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Jeff tweetfest 3/9

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

@jeffschroeder23 No more chocolate for awhile???

@Pegehr Are you talking about Lent? If you are, your good! Gave up chocolate & pizza this year.

@jeffschroeder23~Jeff, not sure if ur checking twitter, but when U were in Beligum during ATWFF did U try a beer called Hoegarrden?

@McCoy17 I did have that beer there, i actually just had it a few weeks ago at a friends house too, good beer!

@jeffschroeder23 R U looking forward to March Madness?

@positivepeg does a bear..... never mind... of course i am!!!!

(nonna's) - Almost 300 views on this pic! WoW

@nonnasilvias it looks like Jordan and I didn't know the answer to whatever question they asked us in that pic haha

@jeffschroeder23 what r u up 2 ?

@lucinda_09 back at work

@jeffschroeder23 how are u guys?!

@winniemay1980 all good in the hood!

@jeffschroeder23 awww Jeff we miss you guys so much! We want to see yall again soon!

@arencain thanks, seeing jordan very very soon!

@CordMcCoy just heard you were just in Chicago, got to hook up next time your here! Say hi to Jet for me, cheering for you guys on AR!

***I will add more if he tweets more...

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