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JeJo & Brenchel Chat on SP

Jeff, Jordan, Rachel & Brendon chat on Superpass Oct 5/2011

Chat recap:

Introductions, etc. The chat will be one hour, tomorrow as well & then Friday. Live shows first then taped stuff to be shown later next week & the following week.

Seattle is good, Jordan is excited to see Rachel because she’s been with Jeff for a week.

Jordan is coming to Rachel’s Bachelorette party December or January.

Rachel doesn’t know when the wedding is going to be yet, they keep changing dates, most likely in the new year.

They joke around about a JeJo wedding, some hemming and hawing and then Jeff pleads the fifth about the wedding after some pleading the fifth from Rachel & Brendon about a date LOL

Rachel first thing she bought with her money? Rachel says 1st thing she did was bowling with her parents

Jeff won almost as much as Porsche, congrats...Chelsia says $55,000...Jeff umm well no it was $40,000

wink wink

Jeff, what has he done with the money? He’s been taking care of Jordan since her being in Chicago because Jordan never brings money

Same thing with the cab ride over, Jeff paid AGAIN LOL

Joking btw Rachel & Brendon about their money, they’re trying to buy a house in LA, it's expensive, they’re on a tight budget.

Jorchel talk – we saw a friendship blossom, will they keep in touch?...they both say yes, Jordan says they text each other, story about how they are both from the same place, six degrees of separation btw Jordan & Rachel, people in common...long winding story...Jeff says hey Hermano, you got that?

(Hermano is Brendon)

Rachel’s sister also worked at Planet 21!

Missy asks what drew them to each other to be friends?...Jordan says in the beginning it was hard, they had doubts, they were friends throughout the show but when the men left they got closer, they were there for each other, Jordan was depressed when Jeff left so Rachel helped her by being upbeat...they missed it by a week or Jorchel would’ve been final 2...Jeff says they’re pretty chatty...Jeff says Brendon is a great guy and it made his time in the jury house so much better, he made a good friend in him, that’s all they talked about in the jury house was wishing they’d be supportive of each other (Jordan & Rachel) and make it to the end (aww)

Jeff tells the story of them seeing a shooting star in jury house...both guys wished for the same thing

Brendon saw the star first and he guesses Rachel won because of that. Cute! Something about Guatamalan beers in the jury house that were “stolen”...Jeff doesn’t want to talk about that

Jordan says that her and Rachel balanced each other out but she was feistier this season, she says she wasn’t a good competitor but moreso a talker, Jeff says for her not to say that, she was good. Missy & Chelsia give Jordan props for her improved game this year.

They open some good champagne

David from Ohio...3 tough questions, hmmm...question to Rachel about Jeff throwing the cornhole competition? Rachel honestly says that she was kind of glad it happened because otherwise Jeff would’ve probably won...Jeff says thank you for saying that and thinking like that, he explains how he didn’t want to play the veto that week and why...(sorry he’s talking too fast about this LOL)

Jeff homophobic question

Jeff apologizes...and does a good job of it. No other explanation necessary.

Debra...loves all three and wants an autograph...

Anne Marie...they remember her...she wanted Jorchel at the end, it would’ve been great interviews...the cooking show question?...Jeff has things in the works, he might have pitched things but it doesn’t mean he does have one, he knows that’s out there

Chelsia offers help with making a reel or whatever, Jeff says he’ll take help.

Brennon? Is he there? LOL Brendon will watch a cooking show

Jeff says “Hermano” he doesn’t think he can cook enough for Brendon...they joke around about how much food Brendon eats & Brenchel’s huge grocery bills.

Karen...She loves Jeff & the live feeders saw that Dani was coming after them (thank you Karen!) ...question to J& difficult was it to not kiss or touch in front of the cameras when Brenchel were all over each other? LOL it was hard.

They address the “are JeJo a real couple” theory/question that was out there before the show started...basically they say that’s dumb LOL

They kiss!!

Rachel says YAY!!

That rumor is NOT true...Jordan says if they were not together & they asked them to be on the show as a couple they wouldn’t do it, just because they are not affectionate on camera doesn’t mean they’re not in love, they can do that in their private time. Final 2 would they do it??...Jeff asked in the house LOL Jordan had to stay away because Jeff would get too excited LOL

They discuss Jordan’s grandpa telling her not to “do anything” this time either (oh Lord grandpa needs to let it go LOL)...they talk about their separate sheet situation

Jeff says they never broke up, they’re a couple. **leg touch**

The Benefiber thing, is she mad at Porsche for it? Jordan says it’s just a game, she’s over it.

Brendon says that Shelly never was influenced by him or Dani in the jury house, she would do what she wanted to do, at the round table he did try to make a case to Shelly.

Question about Shelly yelling at Jordan...Rachel says that she was shocked that Jordan did it, they had a role reversal there...

Jordan has seen a couple of shows just to see a few things, she doesn’t think she should watch more because she might get mad

Talk about Rachel in the house & out...Rachel explains why she is the way she is inside the house, she got comfortable with Jordan, it was so different having a friend in Jordan this time, you feel so alone in that house and with Jordan she was more herself. Jordan explains that Rachel is really a nice person and sweet. Rachel admits she’s a little mouthy sometimes...Jeff

says Jordan is like Brendon, Rachel is like Jeff, it was a weird dynamic but cute

Jeff’s favorite song/boy band...he likes LFO & N’SYNC...Jordan says YES! They had a dance party...Brendon says what is his #1 true love? Justin Bieber LOLOL Jeff is a fan, Brendon admits the movie is great, they watched it together. Jeff says “thanks Hermano”

Wanda from TN...Rachel was beautiful this season, congrats...Jeff & Jordan, they are #1, Jeff’s dry humor, Jordan is beautiful inside & out, Wanda thinks hippos do have purple...Jeff says yes! She gets an autographed pic! LOL They even asked Brendon about hippos in the house.

What was their most difficult challenge? or time?...Jeff says overcoming the early target they had, overcoming the backdooring by Dani...for Jordan it was the POV blocks comp, she hated that because she got sent home.

Hellataz called out Missy for getting flustered by looking at Jeff LOL Jeff says “Picture for Hellataz!”

Rachel talks about the initial vets being out numbered & Dani stabbing them in the back. Brendon says the skiing competition was the hardest for him. Brendon thinks it was a blessing to come back & play the 2nd time, to enjoy the opportunity, he was meant to come back just to reassure Rachel she could do it. Jordan says they were so excited the night Brendon came back & they all lost in the comp one by one, like are you serious? & then to top it off Dani won.

Jordan says she wishes the four of them would’ve stuck together more and not listened to what others said about them, her regret in the game. (aha she regrets sticking with Shelly)

Katie from TN...she’s starstruck

She loves Team Rachel, Team Jorchel, Team JeJo

Rachel talks about the youtube videos, she loves them all. Brenchel is getting a PO Box. Jeff is still working on theirs from their first season *wink* (yeah right)

Michelle from the Bronx...props to Rachel on spotting the fake Shelly ring, Rachel had been calling Shelly out since week 3, nobody would believe her...Brendon was drinking the kool aid too LOL Porsche & her were the only ones that believed Shelly was shady originally, so she had that late game talk with Shelly to try to get her & Jordan to the F2.

Glory loves Jordan, she loves Jeff too & was rooting forJordan. Question to Jeff & Brendon about jury house, how were people acting?...Brendon says they had a good time there /sarcasm...Dani was having a hard time being there and accepting it, Dani would turn once the cameras would come, she was giving little jabs at them, him & Jeff watched a lot of TV, all of Arrested Development, they stuck to themselves.

Jeff says Brendon was great to have in there because he left that way on his season too (DE), he was fired up for 2 or 3 or 4 days after he was evicted, he was thankful he was there because he comforted him (aww)...

Jeff & Jordan would’ve like Dan & Memphis as another option for a duo...Rachel would’ve liked Janelle & Howie...Brendon says Will & Boogie would be good...Rachel says Matt & Ragan would be good too...Jordan likes Matt, he’s a cool guy. Dan & Jordan keep in touch on the phone.

Rachel says whenever a date is picked for her wedding she would love to have Superpass cover it depending on dates. They talk about the respective Bachelor/ette parties, No twitpics! LOL Jeff is invited to Brendon’s too...Rachel says hers will be in Aruba

Jeff congratulates her on winning the trip...Jordan was jealous that Rachel sat next to Kris Kardashian at the Talk.

Rachel says Jeff isn’t scary to her, he’s a sweetheart, they just butted heads, they’re very competitive.

They talk about the possible JeJo engagement because Jordan had said that Jeff would’ve proposed if he had won the show...they say things are moving on/forward, they’re getting to the next step in their relationship...Jordan says it won’t be long before an engagement, like not a year or so...Jeff blushes LOL...Jeff tries to diffuse this and Rachel says "I can't wait until you guys move to California"

...they joke about Superpass getting the exclusive before the news is tweeted. Jeff asks if he there will be contracts? LOL

Jeff says Twitter is getting better for them, Jordan is doing more too, he can’t answer every question so he does 5 minute tweetfests. He’s more about sending pics.

Jordan says lunch was good yesterday (in Chicago), dinner was a lot of talking

(Jeff’s words)

Anthony from CT...he loved Brenchel in BB12...they address the “bullying” issues...hard to recap this part, they’re talking too fast...Jeff explains that he wasn’t bullying...he doesn’t understand where the bully thing came from, he does talk aggressively but he doesn’t bully.

Brendon says he knows where it came from, it was Dani, that Dani started the bullying thing & then it went to Shelly, it’s a bunch of nonsense. Rachel DEFENDS Jeff & Jordan big time!!

Rachel says Dani is a hater LOLOL Jordan says she never tried to ruin anyone’s relationship with Dani after Dani left. Jordan says she’s not going to bash anybody in their season, they can come there on interviews and do it but she won’t, it was a game, she’s over it, in the game she may have lied a bit but she was pretty honest overall, she has no ill will, if they are still talking about her in that way, then so be it.

Jeff says that the house brings out crazy things in you, it’s easy to point fingers from the outside looking in, people who watch have to tone it down a notch, it’s a very emotional thing, they’re over it, anything that happened in that house, let’s keep it that way, judge them for the people they are on the outside.

Talk about Jordan & how she said Brendon was so hot when she saw the picture of Brendon with hair, he looked like Maks from DWTS. All the girls loved it! They joke around about there being flirtations about that and maybe they can all flip partners...HAHA Brendon says NOW they have an idea for a reality show LOL!

Jeff & the Shelly thing about his “cooking show” getting out

...Jeff explains that Shelly took it the wrong way & she doesn’t understand how the process works with “things in the works”...Jeff does read his twitter

(to me Jeff didn’t look too thrilled about this LOL JMO)

They get called out about staying only in the VIP area at the wrap party, people were grabbing at them, it was overwhelming so Chelsia took them to that area, they weren’t avoiding fans. Jeff was at the bar for 2 hours talking to people.


Tina from ATWFF asks about doing it again?...he wouldn’t do it again, it’s for new people every time, him & Brendon doing TAR?...Jeff says it’s Brenchel for TAR not them, they are better suited for it, it’s not going to happen, he had his chance.


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