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JeJo Chat on SP

JeJo Chat on Superpass Oct 6/2011

Chat Recap:

** SORRY but this recap starts at 6:20pm, I didn't get the first 20 minutes, I was out **

JeJo talk about how Jordan got the David Hasselhoff answer for the luxury competition...Jeff couldn’t believe it, he explains Jordan’s process in how she got it. Jeff says a couple of people got it way after Jordan got it, they don’t understand really how they got it LOL

Jeff says everything is smoothed over with Shelly, they are friends, they’ve moved on from what happened in the house, they talk, text, whatever...

Question from Tina about Cassi & Rachel, what was that whole thing about? Jordan explains...OMG how boring LOL (sorry, not Jordan but this whole subject...who cares!!)

Another game question...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What’s Jeff’s favorite chapstick? Jeff loves chapstick, all kinds, he has 10 going on at the same time, he puts on some glittery/shimmery chapstick that Chelsia calls him out on LOL

Michelle from the Bronx...asks if they’re going to do any modeling and what store it will be at? They tell the story of how she stole the Jeff picture at K-Mart, she gets a free t-shirt and then the question is never answered because it becomes about the caller not JeJo

Jeff talks about Brown Spots, it was stuffed animal that Marley sent, it had a label that couldn’t be shown on BB so they sent it back... and he says if someone had taken that dog, there would've been hell to pay so maybe it was best it was sent back

They missed singing the most in the BB house.

Graham asks about them moving together?...Jeff says they’re working on it...NC is #3 of the top 3 LOL ...Jeff says they’re working on it (again) after saying "they're waiting on"

(so they're waiting on something...)...Chelsia asks if can Jordan get used to Chicago winters? Jordan isn’t sure & doesn’t even have clothes for that...

Have they ever had a full on screaming match?...Jordan says no, BB brings it out in her, her & Jana got in a couple of fights when they were younger.

What do JeJo like to do when not on vacay?...Jordan says sit in their sweatpants, stuff their faces, watch movies and lay there and complain about how fat they are...Jeff says yeah! that's right, it's the best...they wanted DQ one night, it' s seasonal in Chicago so they went to the grocery store, bought a ton of junk food, ice cream, it looked like they were high and had the munchies

Question about how Jeff prepared the fish while on slop...Jeff blackened the fish, he seared the fish in oil & fried it...Chelsia wants Jeff to cook for them instead of going out for dinner maybe...Jeff doesn’t mind...maybe not tonight.

Denise is 12 and loves Jordan & BB, she made a humilitard to look like Jordan & will wear it for Halloween, Jordan is wearing hers too

Denise explains how she made hers. Denise asks how Jordan felt after the Shelly fight? Was she disappointed?...Jordan says she was so upset at that moment, she found out Shelly had flipped and Jeff had just left the house, she said some things then a couple of days after she felt bad because of her behaviour, how she would look to the outside world, she did feel just a little stupid. Jeff is so excited that someone is going to be Jordan for Halloween.

Jordan does her NJ accent...Jeff says it’s really good...Jeff does her human trumpet...Jeff gets a kick out of it...YAY

I sent Jeff a link on Twitter about Louise from BBUK that does the same thing and Jeff says he saw it...they laugh about how Jordan does it.

Jess from MA...she tweeted Jeff about taking the day off to see the chat...pic for her! If they could pick a celeb dead or alive to play BB with them who would they pick? Jordan says Ellen & Kellie Pickler or Carrie Underwood & Jessica Simpson. Jeff doesn't answer.

Jeff, would he ever play BB without Jordan? Jeff says he’s never been in the hosue without her, she keeps him sane, she keeps him "here" (not sure where Jeff was pointing? the ground, his head? LOL I wasn't watching the screen)...he doesn’t know if he could do it. Jordan says she would never do it without Jeff.

They feel like they haven’t changed now after being on TV...Jeff says people approaching them is not bothersome, it’s cool, it’s part of them being on TV, nothing has changed for them.

What does Jeff think about Jordan lasting longer than him?...Jeff praises Jordan, she plays a great social game, she does well, people underestimate her, she's a better player than he is obviously.

Who of the newbies would Jeff like to see in an AllStars or to play with?...Jeff says he would’ve liked to play with Cassi, Dom would be a good pick too.

If there was a movie about them who would they get to play them?...Jeff says Leo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp...Jordan says Jennifer Aniston.

Chelsia has gifts for them...Mindy sent bedazzled flip flops for Jordan...Brad sent them a really cool scrapbook with pics and a letter...Jeff says “you dog”, they say they’ll look later, they could look at it all day.

Jeff & Jordan think celebrities following them on Twitter is cool...Jeff says let’s get this straight, they’re not celebs, it blows their mind they do.

Chelsia says someone said Reese Witherspoon should play Jordan in a movie. Perfect!

What was the biggest surprise in current events for them? They say Amy Winehouse dying, Casey Anthony being found not guilty.

Susan from FL...since Jeff is the cook & Jordan doesn’t know how to cook & they’re moving onto the next step (moving in) will Jeff teach her how to cook?...Jeff says if she wants to learn he’ll teach...Jordan says they’ve got a system, he cooks, she cleans and they’re good with that...Jeff agrees.

Tammy from about Cake Boss and Hoboken and then she brings up how Dani says Jeff has won fave HG twice because people that vote are not feed watchers, he’s edited as the Golden Boy and she says that’s not true, it’s because they watch the feeds and love him, that’s why he won...Jeff thanks her for that.

Same caller gives JeJo fan site a shoutout and says it's not cool his fans are labelled as old women and cat ladies...Jordan doesn't even understand the term cat lady...Chelsia says she'll explain later

...Jeff defends his fans and says others shouldn't trash them, he says it’s terrible that people hate on fans just because they are JeJo fans, everyone, EVERYONE should stop the hate.

Jeff talks about another painting he did in jury house of J&J that wasn’t shown that is so cute, Jordan agrees, he might tweet a pic of it.

The caller raves about how great Jeff & Jordan are, how Jeff is a great man and Jordan is a great role model, she loves them both so much, she’d watch anything they were on in the future...Jeff & Jordan thank her and say that's nice, Jeff says his ma will appreash...

What is their fave thing about each other and what annoys them about each other? Jordan says she understands and loves Jeff’s humor how he gets worked up and is loud and talks with his hands, he’s so funny, she loves that about him...Jordan says Jeff is the worst when he drives, “don’t be that guy!” he yells out, he gets so mad but she loves that about him too...Jeff says what he loves is that Jordan's the sweetest person he’s ever met, she’s so kind

...what he doesn’t like is that he’d like her to carry 5 bucks once in awhile

Asking about if they knew Shelly would vote for Rachel?...Jeff says he didn’t know for sure, he thinks Rachel deserved to win and that Shelly did the right thing.

Talking about the “shut up Jordan” comment in the house...Jeff explains how it came off terrible and sounded bad but he just meant for her to not talk more and make them an even bigger target and Jordan wasn’t offended, she knows how Jeff is.

Jordan tells Jeff to shut up because he teased her about thinking they were in Washington, Jeff says "did you hear that? Send Jordan hate mail!” LOL

Which Jersey Shore person is Jordan like?...Jeff is very confused LOL They all don’t think Jordan compares to anyone...maybe Sammy?...Jeff says NO she’s not Sammy OMG he'd strangle her if she was, can he say that? Everybody is so sensitive about everything he says...(no kidding!


Jordan reminds Jeff of Pauly D & a little Vinny.

Who was Jordan a better player with, Jeff or Rachel?...Jordan says she was better with Jeff, they work good together

Suzanne from PA...she wants Jeff to know that her & her FB group were thrilled that Shelly was evicted, they cheered, had a party, etc...Jeff says he’s glad they had fun with it but things shouldn’t have gotten to the level they did with Shelly. Her daughter created a Team Jorchel page for them. She says Jeff should be on DWTS...Jeff says he'd have to be a star to do that.

A caller asks if Jeff would go on Stickam & play BB withMurtz? Ummm maybe?? Jeff isn't sure about that but likes Murtz.

They talk about Jordan winning the golf comp and why do people say that she didn’t earn it?...Jeff says it all boils down to people not liking Jordan and saying that (BINGO!) she earned it, they don’t know if he & Brendon would’ve gotten a better score and beaten her anyway.

Crystal asks fave cologne & perfume?...Jordan’s is Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body Works & also Marc Jacobs “Daisy”...Jeff’s is Dolce&Gabbana “Light Blue” & YSL “Black”...he loves it. Free pic for her!

They say their goodbyes, tomorrow will be studio games, nextweek shown on SP, epic game with JeJo & Brenchel coming up too. Jeff says this chat was mellow, low key because they were up too late? was good though.

Jeff thanks everyone for their support the past 2 years, the people that helped with ATWFF, it was the best time of his life & everyone else, if people don’t support them they probably shouldn’t be logged onto their computer right now LOL

The End

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