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Jeff's Tweetfest from Sunday 1/24/2010

(Read from the bottom up)

all right guys, till the next episode , have a great week!

@jeffschroeder23 I named my daughter Emerson one liked it but I held out & won!

@MandeeMe i like that

@jeffschroeder23 @bbjordanlloydWhat are your favorite tv show's to watch?

@ams06 i love entourage, friday night lights the tv show, and man vs wild

@jeffschroeder23 Will you be meeting fans while in Cali?

@traceandtob just going to see a couple friends and take care of a couple things, nothing else planned

@jeffschroeder23 My friend's name is Shannan, yes with an a. Do you still want to name one of your sons, Shannon?

@Jess_BBLove i like shannon for a boys name, but nobody else does? haha

@jeffschroeder23 speaking of Lasik, how are your beautiful eyes doing??? and how is it not dealing with contacts or glasses????

@_Bernardini love it, its the best

@jeffschroeder23 Wow, still tweeting !!! You must be bored today LOL .Just joking, we LOVE it !!!!

@MelissaB71 im outta here soon ha

@jeffschroeder23. hey jeff, think its gr8 u tlk 2 ur fans, still watching bb ..ur one liners still crack me calling every1 yoyos lol

@Marhearsyou haha yes i love it

@jeffschroeder23 can't wait 4 summer I'm sick of this weather I hope u and jordan go see casey soon I want 2 go down there and meet u 3

@JGORDANSGAL @Dianne613 might go down there in march to see him

@jeffschroeder23 back and forth from another channel!! Hahahah! Thanks for the mid west support! Be Happy

@twinky411cd you to twinky, hope all is well with you

@jeffschroeder23 You just typed out the word "appreciate"? Is this really Jeff Schroeder tweeting?LOL!

@OtherCarrie i can't over kill the word ha

@jeffschroeder23 Did you ever get a chance to meet or talk to Renny?

@ams06 no we didn't, but jordan would love to im sure!!!

@jeffschroeder23 my nephew is 4 and thinks you're awesome, he can't even say the word hahaha he would love a 'hi' from Jeff

@MyLadyKat what's up nephew

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff, how often does Jordan actually say GUCCI in real life? Is it a lot?

@KimmyDarling once and a while not all the time ha

@jeffschroeder23 Haha you're the deciding vote. Do I take AP Physics or Honors Physics? LOL major dilemma and my mom wants me to ask you =]

@Rebz2945 i don't know??? go with the honors, im gonna go to lunch haha

@jeffschroeder23 Hi Jeff! New 2 tweeting! Planning on getting Jordan the square diamond earrings she wants SO bad! You are both good people!

@singingmary haha, that was only if i won! i lost it hurts, but she got me lasik instead of bears tickets, so at least i got something? ha

@jeffschroeder23 Wow surprising to catch u on here... Hello from Cali... Yes were all pulling for sancho sanchez & the jets!

@andicend i love cali, be out there soon! can't wait

@jeffschroeder23 You need to get CBS to invite to the Super Bowl or Pro Bowl to promote TAR

@phil235 YESSSSSS i totally agree!!!!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 are you excited to go back to Vegas? what are you looking forward to seeing this time that you didn't see in September?

@Kait1488 a higher stack of chips while im at the tables gambling hahaha

@jeffschroeder23 The really important question of the day is..what do you like better? Country ham or regular ham? LOL

@alejules hahaha im not really a ham fan, country or regular haha

@jeffschroeder23 Saw you and Billy Dec chilling at rockitwrigley, he seems like a cool cat and does alot of charity eh?

@JCavi8 he's really cool, good people, and does a lot for charity and chicago

@jeffschroeder23 Hey was wondering what the white figurines Jordan said she got you were, she said they were ugly!

@Hellataz haha no they weren't there cool, it's little skeletons in suits playing instruments, i like them

@jeffschroeder23 have u heard Mraz's new live cd/dvd? was filmed in Chicago & randomly on the day u kicked Jessie's ass out of the house lol

@Sarahnator83 hahah i did see that, awesome!!!

@jeffschroeder23 when is the next call in interview with Ross or Bob?

@winniemay1980 doing bob's show at the end of Feb. when im in LA

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff. Been meaning to ask. The B on ur hat is that for Boston? Wishful thinking on my part?

@tuckeroneBoston no its a UCLA hat, its B for bruins but it's the same B as Boston i think?

@jeffschroeder23 will u have a chance to meet any fans while in Vegas. My daughter lives out there & my hubby and I will be there too!!

@winder40 me and jordan will be in vegas Valentines weekend

@jeffschroeder23 You better not let these crazies convince you to root for Brett Favre tonight. Us Texas gals will come whip your butt.

@maryotin will try, thank you

@jeffschroeder23 tell friends and family EVERY day just how much u love them. U never know what tomorrow brings! !"

@leeann1l i agree...

@jeffschroeder23 - what r u doing for superbowl?

@chandabs going to my buddies restaurant, and hopefully winning a couple squares? haha

@jeffschroeder23 Don't have anything to ask, just wanted to say "Hi!" (& I think hippos are obviously purple too =] haha). LETS GO JETS!

@Rebz2945 haha thank you

@jeffschroeder23 you were genuine and authentic and that resonated with everyone - as i'm sure you can tell by all the conversation here :-)

@Jeep_ers well thank you, i appreciate that

@jeffschroeder23 Hahah! You have before!

I just wanted one today!

@Jess_BBLove haha i knew it

@jeffschroeder23 Will you really not get to see Jordan til Valentine's Day? I bet that seems so long.

@tishcawley i know it does seem long, but im busy on the weekends up till then, but maybe i'll sneak out there before then?

@jeffschroeder23 Oh thanks for tweet One place I do want to visit in Chi is second city theater

@cattm great time, do that for sure! good Mexican joint right next door to it get the guacamoleeet

@jeffschroeder23 your so GUCCI

@JGORDANSGAL don't tell me you say that too? haha

@jeffschroeder23 Can you give a Vikes fan a littlle sumthin..sumthin. Positive words, on a big day?

@PaulDReed hey paul, sorry i gotta cheer against you Vik's today, want the saints to win so i can say who dat, haha the only reason!

@jeffschroeder23 How many takes did it take where you and Jordan are having a picnic and laughing in your pre-race cbs interview?

@lillyhearts it was a couple haha so cheesey that into stuff i don't know why they do that haha i hate it

@jeffschroeder23 Have you watched any episodes of your season on Big Brother yet? How about the "gardener Jeff clip"? haha!

@kayla_kristinee i actually did see that my buddies showed me haha funny

@jeffschroeder23 I want to jets to win 2. I love an underdog! I rooted for U & Jordan the entire season! U 2 were definitely underdogs!!!

@winder40 haha yes we were

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff U Guys R going to put the RATEINGS THRU THE ROOF ON TAR!! Can,t

wait to see U & Jordan back on TV!!! LUV U GUYS !!

@sandifan2z thank you so much, i hope so, CBS has been really good to us...

@jeffschroeder23 I loved the promos for TAR.. Really looking forward to it.

@traceandtob me too!!! this show im gonna watch!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Have you watched any episodes of your season of BB yet?

@ams06 no just clips so far, i'll get around to it, don't like watching myself 4 some reason? i feel like a yo yo haha

@jeffschroeder23 It seems you know who us Twistas are.. you have tweeted most of us today.. Or maybe its cause we keep harassing you lol

@Fedfan1414 no no never harassing me haha i like to try to get on here at least once a week and remember some of the names

@jeffschroeder23 lol I just moved to Indiana last year from Oregon & found out about the you must be a colts fan LAW

@MandeeMe no no, colts beat my bears in the superbowl plus there always good, like to see new teams winning

@jeffschroeder23 Do you & Jordan compete to get the most tweets?

@Jess_BBLove haha no not at all, told her to try to do it a little more, and i like to try at least once a week

@jeffschroeder23 What is your favorite jam at the moment?

@starrtwin jason marz's cover of all night long is one of my fav's at the moment, and the blue print 3 is always a jammin in my car too! ha

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff!! How are you doing!!? Please write back to me, I would love to brag about it to my friends!

@CourtneyColombo tell your friends there yo yo's haha j/k here ya go

@jeffschroeder23 On Replay a couple of days ago you said housemates were crazy thinking they were going to have fans - now whadya think? ha

@maryotin ha it's crazy, actually just talking about that exact subject with my buddies yesterday, it's crazy but i really appreciate it!

@jeffschroeder23 Nooooo!!! I thought you were cool at first!!! The Colts need to win! Haha, jk your awesome! :-)

@MelRyFan hahah sorry hahah

@jeffschroeder23 thanx for you & Jordan being normal and real after the show - didn't get caught up in the crazy life. proud to be a fan

@Racedayfan thank you, that means a lot, i really try to be as real as i can always, tv or not!

@jeffschroeder23 you tweeted to all of my friends but me. jeff, i'm sad. i want one too.

@Jess_BBLove i never twitted you before? i remember your name on here, sorry, heres one!

@jeffschroeder23 hi jeff Love you and jordan on BB. Cant wait for TAR and see you guys again on tv.

@antiprincessme im looking forward to as well, thank you

@jeffschroeder23 @Davedini it was gr8 2 c da bears' player support Gaines Adams' fam @ his funeral He loved it in chi No doubt w fans like u

@leeann1l very very sad and unfortunate what happened to Gaines Adam.

@jeffschroeder23 Hello

@_Bernardini hi

@jeffschroeder23 LMAO! Thats sick! Well if you get to hang out with him, make sure to BYOB... hahaha

@YoYo20 ya it is hahaha

@jeffschroeder23 How hard was it film that TAR picnic segment with a straight face?

@ams06 haha i hate that corny B roll stuff, i feel like an idiot! ha

@jeffschroeder23 Does Jordan still ask you if her hair looks bad? Haha

@stamalot hahaha OMG that's so funny, she says it everyday when we talk on that skype thing! haha to funny

@jeffschroeder23 Wishin you lots of luck at the Star bar, hope tons of money is raised for the cause.

@PattiPB thank you, me too Survivor castng contest. Need input & "hopefully" positive comments on the video site.  thx @jeffschroeder23

@Jeremy_Arnold just be yourself and keep positive and you'll make it, don't give up...

@jeffschroeder23 don't forget Oprah!.....LOl

@winniemay1980 i wish i was on Oprah, that's big time!!! im small time haha

@jeffschroeder23 My sister and I are coming to Chicago for the 1st time and was told to go to the house of blues, would you recommend?

@MelissaB71 HOB is a good time, and its in a great area so going out after the show is fun state and hubard great area

@jeffschroeder23 hey Love yall on BB and Cant wait for TAR , hope you had a great weekend !! also pulling for the Saint !

@dawn008 thanks you

@jeffschroeder23 Whats the funnest thing to do in the Chicago?never been

@cattm there's ton's , sporting events, great theater, good blues, great nightlife, and the food is the best!!!

Hey wht going on hre lol Everyone talkin 2 @jeffschroeder23 ? I wanna a @jeffschroeder23 tweet 2

Please Jeff

Do I intimidate U haha

@Inn123 haha i get it, here ya go

@jeffschroeder23 Can you talk more about The Amazing Race?

@lillyhearts no.... just gonna have to watch and see???

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff, you have said you like fishing, have you ever been ice fishing? Thank you!

@MelissaPenglis i have been ice fishing, not bad? haven't in awhile actually me and a friend were just talking about going soon

@jeffschroeder23 I would love a tweet from U...but I don't want to seem like a tweet whore..haha

@akitamocha here ya go, i always see tweets from you, good people

@jeffschroeder23 Are you enjoying getting back in the swing of things? Your life has been crazy since July!

@tishcawley yes back at work now so just getting back into the swing of things

@jeffschroeder23 well, the explanation I got from my wife isn't proper for Tweet viewers...enjoy the games!

@318cg i didn't know either, i asked on here on time and got 10 different reasons so im still not sure, but i still like saying it haha\

@jeffschroeder23 OK Jeff I may be the only Texas gal left who hasn't gotten a tweet! Can u help a sista out? Puh puh puh please!!!

@winder40 here ya go sista haha

@jeffschroeder23 I hope the amazing race didnt break u2, is everything still good??? doesnt seem like a show made for you 2 lol

@dloon20 gonna have to watch and see? but yes were still doing great, jordan is the best!!!

@jeffschroeder23 I think I'll have to unfollow you now! lol - Go#Vikings

@gaudess25 hahah sorry

@jeffschroeder23 cool!! I'm in Toronto. So our weather's about the same as yours!!!

thanks for the tweet

@Jojo1S not that bad today around 44 i think, this time of year thats a nice day for chicago

@jeffschroeder23 My friend @heyhay28 Was wondering if u saw the Man vs Wild, where he drinks ahem..Elephant juice? If so, would u do that?

@Savannahsmum i saw it, GROSS, no i wouldn't do that i would throw up, but i do love that show! i wanna hang out with him would be awesome

@jeffschroeder23 Yes! Thanks, Jeff. You made my day.Thanks for keeping your fans updated. Your cool like the other side of the pillow.

@Marygracie hahah thanks

is wondering what i have to do. to get a tweet from @jeffschroeder23 Hmmm?

@rkosxdestiny you just did it ha

@jeffschroeder23 I'm from PA originally and my wife had to teach me what the hell that meant!

@318cg its stupid but part of the reason im pulling for them is so i can say "who dat" hahaha i like it

@jeffschroeder23 were you a fan of jersey shore. i gotta ask being a jersey girl

@teach1122 i only watched 2 episodes so far, people go bananas for that show and those people on it, so i gotta watch more!

@jeffschroeder23 I am a New Yorker, Jeff. Go JETS! How about a shout out to a New York FAN of yours!!

@Marygracie 7-3 looking good!!! hope they can pull it off?

Would too. If so they need 2contact @KailBB8 or @ChelsiaHart☺ RT @bbheaven: WOULD LOVE 2see them ( @jeffschroeder23@BBJordanLloyd ) there!

@MaMoosie no i don't think were gonna make it this year?


@jeffschroeder23 when possible would u like to continue being apart of charity events in the future?

@gigglesntx i like to do what i can when i can, so yes

@jeffschroeder23 if you like the underdog u should be pulling for the Vikings!!

@johnchevrier i know, like the underdog in the first game, just wanna see the saints win, sorry but farve has his ring

@jeffschroeder23 you inspired my husband and I to watch man VS. wild. That guy is nuts!!!

@winniemay1980 love that show!!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 watch my hottazz video of you "please" xoxoxo

@bbheaven just watched it, thank you! seems like a lot of work, i appreesh seriously!

@jeffschroeder23 If u haven't already heard of them, check out the band Pepper. Kinda a mix between 311 and Sublime. I think u would dig!

@ScottySayz_66 i will thanks, i like that kind of music!

Here is the @jeffschroeder23 LOTD:Im all sprawled out like a sumo wrestler..

@Fedfan1414 sometimes i don't even remember that i said some of those stupid things hahaha

pulling for the jets in this game, i like the underdog. and the saints in the next game...

@jeffschroeder23 Looking forward to meeting you and all my Twitter friends next week at the Star


@tishcawley looking forward to it too, had a great time there last time, expecting the same!

RT @glorytorres @jeffschroeder23: hey Jeff, is this you? --Yeah a lot of us are wondering that lol

@heyhay28 yep that me

@jeffschroeder23 loved that movie and love denzel the mel movie looks good this fri I know your busy ill let u know if its good

@Dianne613 looking forward to shutter island, leo and scorsese can't go wrong! big fans of both of them!

@jeffschroeder23: hey Jeff, is this you?

@glorytorres hahahah ya that's me! how did you find that? funny

@jeffschroeder23 Do you watch college basketball at all? Gotta love UK!

@elenamiller1 i don't keep up with it like i do with football, but im a UCLA fan for college sports, not so great this year.....

@jeffschroeder23 Jordan said you will wear Panther jersey to 2010 Panthers/Bears game in Charlotte. Should I raise my $10 bet you won't?

@positivepeg make it $1000 i love my bears, even though the panthers organization was great to us, gotta rep Chicago!

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff, what are your football predictions for today?

@kavalle i would like to see the jets win this game, and the saints in the next game.

@jeffschroeder23 yes jeff is most important u 4got jordan did u see the book of eli with denzel? Its a really great movie just saw it fyi

@Dianne613 i saw it this week, i liked it!

@jeffschroeder23 How far do you live from naperville, my nephew lives there? To Bad Jordan couldn't have been at the party

@luvablelayouts i live more towards the city, my brother lives in naperville.

@bbjordanlloyd @jeffschroeder23 your make ups are the best after those bickering sessions. Hope to see those as well on TAR

@zamtzu well thank you

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloydJeff, Jordan have u used skype? It is free easy & u can see each other & talk each day.

@StellaChels yes we just got skype, i love it cause we can see each other, it helps

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