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Jeff's Tweetfest Sept 29th

Jeff's Tweefest from Sept 29, Thursday.

@jeffschroeder23 Mark Wahlburg on Jummy Kimmel last night. Funny bit w/……

@deemj61 where's the end? did he do it? funny

@jeffschroeder23 how did you like the saints/bears game? I am from New Orleans and live in Illinois so it was great for me lol

@MammaLockhart loved seeing the bears but they played horrible!

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Safe travels! I know you're excited to be together, wishing you lots of fun, laughter and love.

@golfgirly12 thanks, we are looking forward to spending some much needed down time together!

@ShannonElizab apparently its my twitter birthday & you are my Godfather? Where is my card w/ a check for $5 in it? haha

@jeffschroeder23 Is Jordan in Chicago yet ? I know ur time 2gether will be great !!!

@lucindagay09 waiting for her call so i thought i would pop out a few tweets

@jeffschroeder23 ultimate big jeff fan right here hahawhat do you say bout givin big bro14 a try ur a good player 3rd time might be a charm

@Rimzz_ Don't think its for me anymore???

@jeffschroeder23 hope u n Jordan r loving life out of the house! Team Jeff n Jordan forever!R u going 2 do anything special with ur money?

@hairchicky jordan's coming to town so im sure we will get fat with it for now haha

@jeffschroeder23 seeing jordan soon?

@ZacharyNicolos today buddy

After talking about ET in the BB house, hoping@jeffschroeder23 & @BBJordanlloyd will have to watch it

@luvkahlua59 still gotta watch it!

@jeffschroeder23 don't be late to pick her up from the airport! lol just teasing u regarding the convo bout how shes always early & u late:)

@glorytorres its close, shouldn't be that late??? ha

@jeffschroeder23 The Bears should have hooked you up with some field passes to watch the Bears & Panthers play this weekend

@luvkahlua59 YES I AGREE!!!!!

Happy Tw/Birthday @jeffschroeder23 my favorite BB Guy!

@n2sgal thanks!

so if @jeffschroeder23 follows me i might faint lol! love this dude!

@meganblovesu your name is 1-800? how many people call that? i kinda want too haha

@jeffschroeder23 jeff come to va for soco animal shelter with 100 other reality stars contact@AprilSky27 #realityrescue

@cherylLconnors don't think so? not sure what that is?

@jeffschroeder23 Hey, I sent Jordan a tweet and reminded her not to forget to bring some CASH!! Love your sto… (cont)

@nanna47 haha did you? that's funny, im sure she pick up the 1st coffee the rest is on me lol

@jeffschroeder23 thats so awesome! What are you guys gomma do? How long is she.staying?

@ZacharyNicolos for gonna have fun!!!

jeffschroeder23 You and Jordan are my favorite BB players ever

@UnheardWords Thanks for the support!

@jeffschroeder23 You are so dreamy! Congrats on winning the fan fav prize on #BB13 can you be on every season of big brother

@Aiko_Iwashita thanks, but 2 is enough!!! ha

@jeffschroeder23 R u excited about seeing Seattle & Brenchel & again? We're all looking 4ward to seeing all of u again.

@maxnsam yes im excited to catch up with them

@jeffschroeder23 So it looks like I am off from school and you are tweeting-oh happy day-!!!

@lornadancing hey lorna, im off too, happy days

@jeffschroeder23 Give Jordan our best, have a great time together, looking forward to your superpass chat!!!You guys are the best!!

@varneys04 will do, thanks

@nanna47 @jeffschroeder23 I just walked in and with my old brain having trouble keeping up with the conver-of whom r you speaking?

@lornadancing im having trouble with it as well haha

@jeffschroeder23 @lornadancing I guess we are all off.......Margarita time ???

@BradBurns32as Always Brad! Always haha

@jeffschroeder23 omg we love you Jeffery here in Canada!!! Are you going to be making any more tv appearances so we can PVR you!!!??

@justlove05 lets hope so? would love to get back up to Vancouver had a blast last time!

@jeffschroeder23 Last night i couldnt sleep and my wife asked why and all i could say was "IM ALL FIRED UP JULIE"

@BradPittlike haha i feel your pain

@jeffschroeder23 I have the Bears against the spread this week, they better not let me down! #dabears

@emilyannclarey good luck, they have to be able to beat the Panthers at home, i hope ha

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff! you are my all time favorite BB player of all time, you're an inspiration to me

i love you! make my day and reply?

@love_GAC i appreciate all the support, here ya go

@jeffschroeder23 Hi Jeff! Nothing clever to say lol just bored at work so saying hey! Congrats on AC

@melmjones Thanks, don't work to hard!

@jeffschroeder23 Will u get 2 do much sightseeing in Seattle or have any down time 2gether?

@maxnsam think we have a little more down time, so that will be nice

@jeffschroeder23 I adore you & Jordan so much that I requested work off to see y'all on superpass!

@Jess_BBLove WOW, usually im the one making excuses to get off of work, now im the excuses.. LOL

@jeffschroeder23 What do Marley and Macy think of Jordan? I know they love Uncle Big Jeff!! So cute but yours will be too!!!

@nanna47 they love her, who doesn't like Jordan seeing them Saturday

@REALCassiColvin - making some Kenny CD's today - and thinking of you! No Jake's - but I am sure I will get to him soon too!

@HeavyMetalTeddy what's up, when's Letterman? haha j/k soon bro. I saw that pic of you next to him on that webpage, still not bad!

@jeffschroeder23 I know you guys probably get this a lot but you two were favorite bb players.

@GugieHayer never get it enough lol i appreciate it

@jeffschroeder23 I love U Big Jeff, but change your picture already

@NYC_Cutie87 haha i will this week, needs some upgrading, gotta find a good one?

@jeffschroeder23 congrats on being america's fave house guest! You have fans in canada, too.

@stephmck thanks, canada has been very supportive, i appreciate my neighbors to the north!

@jeffschroeder23 I got through the summer thanks to you and Jordan. Thanks for being who you are

have a great visit & time w/Brenchel!

@Meriwyn that was sweet thank you, we are gonna have fun

@jeffschroeder23 would you ever sell your white jacket? Id love to have it haha

@ZacharyNicolos which one? the grandpa sweater i wear? ha, i love that sweater, got it a store called Buckle

@jeffschroeder23 Wish Julie Chen would add a Travel or Cooking segment to her show "The Talk."

@nanna47 that would be awesome!

@Jeffschroeder23 Not quiet as good as my "When's Jeff's Gone" but it's the BB13 Sequal, hope you get a chance to…

@Hellataz Can't wait to check it out!

@jeffschroeder23 I'm in the worst class ever! Please distract me! Haha

@BrandonMurphy_ pay attention so you don't have to end up on reality TV haha

On my way to get Jordan from the airport, looking forward to some much needed down-time together! Gonna be a fun week!

ETA a few more later in the day:

@HeavyMetalTeddy @jeffhardytna @jeffschroeder23 you tell me when and I'm booking a flight!! Stoked. #goyanks

@dominicphillip @HeavyMetalTeddy sign me up! Get those Tix cruddy!!

Parvati's recovering from surgery and loves getting your Get Well posts! Send her well wishes now! #ATWFF

@ATWFF Hope your doing better Parvati, get well soon! Almost to the finish line! Your doing a GREAT job!

@jeffschroeder23 Please tweet Me. You ALWAYS ignore me. Your my BB inSPIRation.. Your Awesome.. & it's my lifes DREAM to get an AutoGraph

@Kylejs81697 Your Awesome! see i don't ignore you..

@jeffschroeder23 "you are doing a great job." "you're doing a great job." come on now, jeff.

@mz_gael i did that grammar error on purpose so you would know its really me haha

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