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Jeff's Very Mini Tweetfest 02/20

What's up, I have unfinished business with the Amazing Race, & there going to Australia on the 1st leg... Not that im bitter or anything ha

I hope the Cowboys aren't the 1st team eliminated on TAR, i'm rooting 4 them obviously. Hope they pull a trick outta those cowboys hats!!

@jeffschroeder23 Would you do it again with Jordan if asked?? Please answer....

@nanna47 absolutely!!

@jeffschroeder23 @nanna47 hang in there Jeff your Destiny with Jordan and your life in on its way. I still pray the rosary all the time 4 U

@Pegehr i appresh..

@queenmama7777 @JeffSchroeder23 I know...I'm done. Lets all think positive. no more negative Nelly 4 me. Have alot 2be thankful 4 : )

@McCoy17 get out of the bitter barn and go play in the hay haha

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