yeah, you’re right.

Jeff: Whatever, it’s all good!

Jordan: Oh, so, we also got to take a tour of the “Price Is Right” stage and get our picture taken at the Showcase Showdown stands!!! That was great. Then we did a spoof on “Big Brother: After Dark” with Jennifer and Aaron. I could tell they didn’t really watch the show but they were so good about playing along. (looks to Jeff)…do you think they had fun or do you think they were annoyed?

Jeff: They were definitely great sports about it. The whole experience was great. A huge thanks to everyone at CBS and “The Bold & Beautiful” for such a great day!

Jordan: Yeah, thanks everyone…y’all are Gucci!!! We really appreciate the fans most of all!

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