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Jeff talks "Big Brother" exit and romance with

He quickly became a fan favorite in the "Big Brother" house, now Jeff talks to ET about his feelings for Jordan -- and his biggest regret!

ET: How does it make you feel to know that America wanted you to go all the way for the win?

JEFF: It makes me feel great! I didn't realize until Igot out of the house. I was overwhelmed by the response. I really appreciate it (thanks, America!). At least not winning, it's awesome to know that people were on my side and that makes the pill easier to swallow.

ET: What's up with you and Jordan?

JEFF: It's hard to develop a romantic relationship under those circumstances. The friendship that we have is definitely real, and the feelings I have on my end are definitely genuine.

ET: What is your honest opinion of Michele?

JEFF: Michele was always a huge question mark to me,even to this day. I think her motives were real and heartfelt, but she's the one person in the house that I could never truly figure out.

ET: After all of these weeks, why did you decide to trust Natalie and Kevin, two of the biggest schemers in the house?

JEFF: It was either trust Natalie and Kevin, or Russell and Michele. Both sides were a big risk, in my eyes. Ultimately, I decided to take out the strongest player of the four, win Michele back on my side and take my chances (hoping I would have beaten Kevin and Natalie straight up).

ET: Any regrets? Do you think you could have done anything different to stay in the game?

JEFF: No regrets. I put it all on my shoulders. I wishI would have won that last Power of Veto. If I had done so, I think Imight have won the game.

ET: What's the hardest part about being locked in the house?

JEFF: The hardest part is, I think, the emotional roller coaster you go through on a daily basis. There's a lot of downtime and a lot of scheming going on every day. Having no connection to anything else but the game makes it that much more stressful. There are no breaks in the "BB" house!

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