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JeJo via Baub Show phone call recaps

RECAPS of phone calls from JeJo received by JeJo site members

From Pam:

Well, I just got my phone call and I have to say that Jeff and Jordan were as nice on the phone as they are on TV. Jordan told me about Jeff's surprise visit. She went over the same thing she tweeted. She couldn't believe he was really there. They are at Jordan's house and Jeff said they probably would spend tonight at home. Jordan's said she always like to watch Dick Clark's New Years show. I ask if they are going to get a PO Box and the answer was maybe when they make the move. I ask Jordan if she got a new cell phone and she then said no and had to tell me the story behind it. Jeff was going to get one for her and they went shopping and she wanted Victoria Secret pj's, after getting her pj's they went to the phone place and she was looking at the new phone's and said she just didn't want one of those. She didn't want to have to deal with that, since she likes her phone. She also said her aunt got her a navagation system for when she moves, so that will help her alot in CA.. I talked to Jeff about his "Bears" a little bit. Told him I was sorry they didn't get in the play offs this year, but my Texans made it. We talked football a little bit. I also asked them if they had watched ET yet and they haven't. Jeff ask me about the Astrodome and if I had been. I told him I have and it's sitting empty now, no one uses it for anything anymore. I asked if it was cold there and they said it was about 60 degree's and they had eaten Mexican food on the patio outside. Asked if Maggie was making the move with Jordan and Jordan said she was. She has already told Jeff to get prepared. I also told them how we all miss watching them on TV. I can have a bad day at work, come home and get on the web site and watch them two and start laughing and it just makes my day so much better. I wished them all the best for the coming year and the years to come.Told them if they ever come to Houston they were welcome to stay at my house. I could have talked to them alot longer, but was so thankful for the few minutes. They truely are two of the nicest people and are so down to earth. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and be safe.

From Lorna:

I must start with the comic events that led up to my phone call from Jordan and Jeff and of course Bob. When I found out the call was going to come in either Friday or Saturday I was sitting in a car next to my husband. He knew nothing about the call and I was hoping it would remain this way. No such luck. When I realized that the call was coming in on Saturday I needed to tell him and I was hoping we would be somewhere where I could talk without his busting my chops. I also had to fess up to the fact that I had met Jeff three times including Las Vegas which he still busts me about. All the way from Cape Cod to Boston I held my breath and hoped that we would arrive before the call came through-could not imagine talking to them with him next to me. Luckily the call came when we were sitting at lunch-I took off in a flash and Bob's first question was if my husband was around. I told them I was running away from him as we spoke. The call began with me tellinng them how I had written up a cheat sheet of what I wanted to say and how it was back in NJ. I think I first asked Jordan how her mother felt about her going to Cambodia and she said that she was proud of her and that she wasn't worried because she wouldn't be alone. I then said something about my being a helicopter mother. I think it was then that we got into the Jersey accent. I told Jordan that I was practicing mine but that hers was better. Here is where Jeff told her to do hers and she did her Salon routine-again very funny and I was then asked to do mine and I said How U doin! Jeff then said to ask them a personal question and I hesitated saying that I didn't feel comfortable and he said go for it so I asked if they were excited about the move to LA. Jeff said yes but nervous too. We talked some about shows we liked and he mentioned if I watched Dexter and I said no too much blood and he said that it was the tension about whether Dexter would get caught was what made it good. I asked if he watched NCIS and he said his dad did. We chatted some more. I then asked if Bob was still there and he said yes and I said how I was jealous of the dancing to Boy Band songs. Bob then talked about how there was longer footage of them dancing and how they should get it. Here is where the challenge came. I told them if they all ever got to NYC that I would challenge them to a Boy Band dance-off. Bob then brought up Lance Bass and Jeff said that he would get Lance to help him correograph it. I said I don't know they call me the dancing queen and Jeff said Come on Lance Bass-meaning how he had the win. Have to agree with him. Bob said how he was going to be on the east coast and maybe in the spring. All in all it was such a fun call. The people in the lobby of the hotel must have thought I was nuts because I kept running from place to place trying to find a good signal. When I got back to my husband he did bust my chops and asked what I had to talk about for about 25 minutes. WHAT FUN IT WAS!!!!!

From Diane:

Hello All ! What a great way to end 2011 then to get to talk to Jeff & Jordan. Okay here we go:

The phone calls were made through Bob & once we said our hellos Jeff said that he was going to start off the phone call by asking the first question. I knew what it was going to be & I was right. He wanted to know what it was like living with the name Diane Sawyer. I explained how it wasn’t as bad now b/c I wasn’t working but working in Banking for 25 years that I had heard it all, LOL. Jeff then said he wanted his name to be Burt Reynolds. I, of course, was like why would you want your name to be Burt Reynolds & he said so he could have amustache & have it look good & like it was supposed to be there, LOL. I told him he was fine the way he was & that there were probably lots of guys out there that wished they were named Jeff Schroeder. Jordan told me that I should go on the show “Same Name” & asked if I knew the show & I told her yes but that I didn’t think I’d be good for the show as my life was boring, LOL.

Jeff then asked me what I was doing today & I told him I was having a lazy day att home in sweats & baggy tee shirt just enjoying doing nothing & he said that was his & Jordan’s favorite kind of day. Jordan then realized I lived in Charleston so we talked about Folly Beach & Isle of Palms & liking them. Jeff wanted to know if I had any good ghosts stories & I told him no. He asked if I had done any of the tours downtown & I told him “Jeff I don’t like to be scared & I’m sure as heck not gonna pay someone to scare me, LOL”. He laughed & said he loved that type of stuff & I told him I was a big chicken. I mentioned that I had been to downtown just before Christmas with my son & he pointed out a parking garage to me that was built on ancient burial grounds & Jeff wanted to know if I took off running down the street, LOL. Told him no but trust me I’ll never be parking in that parking garage, LOL.

Jeff then wanted to know what I was doing for New Year’s Eve & I told him that I was making tacos for dinner & a pitcher of margaritas then watching tv or being on the computer. He was like that’s Jordan’s type of night. Jordan & I agreed it was a good night. We talked about what I had done the year before which was stay home w/my son & a couple of his friends. Jeff was very impressed that I kept up w/the younger crowd w/the tequila shots. His response “Yes” LOL. He also loved it when I toldhim they were all hung over & sick the next day &I was fine just alittle tired. He told me he thought I could keep up w/Bob who could out drink Jeff. Told him I didn’t believe that & they then proceeded to tell me about their day of fishing & how many beers Bob drank to which Jeff is still surprised over. Bob contributes it to the Dramamine that he took, LOL. Jordan then filled me in on later in the evening & how she had to go out to the ABC store & buy more tequila b/c they had gone through a whole bottle. Jeff told me if I got to CA I was to getin touch w/ Bob & Bob would get in touch w/them & we’d drink together to see if I could keep up w/Bob, LOL. Trust me there is no way I could drink what Bob drank that day! Jordan being her cute self then proceeded to tell me how the next day it was coming out of both holes b/c she drank so much to which of course myself, Bob & Jeff just started laughing & I thanked her for mental picture. Jeff was like “Oh Jordan” & Bob told her that was why we all loved her b/c she never held back on what she said. Somehow this brought up the Reality Nation contest & I asked Jordan if she saw the tweet to he rwhere someone said the polls were closed & that she had won. She seemed surprised & Jeff was like “really?” & I told them that I had voted that morning & they were still open but I saw the tweet just before they called. Jordan said well if she won it was only because of us being so nice & loyal because she felt there were some very pretty girls in the contest. Bob & I both tried to tell her that she was beautiful inside & out & then Jeff being Jeff told me that if I could see Jordan at that moment I might take my vote back, LOL. We all laughed & then Jordan said “Jeff, Stop!” She then said to me “He’s so mean to me”, LOL. It was a cute interaction between them. Ithen told Jeff he had no competition on his & was going to win that handsdown & Jordan agreed that he had no competition. Jeff seemed to get embarrassed over that, LOL.

Bob then asked me if I wanted to ask them anything beings they had spent time asking me questions. I said that I knew Jeff loved to travel & was sure he was looking forward to Cambodia so I wanted to hear how excited Jordan was. She got very animated & excited over this topic. She’s so looking forward to it b/c she said it’s not like just going to the beach on vacation that she’ll be going away but that she’ll also be contributing & helping others & she’s excited about that aspect of it. She mentioned how that was her favorite episode of Jeff’s ATWFF trip. She told me about her Mom saying she’ll probably bring home 5 kids with her. She said but Diane I’m going to be there for 2 weeks so how can I not get attached? I told her that I Iunderstood & that I would be the exact same way. I said just like Jeff’s recent Africa trip & the two episodes he was in. I told them that when itcame to Jeff sitting at the table w/the children playing that I couldn’t help but cry just thinking of all those poor children had been through. He got excited talking about Africa & said “You know Diane those people really have nothing just like other places I have been too but they are all happy & have smiles on their faces & just appreciate life & everything they have.” He mentioned how different it was from here where we have so much but are still not happy.

I asked if they thought they would get to see Supan & Jeff told me that they are flying in to Bangkok before flying to Cambodia & that they will be in Bangkok for 2 days & he has every intention of meeting up w/Supan. He’s very excited about introducing him to Jordan. I admitted that other then Jeff’s family that Supan was my favorite host on his trip & Jeff gave his typical “Yeah he’s a little cutie” response, LOL. He said Supan was a great guy & that he supported him & Jordan. He said you know he watches everything & I said yes I do b/c he tweets with us. I told him that we would all want to see lots of pictures & he promised that he would have lots of pictures & that he would be taking his video camera with him. He asked if I saw his Africa pics & I said “of course” to which he laughed. I said speaking of pictures you know with you being in NC for NYE that everyone is going to want a picture & he said acknowledged yes (and did tweet one last night).

I said well before we hang up you know that I got this call because a friend put my name in & they said yes & how nice that was. I said well Jeff you kind of knowthis person which surprised him. So I asked if he remembered being stuck in Laos & a woman named Marcie helping him out & he was like yes & shewas from Charlotte. He right away started teasing & said what Marcie didn’t want to talk to me. I teased back & said no that Jordan made her nervous to which we all laughed over. Jeff made a joking comment to Jordan which started their banter again & her telling him that he was so mean to her. Totally cute. Jeff then said seriously though please thank Marcie not only for help during ATWFF put for all the support as well & you as well Diane & then said well if you could thank everyone from the site from the three of us (Jeff, Jordan & Bob) for all the support you have given us over the past 2 years as it means so much to us all.

We ended with wishing each other a Happy New Year & I wished them safe travels to Cambodia & good luck with their move to CA.

I have to say that as many of you know I was nervous about the call but right away they put me at ease & made me feel like I was talking to friends.

From Sherry Travers:

Ok Everyone!! Here is my recap from my phone call with Jeff and Jordan!!

First off, as you all know, Jeff and Jordan are such beautiful people. They are so appreciative of this site and all of their fans. This phone call made me love them even more!!

Ok, now to the nitty gritty!! lol

I missed the first time they called so they left a voicemail for saying that they would call me back in a few minutes. Jeff joked and said "Hey, I'm not trying to sell you anything - you probrably don't recognize the number. Sorry this was your chance you blew it.." Bob cuts in as they are all laughing and says they will call back. I was FREAKING OUT that I missed them!!! I was at work.

A few minutes later they call back and I go running from my office so I could find a quiet place to take the call. I froze. Said hello - then just kept saying OMG, I can't believe this. Jeff said hey what's up you didn't answer my call earlier! I told him I was at work and I couldn't answer the phone. He said step away from the computer for a minute and let's dance! I said it is crazy for me because I just got promoted to Store Manger so I was stressing out a little. They congratuIated me on my promotion and told me to just relax... I said I am freaking out but this call is making my year!! Jeff said hey the year is almost over so stop tooting their horn lol

LOL - So All 3 of them put me at ease. We said our hello's and what's ups lol I think I asked them 3 times how they were!! LOL I asked what they were doing for NYE and they said staying in. Jeff said they got pretty cronked the night before aand that they were hanging out with Peyton the kid lol so they were going to stay in. They asked what my plans were and I told them I was going to a house party to celebrate my promotion. Jeff said Blow it up!! lol

Bob thanked me for the support - let's just say I was hellbent on winning this call LOL

Bob then told Jeff and Jordan I was from Canada - Jeff then joked and asked me when NYE was in Canada - He caught me off guard - my response was "Are you kidding" LOL After that I was ok - Jeff is freaking HILARIOUS!! He says I was kidding and I said "Oh Jeff!!" LOL

Jordan then talked about Rachel's sister is moving to Canada.

First question I asked was about Cambodia. Jordan jumped right in and expressed how excited she is to go and she can't wait. They leave for Cambodia on Feb 2nd and they are there for 2 weeks I think that's what they said. It is just the 2 of them going down to work with PCL. Fred Garmon has set it up for them. Fred is the gentleman that Jeff worked with from ATWFF. I asked if they were going with the group tour that is going around that time and Jeff's response was No, they wanted it to be about the people in Cambodia and didn't want it to be about them. He just didn't want to be with a group of people and have the attention taken away from the reason they were going there. I totally understood. I also asked that he let us know how we can get involved and he said for sure he will.

Jordan was telling me how the Cambodia episode from ATWFF was her favorite and she can't wait to go. Jeff piped in and says "She gets a free trip to Italy but Cambodia was her favorite" We all laughed!!

We then talked about Alex and Missions in Action. Just about all the great things they are doing. He LOVES Alex and is so greatful for the opprotunities that Alex has given him. He is also very greatful for the support we have all given him. I told Jeff that I was proud of him for doing the work he is doing and appreciate the fact that he let's us get involved and that he truly has a huge heart. I told him to keep up the great work!!

I asked them if they were excited for the move and Jordan is super nervous. Bob assured her it will be ok and Jeff also expressed that its a big change. I told Jordan not to worry and that its ok to get homesick. I told her it will be a new adventure like a new chapter in her life and once she gets settled she will be just fine

I asked Jordan how excited was she when Jeff showed up?

She told me the entire story - does anyone remember her telling a story on the BB13 feeds and Jeff pipes in and says " I fell and cut my lip. End of story..LOL - She was so cute telling me about having run around all day helping her mom get shoes and a dress for NYE. The people in Dillards (sp) know her for sure now bc they went tere so many times!! Then she was telling me about how Peyton usually can't keep a secret - But he actually kept it from everyone - even her mom and Miss Megan. So Peyton messages her and tells her he's out with some friends. Jeff had texted her saying he was going to the gym...Then Peyton and Jeff show up at the house and at first she didn't realize it was Jeff because he was wearing a hat until he said "What's going on?" She was so excited telling the story!! She is adorable!!

We then got talking about cellphones - I asked Jordan if she got her IPhone yet. She said no and I said JORDAN!! You really need to get one. They are super easy to use. This is the funny part. She's not really concerned about how easy it is to use. She was worried about paying an extra 20$ a month!!!! I said JORDAN!! YOU WON BIG BROTHER!! LOL

Then Jeff says I know!! I was going to buy it for her!! We get to the store and she doesn't want it!! He then talks about not being able to send her pictures. He then JOKES..This could be a realtionship breaker!! He was KIDDIING of course!! I just stressed how great the phone is and that she needs to get it before she goes to cambodia so she can take pictures!! She just couldn't be convinced lol.

FYI - She doesn't tweet that much from her phone. She only checks Twitter on her computer when she is home. That's why she doesn't tweet much or respond right away to tweets

Asked if she still talks to Rachel - She says they text eachother off and on. She then told me about how they know some of the same people and that its crazy how that works out..

At this point I was totally just chatting with Jordan and Jeff wasn't doing much talking LOL

I then asked them if we would see them on TV in 2012 and I don't know if it was just me but Jordan went quiet and then Jeff stuttered a little and then said that he was looking for a job..I told him I would hire him at Safeway and he said alright let's do it up!! He said he would put everything on sale!!! I laughed..He totally avoided my question...

Bob then cut in and asked if I had any other questions as we were running over on time and I said no and then I was like WAIT!!

I am planning a trip to Chicago to go to Nonna's and I had to ask Jeff what is a must do in Chicago while I am there. He was super excited that I was going to Nonna's and said if I go on a Friday that he will probrably be there.. But they will have moved prob by the time I go...

He then gave me some ideas as Jordan was telling him where I should was cute.

We wished eachother a Happy New Year and I wished them continued success in 2012!

Again they treated me like an old friend. Once we got talking it felt pretty natural. If anyone hears about a meet and greet in the future please let me know as I would LOVE to meet both of them!!

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