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Jeff's Tweetfest - Tuesday July 27/10

JeffSchroeder23 Tweetfest - Tuesday July 27/10

Thanks for all the support from everyone! Keep the offers coming. Also @atwfflive is me to, but with updates all day long for the show.

WOAH!!! mindfuck -- watching re-runs of the surreal life and @jeffschroeder23 is on an episode for about 30 seconds! WEIRD!

@cccaitlins haha i lost!!

@jeffschroeder23 What's up Jeff! Hey how do we direct msg you on cbs?

@RachelLyn_H go to message jeff on the bar on the bottom of the page at

I'm to busy pouting right tweet from @jeffschroeder23 .. lol..

@Inn123 i was done cause we keep going through tunnels but here ya go!

@jeffschroeder23 if you are in some wired land and cant get the score i have your back! Are you ready to eat crazy stuff like Alex did?

@RadRealityShow thanks bro i would love that

@jeffschroeder23 Question viewers R dying to know...undies or swim trunks on the greasy pole? Or both? ;-)

@nyluvs haha gotta watch the webisode i guess?

@jeffschroeder23Hope U, Zsolt & John are having a blast, just FYI if U ever getstranded, Zsolt can call me & the fan site has you covered.

@Hellataz hope it doesn't come to that, but i really appreciate it!

@jeffschroeder23 LOL do you need me to twet you on the road how the bears are doing ! WE start soon!!!!

@RadRealityShow no i'll keep up with that for sure haha.

@jeffschroeder23 the video of you and jordan made me tear up, and i'm a grown ass man! haha this trip is gonna be awesome for u man

@JCavi8 haha it was a funny story, jordan took off crying and i was stuck with the camera in my face haha... whata ya gonna do???

@jeffschroeder23 Im having a really tough time lately dealing with the loss of my dad. You have been a god send. Thank you. You're da best

@Fedfan1414 if i help get your mind off of it for a while im glad i can help... sorry for your loss...

@jeffschroeder23 Cubs or Sox? Twins 1 game back. Currently Twins & White Sox are winning.

@PaulDReed to be honest i love my bears! if one chicago baseball team is having a better season i'll cheer for them cause there chicago

@jeffschroeder23 Myself and My grandma wish you all the best! Just showed her the video of you saying goodbye to (cont)

@rkosxdestiny thank you, and thanks for your support!!!

@jeffschroeder23 we are actually in Lexington, VA a few hours south of DC. If u're still interested I can make it happen.

@anirtakfleurs i'll keep that in mind...

@jeffschroeder23 LOL. No, I'm home. But thanks for the update. R we going to see Z vid of you walking the greasy pole?

@maggiemae802 haha, yes you'll see the whole thing soon!

@jeffschroeder23 good luck on your journey me and the mrs were big fans of you and jordan on big brother last summer

@Stevo618 thank you very much!

@jeffschroeder23u & Jordan awww on that video- Zsolt tugging on r heart strings 4sure-safe travels guys& Jordan we all think ur wonderful!

@Singermomm opps i got you mixed up with mary haha, but i know you too lol

@Singermomm you got through! what's up? thanks for coming out to NYC it meant a lot to me... i truly appreciate the support!

@jeffschroeder23 my husband is Police Officer & wants 2 know if u'd be interested n riding along w/ him as he patrols?we can get u from DC

@anirtakfleurs YES!!! is he an officer in DC? would love to do that? ask him if he could find out if it would be cool if we could film it?

@jeffschroeder23 It's been great following U around on this trip. I can't wait 2 get home, each day 2 see where U R and what U R doing.

@maggiemae802 i appreciate it, on a train on my way to DC right now in case your not home haha.... thank you for following along

@jeffschroeder23 I'm going to try and contact some cousins I have in Italy in case you end up there! Its really cool in the mountains

@Rebz2945i would appreciate that! have some family of my own in Italy that ihave never actually had a chance to see? maybe this summer?

@jeffschroeder23 Glad your having a great time! Loved the video of you and Jordan, tell Zsolt were loving his work!

@varneys04 thanks you... and i just should Z your message he smiled haha he loves it! lol but he is good no joke!

@jeffschroeder23 PLEASE come to DC! We would love to have you

@sarahnicolexoxo on my way!! a lot to see in DC anything special you like i should see?

@jeffschroeder23 following you has been awesome! This is so cool & so much fun! Its going to be so exciting 2 see the world thru your eyes!

@golfgirly12 Thank you! having a blast! and thanks for all you support, see your updates often, i appreciate it!!!

@jeffschroeder23:hey hope u travel to ireland it wud be awesome

@Marhearsyou never been. would love to get out there!

@atwfflive @jeffschroeder23 so glad you got ur train ticket to DC.

@akitamocha me too! thanks for all your support see you popping up around the sites a lot i appreesh!!

@jeffschroeder23 Are you gonna come to Barcelona? If you are, get in contact with me for any help or advice!

@CriticoEnSerie i appreciate it! i'll let you know if we do... never know?

@jeffschroeder23 Any chance of you coming to England? We have a place for you to stay and some home cooking if you do!

@CourtneyTweet7 if we do i'll let you know.... Thanks

@jeffschroeder23 im gonna keep you up on sports news. terrell owens signed with the begals today 1 year dont know the money ammount

@emmit222 Really? I didn't have a chance to check that out... Thanks for the update!

@jeffschroeder23 When are you coming out to Texas/Arizona/California Area?

@24ASL not sure? on my way to DC now, never know what tomorrow brings?

@jeffschroeder23 do me a favor jeff, blow that shithole up while you're in the area. I hate the blowsox and their little league field. NYY

@Stevo618 haha i gotta say i loved Boston, but im not getting in the middle of a Sox/NYY feud lol

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