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Jeff's TwitterFest for Sunday 2/21

alright guys, thanks for all the support, gotta eat and get ready to watch the Amazing race..... thanks everybody, & keep it real.....

@jeffschroeder23 team jeff and jordan, i love you guyss you were amazing in big brother, only reason why i watched this season

@steephrossi thank you thank you

@jeffschroeder23 will u and Jordan watch the show together via skype? that would be so fun

@VLMMILLER its a thought??? maybe we will

@hiiyh 20 websites analysing Jordans tweet and no one is going to ask @jeffschroeder23 if Mookie has a sis in NC

@1C2J my mookie and jordan's mookie are two different people, bty my mookie is a guy and jordan's is a girl...

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff this was my fav part of the episode last week. It made me LOL I rewinded it like 100 times

@Amanda0009 thats toooooooo funny OMG how it replays over and over hahahah i was excited!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Has "Are you going to hawaii"?" been replaced with "what video games do you play on the pot?" yet?

@Hellataz hahaha bejeweled

@jeffschroeder23 Im a big fan of the both of you! Im soo Happy you and Jordan are still going!

@mylittlegirl444 thank you

@jeffschroeder23 So, after all was said and much did you lose/win in Vegas?

@JCavi8 hahaha what happens in Vegas?????

@jeffschroeder23 You and Jordan are the best to your fans, we appreciate it!

@traceandtob we appreciate you guys more

@jeffschroeder23-will u and jordan be skyping tonight?

@lucindagay09 of course

@jeffschroeder23 in the Nat'l Enquirer two weeks in a row. That's impressive!! haha

@Sarahnator83 saw this weeks not last weeks hahaha where did they get that from????? jordan was cracking up...

@jeffschroeder23 are you gonna watch future seasons of big brother??

@wallyimus yes probably will now

@jeffschroeder23 been laughing at ur bud @mook_e, it's like he plays whack-a-mole w buttheads who tweet mean stuff - like whack-a-hater :-)

@Jeep_ers he's my twitter body guard haha, he loves talking shit so its perfect for him... he's got some good ones too..

@jeffschroeder23 A shout out to the Twitches would be awesome!

and yes we'll be watching tonight! TAR takes precedence over the Olympics.

@MyLadyKat here ya go, to all the twitches haha see what mookie started!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Do you like Jordan's new haircut? I love her bangs.

@lillyhearts ya i love it!!! i told her a 100x, i think she is getting used to it now, but yes love it

@jeffschroeder23 team jeff and jordan, i love you guyss you were amazing in big brother, only reason why i watched this season

@steephrossi thank you very much

@jeffschroeder23 Hey my sister and I are going to the star bar, we will get to say "hi" to you since it's not really a meet and greet

@MelissaB71 looking forward to it!!!

@jeffschroeder23 So Excited to see You and Jordan on TAR tonight!

@Hellataz great pic hahaha

@jeffschroeder23 @bbjordanlloyd You see this video of you & Jordan on The Soup this week!?

@ranam19 yes was talking to jordan when it came on hahaha, its all in good fun the rip on everybody on that show, its funny!!

@jeffschroeder23 Back from Vegas!!Broke but happy to have met you andJ. Wish I hadn't been so nervous. Good Luck Tonight

@johngottijeff haha i lost too, nice to meet you as well, and thank you

@jeffschroeder23 since ur the King of Positivity, DEF don't let any negativity bring u down<3 .Some ppl have so much hate coming from w/in

@SammyNJ no worries, can't make everybody happy all of the time, gotta take the good with the bad...

@jeffschroeder23 Hope you guys do well. Will have to DVR it. USA/Canada on MSNBC.

@TheSteamer i know, that's some tough competition!!! thanks for the Tivo though

@jeffschroeder23 please tell me u take off ur shirt and water a garden in 1 of the episodes.

@ItsMeStac hahahahah

@jeffschroeder23 yes! thanks for talking to me during live! it was marvelous!

@Jess_BBLove my pleasure, thanks for all your support...

@jeffschroeder23 We understand you and Jordan can't be together every Sunday. But will you at least get together with friends and watch it?

@maryotin watching with my family tonight...

@jeffschroeder23 ill be watching jeff I'm so excited! My son santino is in vegas this weekend I'm jealous !!

@Dianne613 i bet he's having a blast!!!

@jeffschroeder23 we can't wait!!!!!!

@twinky411cd hey twinky

@jeffschroeder23-good luck -Did u and jordan have a great in vegas it looked like u did love you guys

@lucindagay09 had a blast!!! It's Vegas! also it was great just to be together...

@jeffschroeder23 what time? 8pmEST

@misscrazybanana yes i believe it is, starts at 7 in chicago so i think its 8 EST

@jeffschroeder23 Check the twitter's profile.. New? Just a few tweets? Just a "drive by" twitter account, to stir up reactions & hate.

@PaulDReed hey paul, nice talking to you last week in Vegas... also thanks for getting my twitter back haha

Amazing race tonight on CBS.....

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