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Jeff's Tweetfest Sunday October 3, 2010

Jeffschroeder23 Tweetfest – Sunday October 3, 2010

@Jeffschroeder23 Hope u get 2 watch the Bears vs. the Giants game!(2a.m.)My hubby bet in favor of ur Bears 4 u in his football pool at work!

@singingmary hey mary, don't think im gonna catch it??? its a little late & gotta get up early to go see Dracula's castle.. but will see, ha

@jeffschroeder23 It's my 18th birthday! Can I get a tweet from you?

@anniecathrine happy 18th birthday enjoy your day...

@jeffschroeder23 - Say hi to Dracula for me!

@squinn1201 going to the castle tomorrow i'll say hi for you if i see him ha

@jeffschroeder23 just caught up on all ur webisodes and I wish u had more! Great job and ur amazing! Post more videos!

@liaGarCIA27 i appreciate it, thanks you, having a great time out here once in a lifetime experience 4 sure!!!

@jeffschroeder23 daily quote "love the life you live, live the life you love"

@MelissaB71 still lovin the daily quotes!!! thanks

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff you are looking really good in your latest pictures, good to see you smiling!

@arencain thanks you... feel 1000x better, got my second wind here in East Europe i love it here!!! thanks for the support..

@jeffschroeder23 "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget" Great photo of you & your new friend.

@nyluvs nice... thanks

@jeffschroeder23 any chance you have pics of you in the JakPak?

@jakpakr no pic's of me in the jakpak sorry.....

@jeffschroeder23 - You guys look so handsome! I really like the vest Jeff. xoxo -jill

@Jilly_Fosterxo Laszko who im staying with, his mom made it!!! i love it too

@jeffschroeder23 - Jeff, I gotta say, you look so much more relaxed since you left India, I like it!

@babycakes2626 feeling so much better, it's that noticeable huh ; )

@zsoltluka @jeffschroeder23 love the photos from Transylvania!

@bamamemphis thanks more to come!!

@jeffschroeder23 thats so cool! R u wearing some crosses & eating some garlic for extra protection?!

@ginawis gonna need some garlic for tomorrow heading to the Dracula's castle

@jeffschroeder23 ..hey that's hay in the background

@BradBurns32as What's up Brad.... It seems like years ago since you drove me to Boston..... Crazy!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 what time is it where you're at?

@glorytorres it's almost 10pm here in Transylvania

@jeffschroeder23 Unfortunately can't root for the Bears today because they r playing the NY Giants.

@lornadancing sorry to hear that, and sorry for your loss haha...

@jeffschroeder23 loving all the webisodes, glad u r feeling better.

@knouase thanks!!!! feeling great! thanks again for your help!!!

@JeffSchroeder23 I just have to say you're definitley making me very proud to call myself a fan of yours. Keep up the great work

@rkosxdestiny well thank you..... im honored!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Da Bears have to win 2night! I really "dislike" (being nice) the Giants so send those good vibes to "Da Bears"!

@disawyer feeling good about the bears pulling off a win up in NY

@jeffschroeder23 jeff so glad you are feeling look hot :-)

@bonnie9757 feeling great, and actually its a bit cool here.... haha it's a joke cause "hot" and i said cool... you get it lol

@jeffschroeder23 Excited to see Dracula's Castle..sent a pic for that on the interactive map! Must be a nice change to have cooler weather!

@luvkahlua59 gonna send a bunch of pic's tomorrow...

@jeffschroeder23: Any ideas where ur next headed after Romania. Still Eastern Europe or a more westerly direction?

@maxnsam will see?????? thanks again for the help!!!

@jeffschroeder23 What part of the world r u going to next ?

@lucinda_09 will see??????? any suggestions???

@jeffschroeder23 In the BB house you laughed when someone mentioned having fans when you got out..are you amazed how many fans luv you?

@luvkahlua59 i still can't say the word "fans" its weird??? i say people who like the show....

@jeffschroeder23 You've been doing a fantastic job. What's been you favorite thing in Romania & did you get any pie with apples you picked?

@SuzanneNelson liked to many things about Romania to list, but Laszko's mom is making apple pie right now haha seriously

@jeffschroeder23 Love following you on ATWFF. Safe travels the rest of your journey!

@misslallybelle thanks you i appreciate it!!

@jeffschroeder23 can you give my SF Giants a shout out? They have to win today! Pppplease?

@Speedy0103 Baseball is still going on? ha. can't give ur giants a shout out cause my bears are playing the NY giants today bad vibes sorry!

@jeffschroeder23 Did you take your ipod with you? What is your favorite song to listen to over and over on your trip?

@starrtwin funny you should say that im listing to my Ipod now... have many songs i listen to over an over to lift my spirts at times...

Who wants to see @jeffschroeder23 on #DWTS? I DO!!!

@mm00lliissaa i don't think anybody needs to see me dance haha

@jeffschroeder23 Where did your sideburns go? ;-P I hope you get them back soon (you look great, just playing w/ ya)

@nyluvs haha got a hair cut and he cut it up European style, very short on the sideburns haha that's funny

@jeffschroeder23 It is not that we are so much fans it is that it is refreshing to see young people who have such wonderful values.

@lornadancing well thank you, i like that better.... and my mom would thank you too

@jeffschroeder23 you had 3 haircuts on 3 continents, witch one is your favorite,lol Be carefl, LOL

@IsBallygood haha no comment... haha, j/k Kat of course..... she is good seriously

@jeffschroeder23 Melissa says hi (the one that got you to Romania), she's out & is missing this. She's going to be pissed ha!

@nyluvs tell her thanks again!!!! that jump really did wonders for me and its thanks to her were here!!

@Jeffschroeder23 do you wish you had packed more clothes for your journey

@arencain no cause i have to carry them, but now wish i packed some warmer clothes, get use to the same long sleeve shirt in ever show haha

@jeffschroeder23 How much are you missing Jordan???I watch her show on Mondays and I know she's missing you!she's very supportive of u

@varneys04 miss her very much, but we talk 50x a day and she keeps in contact w/ my bro and we see each other a ton on the computer..

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff-not liking all these awful news reports from over there. Worried about you guys! Stay safe and as always-stay classy!

@maryotin thanks, im not liking that either??? what's going on!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff! How's the traveling around the world going? Have you been able to watch the new season of the Amazing Race yet?

@Dani041110 traveling the world is a dream come true!!! only saw the watermelon in the face clip of AR this yr had not had a chance to watch

@jeffschroeder23 Youve made so much possible 4 all of us, seeing the world thru ur kind eyes & adventure loving heart has been da best!Thanx

@Savannahsmum1 well thank you!!! Zsolt and Josh make me look great every episode & work extremely hard!! im really a huge A-hole hahaha j/k

@jeffschroeder23 Thank you Jeff you make us all proud ! Loving your adventure.

@loladrivesjeep thanks panda bear, im loving it as well ha

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff...if you could run back home to get one more thing to take on this trip what would it be ?

@cheryllo1 great question... not sure?? im gonna ask the guys the same thing... im gonna get back to you on that one, nothing comes to mind

@jeffschroeder23 Do u get a chance to look at the videos peeps tweet to u?

@nanna47 sometimes, depends where im at??? sometimes i can't watch them...

@jeffschroeder23 3-0 maybe tonight 4-0 what about them bearsssssss

@RadRealityShow lovin it!!!! wish i could watch, but what im doing around the world i really shouldn't complain haha go bears!!

@jeffschroeder23 Are you planning on or trying to get to Australia or New Zealand?

@Candace327 i wish.. don't have time to visit everywhere i would like. but after the show im sure i'll visit, both of those are on my list!!

Gotta get some rest now & some NFL scores/updates.. Dracula's castle tomorrow... Thanks for the messages everyone.... GO BEARS!!!

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