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JeJo Mini Tweetfest 1/12

Has anyone ever watched this show on animal planet .. "Called of the wild man."

YEA....this is my new favorite show. This guy is crazy! when Jeff was in town we watched it one night...and now im hooked

I guess its call of the wild b/c everyones correcting me


@BBJordanLloyd I thought you were going to bed... LIAR!! haha

You caught me...haha..i cant go to bed until this shows over. Are you watching it now?

@BBJordanLloyd and I can't go to bed until I hear something from tv greatest reality couple!! C'mon I have to teach little kids tomorrow

@Francesco7 hey! Thank you.


@BBJordanLloyd Don't you have a whole season of Friday Night Lights to watch? I can't be w/ someone who doesn't like FNL! Deal breaker! lol

oh be quiet..ha. Im gonna wait on you to watch the rest of the season..

Goodnight everyone!

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