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Jeff's Tweetfest September 2, 2010

JeffSchroeder23 Tweetfest Thursday September 9, 2010

Who wants to chat it up for a few from Bangkok before i go to bed......

@jeffschroeder23 Are you missing Chi town and how much longer til your back?

@bkw911 end of Oct early Nov

@jeffschroeder23 what adventures did u go on today? What kind of souvenirs do u take w u, if any?

@ginawis went to see the Big Brother Thailand set out here... not taking to many souvenirs w/ me cause i have to carry everything myself

@jeffschroeder23 Any more U.S. stops on your trip! Come hang with me in NYC!

@ranam19 ending in NYC

@jeffschroeder23 what has surprised you most about the trip so far?

@jmb510 a lot of surprises so far, the kindness of EVERYONE has been the biggest... i knew people would be nice, but this blows my mind...

@jeffschroeder23 me me!!! Is your trip more amazing than u ever imagined!?

@SHOCKACON12 and then some!!

@jeffschroeder23 Picture with the little adorable girl from Laos is my favorite so far, did you think about your bro's girls at that moment

@IsBallygood great pic right.... didn't think of marley though?? maybe cause marley doesn't live in a village in the jungle haha

@jeffschroeder23 have you been keeping up on BB12?

@Justin_Gauthier jordan keeps me up to date on whats going on

@jeffschroeder23 You have SO many new favorite things you've seen and done: what has been the most challenging aspect of #ATWFF?

@Mom2AvaMadison language barrier is a bit of a problem, but not having internet connection in parts of Laos was tough, i was stuck

@jeffschroeder23 Are you tired of eating fish yet......yuck !!

@MelissaB71 never! haha i love it

@jeffschroeder23 I know I'm late, but... On a scale of 1 to 10... How big of a douchebag is Brendon?... a 13? :o)

@AceCartier haha he seemed like a nice guy when i met him

@jeffschroeder23 da bears r playing my cleveland browns 2nite in preseason fball bet u miss the game huh

@dparker1984 probably gonna miss it??? but let me know what happens...

I do! *raises hand* u have culture shock at all?RT @jeffschroeder23: Who wants to chat it up for a few from Bangkok before i go to bed......

@TheSlickestRick yes for sure.... i thought i did in Japan, but then Cambodia blew me away.....

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff! what is the most challenging part your travels? How is the food

@Bonbonlover food it GREAT!!! i have been eating so much i gained weight!!! all people do is feed me!!! but SE Asia food is crazy spicy!

@jeffschroeder23 bed dang that would mess with my head it's 12 noon here in texas

@dsdanaheaton34 after midnight here in Bangkok, actually its friday here now..

@jeffschroeder23 You've been lucky w/ weather...has it rained once on your trip yet?

@nyluvs very lucky.... rains all the time at night, but almost never during the day? now i Jinxed it... rain tomorrow for sure haha

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff just wanted to let u know how inspiring it is to wake up to such great tweets & photos from around the world.. Thanks!

@twinky411cd hey twinky, thanks, and thanks for all the great comments and support!!!

@jeffschroeder23 are your pipes up and running again? : )

@jgrog just getting back to normal? still watching what i eat though. think i picked up a little something in Laos? but feeling better now

@jeffschroeder23 U didn't touch that Santa did u ? u don't know where he's been!!

@lucinda_09 haha there were a lot more pics i just didn't send them.. that restaurant was really nice and food was great!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Jordan told us you can't skype & she misses it. Still able to get/send phone videos?

@positivepeg we can skype, but or schedule is just totally off... but yes she sends me phone videos all the time and we talk 50 x a day ha

@jeffschroeder23 Are you planning on visiting Australia? I here it's awesome there...

@AVpat55 i wish??

@jeffschroeder23 haha how long do you think it'll take to get a reply from you?

@heartrae4 shouldn't be much longer now haha sorry im going through as fast as i can, totally random...

@jeffschroeder23 We love u just like Jordan meaty and scruffy !!! about 21 hours ago via

@lucinda_09 defiantly getting meaty haha

@jeffschroeder23 will Jordan fly to meet you on any leg of this journey?

@JAZavis i doubt it... but with this show you never know???

@jeffschroeder23 what's the best thing you've eaten in Bangkok?

@PattyRandall i had this spicy coconut soup w/ chicken, so good!! the food is great!!

@jeffschroeder23 You are knocking this show out of the ballpark! Loving ALL of it! You bring a new perspective to EVERY place you visit

@melmjones thanks you, and thanks for your support throughout i notice your messages all the time so thank you

@jeffschroeder23 How much fun are you having? From your posts it seems AMAZING.

@JesseyEvans it unreal.... truly blessed honestly

@jeffschroeder23: Jeff, do you know how long you'll be in Bangkok? Where to next?

@maxnsam hey i know you haha!!!!!!!!!!! lining some things up now, will let everyone know soon..

@maxnsam thanks again

@JeffSchroeder23 Been keeping Jordan busy on Superpass..u know I love that gal! Hope u get to listen to it sometime's ..She's the best!

@queenmama7777 your the best lol

@jeffschroeder23 How great did it feel to help the families in the village? Made me appresh the person u r even more...when will u b in NJ?!

@lovemy4boysrtsj that village was amazing!! Z did a great job capturing that moment but it was in describable being there...

Jeff Schroeder @jeffschroeder23 Big hurricane headed to Chatham, Mass.Was that where you walked the greasy pole? Godspeed

@GrayceeJewel1 no is was Gloucester, Mass... not sure if there close?

@jeffschroeder23 I really wish you would answer about the Rabies shot. That was a bone of contention about travel to Vietnam and China

@JAZavis no didn't get a rabies shot, but got a ton of others...

@jeffschroeder23 How long you are staying in Bangkok?any chances you will meet @Dwightturner from amazing human. organ.In search of sanuk

@IsBallygood i contacted him.. if we have time would love to hook up with him at some point, i heard good things

@jeffschroeder23 Will you be going to France for some French food?

@BasR99 i hope so, i really like France even though the last time i was there i lost the amazing race haha

Everybody back to work haha, gotta go to bed myself. Thanks for the chat, sorry if i missed ya... Wanna see where i go next?

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