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JEJO Do America Chat Recap

JeJo introduced themselves, they messed up a bit

Q: How do you like living in cali?

A: They love it, finally got settled,they live in santa monica in a one bedroom starter apt, Jordan hates the traffic and noise but is slowly getting used to it, Jeff's road rage was brought up and he said they have the worst drivers in cali.

Q: After driving cross country, do you prefer driving or airplanes?

A: They liked the road trip, exploring different places, he enjoyed the grand canyon

Q: How are you adjusting to living together outside the show?

A: Living together just fits, it's normal, only thing they argue about is jordan's ocd about cleaning and Jeff is clean but not insane about it.

Q: Anything on the trip you couldn't do?

A: Nothing they couldn't do it really, issues with the snakes and jordan with the bull riding

Q: Are you glad you filmed the trip?

A: Very glad they filmed the trip, thankful to CBS

Q: Are there any other place would you pick to live?

A: Jeff - "we picked it," but for fun, outside the country, maybe europe, Jordan -- charleston NC - Jeff joked "it's along way from home".

Q: Was jordan a good nurse after surgery?

A: Yes, but he was up and around pretty quickly, said we're gonna have to watch the show, it happened when riding the bulls, no details, Jeff - "mess with the bulls got the horns had to have surgery".

Q: Where have you visited in La that you really loved?

A: Hermosa but not much time to sight see, but they planned to when fam and friends come to town. Being close to the beach is awesome though.

Q: Still friends with brenchal?

A: yes, 2-3 weeks ago Jordan had lunch with rachel

Q: Who is the better driver? (Powder Keg Question)

A: Both said themselves and they got into a This is the start of Jeff getting pretty worked up for the rest of the chat.

Q: So many reality couples don't make it, how do you handle the public attention?

A: public attention not a major issue, being a couple that met on tv is a cool story but their relationship is normal, they fight about who's a better who's better asking questions..Jordan says jeff

Q: How did you family take the news about moving to cali?

A: Jordan's mom was upset, grandpa didn't want her to go, said it was too far. Jeff said the Jordan goodbye episode is sad. Mom teared up again after she left this last visit. Jordan misses her mom a lot

Q: What is the best experience you had during the trip?

A: Jordan - Grand canyon - looks prettier than in pictures

Jeff - The whole experiences, meeting people, seeing places he hadn't seen, doing it with jordan.

Q: Are you going to watch bb this season?

A: Yes, jordan is excited what the twist is. They got a tivo so they'll record it

Q: When will jeff pop the question and finally marry you?

A: Jeff - "we get this all the time, it's coming, we just moved in together! Take it easy. we just got our furniture, let's just live our lives" jeff wants to tattoo his answer on his

Q: Are you surprised about all the fans you still have and how devoted and protective of you they are?

A: the fans are great, weird to say you have fans and have them defend you or bash you. They appreciate the support and don't listen to the haters. Love the positive vibes.

Q: Would you consider TAR All Stars or Survivor?

A: Jordan doesn't think she could do survivor. Jeff doesn't think they would qualify for TAR AS. Jeff fears if he was on survivor they'd be like lets get the BB/TAR guy out of here.

Q: While being together, what are each other's pet peeves?

A: Jordan - can't stand his driving and his road rage.

Jeff- "Jordan is really particular", very ocd, she'll move things back to it's original place. Then they fought about moving stuff in the kitchen. Jeff complained about how she keeps moving his utensils.

Q: Did you fight over the road trip music?

A: Because of filming didn't listen to much, but no fighting, whomever drove got to listen to their stuff, Jordan says they have very different tastes and jeff chimed in to say he is warming up to country.

Q: Have you gotten lost wandering in La?

A: Jordan has GPS and she doesn't think so. This blew Jeff's mind and started a new fight about how jordan gets lost a

Jeff gets snipey

Jordan keeps laughing at him getting worked up

Q: What tips would you give new Hg?

A: Jordan -Don't be too strong, don't make yourself a target.

Jeff was self depreciating, just don't talk and just sit in the corner. Jeff says just be yourself, he hates when you go on there pretending to have a different job.

Q: What made you want to move to Cali?

A: They were tied of Long distance. Jeff had some opportunities in Calif so if they were gonna move, why not try Cali for a year or two. Cali was a neutral area so they didn't fight about who gave up the most.

Q: What is the stupidest arguments about?

A: Jeff joked they just had a couple right now, he said everyday stuff , they never get into anything big, just bicker, don't talk and it's over in 10 minutes, it's all silly things.

Q: Do you always get recognized when you go out, do you go out in disguise?

A: (They both laugh almost in disgust) Jeff- No way, i hide because i was on realty

They get more noticed in smaller towns. Jeff feels that people come up to them more easily because they were on reality tv and appear more approachable.

Q: What's your fave show, BB, TAR or this show?

A: Jordan - Love all 3, this one was exciting , BB is fun but stressful

Jeff - looking back BB is great, just not in the moment. Liked TAR more cause of travel and less cattiness. Doing them all with jordan was the best part. Jordan says she wished that was her answer.

Q: If you could pick one thing you love about Cali?

A: Jordan -the Weather

Jeff - You can do so much in cali, love the ocean, fishing, beach

then Jeff hints about the marriage convo being featured on the show

They closed up the show and thanked everyone for the chat and said goodbye.

(Sorry for any paraphrasing) I'm uploading the show soon, it might take a while.

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