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Jeff Tweetfest 6/15

I just heard the guy who murdered Tupac Shakur came forward? Glad he got that off his chest????? He should give OJ a good talkin too...

Oh okay, not murdered, just shot him in 94, got it! Kinda? Why come forward now for that after so long? I'll never understand people.. ha

@Cryxwolf @jeffschroeder23 I bet this guy wants to write a book. Conscience my ass! I'm skeptical as hell.

@Graybaby13 Good point!!!

@jeffschroeder23 how's Jordan?

@JeffPaterson she's great

Social concious? RT @jeffschroeder23: Oh okay, not murdered, just shot him in 94, got it! Kinda? Why come forward now for that after so...

@JoshBunton book deal

@jeffschroeder23 Are they going to make a Big Brother All Stars again? If they do, you & Jordan should be on it! Y'all are too cute!!

@JannehKonneh thanks!

@jeffschroeder23 No problem!

Are you guys still together?? You guys are my favorites!!

@JannehKonneh yes yes still together things are good!

@jeffschroeder23 Have u followed the Casey Anthony trial in Fla? Sick...sick...sick...

@nanna47 no i didn't but jordan and my ma do, she's guilty no need to watch that

Dear @jeffschroeder23, Don't think about your tweets just tweet. More drunken ranting tweets and less philosophical Tupac tweets.

@BBCandice you write me the same thing everytime?? maybe you should get drunk and tweet me something else??

I think hes looking for fame. RT @jeffschroeder23: Oh okay, not murdered, just shot him in 94, got it! Kinda? Why come forward now...

@Eddie937 good call

@jeffschroeder23 I want you to get drunk and tweet. You were goddamn hilarious and loveable on the show. We want more of THAT Jeff.

@BBCandice i made it a rule no TUI"S... tweeting under the influence haha

@jeffschroeder23 I miss seeing your face every week

@PeytonsMamaa i see it everyday & im tired of it! haha

@jeffschroeder23 ~ did U see Jordan's Paul Bunyon (sp?) pics? She was banging those trees apart.

@McCoy17 yes i saw haha

@jeffschroeder23 I agree! Why would a person who commits a crime like that come 4ward after all this time?Guilt? Nah...I dont get it either!

@singingmary ya i don't like watching that, makes me sick, shouldn't even put her in the public eye...

@mccoop how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

@mcoop not more than Rygaard Logging haha its from a show i watch AX MEN

@jeffschroeder23 How about those Bruins???? Are you catching any of the game?

@luvkahlua59 yep im watching

@jeffschroeder23 Have you seen River Monsters? Awesome show!

@JCavi8 love it!

@jeffschroeder23 Is that why you don't tweet all the time then because your ass is always drunk?

@BBCandice good one

@jeffschroeder23 How did the Giardinera turn out? I was impressed with your chopping skills.

@knouase will be ready soon, gotta let it soak 4 awhile, excited for my new recipe, gonna bring some by the restaurant see what they think?

@jeffschroeder23 How was your BD,Do you feel older and smarter now? JK did you love presents?

@IsBallygood feel older and broker cause of Vegas haha

@jeffschroeder23 I was in Chicago this wkend. Ate at Nonna's. Oh my, it was delicious & everyone was so nice!!!!

@deemj61 sorry i missed you

@jeffschroeder23 Hey if it goes over you could call it Jordanieria!! LOL Couldn't resist!

@elenamiller1 haha and that's where i'll stop tweeting for the night lol nicely done!! gonna call her and tell her that now, she'll like it

@jeffschroeder23 Come on Jeff...Fess up...You use a food possessor when you made your now famous Giardinera right?

@singingmary no no, all jeff!! hand chopped, i like the texture to be a certain way, very important!!

Nite all, Congrats in order to the Boston fans, i know it's not over but time to put the computer away...

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