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JEJO Fancast Chat 3/22

Fancast Moderator: Hello everyone and welcome to Fancast's 'AmazingRace' live chat! Jeff &Jordan will be joining us shortly so get your questions ready!

Jeff & Jordan: Hi

Jess_BBLove: ] Hi Jeff, Hi Jordan! What was your least fhello Monday Maavourite part on being on The Amazing Race?

Jeff & Jordan: Jordan - I didn't like crawling on the ground in France... I wanted to shoot Jeff.

Vicky: ] Is SURVIVOR in the works for either or both of you?

Jeff & Jordan: Definetly not Jordan... She couldn't do. It's not in the future for either of us.

Aamnda09: ] What is your fav memory on the race?

Jeff & Jordan: favorite memory was when we came in first in the first let. That was obviously my favorite

Laurie: ] What's next for you two ?

Jeff & Jordan: right now we need to get our feet back on the groundand get back to our daily lives. Jordan is going back to school and I'm(Jeff) going back to work

Tracy: ] Any chance of a Jeff and Jordan show many fans would love it!

Jeff & Jordan: Jeff and Jordan show - Maybe. We would do it but it is not up to us!

misscoco: ] you two are the best

Jeff & Jordan: Thanks!

Guest: ] do you even live in the same cities?

Jeff & Jordan: No - I'm (Jeff) in Chicago and Jordan in North Carolina, but we see each other a lot.

Ken: ] which team would like to see win?

Jeff & Jordan: All the teams are awsome... We bonded with the cowboys from the begining sowe are rooting for them, but everyone has agreat shot at winning.

B Burns: ] Will you guys keep in touch with us on Twitter ?

Jeff & Jordan: Yah, absolutely. We can't talk a lot while the show is airing but after the show, we'll do more.

Jaime: ] What impressed you the most about each other on the race?

Jeff & Jordan: Jeff - I was so proud of Jordan when she crossedthe cable. When she stepped up and did that, that was soooo great!

Moody: ] There has been a rumor that Jeff might be involved with a travel show, is that something Jeff can address?

(this was askewd a few times, and always ignored)

[Comment From brent brent: ] just wanted to say jordan your gorgeous

Jeff & Jordan: Brent - (Jeff) you should see her now!

Sarah: ] thank goodness you both know how to swim well

Jeff & Jordan: Thank goodness for the life jackets. The water was freezing. We would have drowned without them!

Guest: ] Your taxi driver in Germany was the worst! How long were you in that taxi?

Jeff & Jordan: 30 to 40 min each way...

Jess_BBLove: ] Are you allowed to talk about Elimination Station? If you are, what was the best part about being there?

Jeff & Jordan: Watch the clips. It was great!

Marilyn: ] Are we looking at mariage?

Jeff & Jordan: WOW! ummmmmmm... Baby steps. Were taking it one thing at a time. You never know, though.

Tracy: ] They brought Class and respect back to reality tv.

Jeff & Jordan: We did?

plaid_lover: ] Jordan you're my favorite reality person ever. Love you!

Jeff & Jordan: What about Jeff?

Marilyn: ] Would love to see a CBS wedding with you two,lol.

Jeff & Jordan: If Jordan and I get married we would love it it CBS would spring for it! Haha!

scott: ] What's Phil like?

Jeff & Jordan: Scott - Phil is awsome! He is really cool and funny. I like him.

Peggy: ] How did TAR impact your relationship as a couple?

Jeff & Jordan: It impacted us for the best. We came out stronger as a couple than we went in.

Rhi: ] Phil or Julie?

Jeff & Jordan: Rhi- OHHHHH... I can't answer that. They are both really awsome. Julie has a sweeter side since she is a woman. (Jeff)Phil never told me how handsome I was!

Guest: ] Are you in the same town right now..if not, will you be soon?

Jeff & Jordan: We are both in LA right now

jw: ] i think Jordan is the sexiest reality show contestant ever!

Jeff & Jordan: Wow!

Dayna: ] Im 13! Huge fan of Jeff and Jordan! Give me a shout out plsssssss

Jeff & Jordan: Shout out to Dayna!

dee: ] Jordan are you going to move in with Jeff soon?

Jeff & Jordan: I have to finish school before I move in with Jeff.My Grandpa wouldn't stand for me moving in with him before I was married.

Jo: ] Did you guys watch the show together last night?

Jeff & Jordan: Yes! With candles and a bottle of wine!

Diane: ] Any live TV shows like Bonnie Hunt soon?

Jeff & Jordan: We'll be on Bonnie tomorrow

Jess_BBLove: ] How was dealing with the language barrier?

Jeff & Jordan: Jordan's or the other people? The language barrier was hard.

Monica242: ] Are you excited to take the trip to Vancouver?

Jeff & Jordan: Yes

Do either of you keep in touch with your former Big Brother houseguests?

Jeff & Jordan: Not really, but we keep in touch with a couple.

Chi Chi: ] Jeff your fans were proud of you not dropping any F bombs on TAR

Jeff & Jordan: Chi Chi - Jordan - Ha! Jeff - they edit those out. I swore right?

Glory: ] what were your favorite tasks and challenge?

Jeff & Jordan: Jordan - I like the bunjee jump and the wire... Jeff - I like the WWI thing. That was so cool

Dave: ] hey Jordan .. how about dancing with the stars next :-)

Jeff & Jordan: OMG...I would so do dancing with the star but I'm not a star. Jeff- maybe dancing with dorks. Jordan - I like the outfitsand the make up and hair and all that

Wes: ] Any tips for people thinking about doing TAR?

Jeff & Jordan: Make sure you communicate with your parnter. PAY ATTENTION TO THE CLUES

Jeff & Jordan: Think positive too

Franny: ] How have your families handled all of your fame?

Jeff & Jordan: Our families love watching us on TV but it hasn'tchanged anything. They don't look at us like we're famous because weare not.

Julie from Tennessee: ] Jeff -- which was better? Jury House in BB11 or Elimination Station?

Jeff & Jordan: Elinination station

Dayna: ] Who was your favorite ALLI on TAR?

Jeff & Jordan: We really bonded with the cowboys... They are great guys

Fancast Moderator: Okay Jeff and Jordan have to get going now. We wantto thank them so much for answering all of your questions!

Jeff & Jordan: Thanks for your questions and all the love

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