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‘Big Brother’ Couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Discuss Living Together, Dieting and Watching ‘The Bachelor’

By Michelle Danzig and Rachael Moore

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd instantly had chemistry when they met on the set of Big Brother in 2009. Building a strong friendship first, they formed an alliance on the show and became huge targets in the eyes of their competitors. “Being friends was our only option. We knew there were some romantic feelings, but we didn’t express them because we wanted to win,” said Schroeder.

But being just friends didn’t last long. After Lloyd defeated the rest of her houseguests, walking away with the cash prize, and Schroeder was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest, their relationship developed into something more intimate. This gradual shift from friends to lovers helped them with their communication skills. As she explained, “We are so open with each other and never hold anything back.”

Two months later, CBS asked the pair to take part in The Amazing Race. Their diverse personalities were tested on the show and their relationship certainly felt the pressure. “We wanted to strangle each other,” Lloyd shared. “We still needed to get to know each other better since we were newly dating.”

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