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 Jeff's Tweetfest from October 9

Great times in Seattle w/ @BBJordanLloyd @RachelEReilly @ChelsiaHart @brendonvbb12.Now on to TCB & catch up w/ some good friends!

@jeffschroeder23 only a real man can rock shimmer chapstick

@smitharielle i didn't know it was shimmer but i still rock it ha ha im sure i'll lose it very soon anyways

@jeffschroeder23 on 10/13 #NFLNetwork is a show called A Football Life about Walter Payton.

@TinaB00n3 thanks gonna try to tune in, he was my ideal growing up, don't like the bad press going on now about him!

@jeffschroeder23 Did you ever end up taking Jordan with you to your Hawaiian vacation you won on BB11?

@ToryBohananno never went to Hawaii,took cash instead, but we have been on plenty of other vacations that were fun!

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 I finally watched ur TAR season. Will you ever eat sauerkraut again?

@ar51305 I like sauerkraut, but not when some is making throw-up noises next to you while your trying to eat it.... jordan haha

@jeffschroeder23 I agree Jeff! Pumpkin year round would be the best

@erieser1 im at the airport, i think i see a pumpkin spice coffee jam in my future!

@jeffschroeder23 did you get to see your goodbye messages in the jury house when you were evicted during the double eviction?

@GettinFrank no, but my brother showed me after the show

@jeffschroeder23 hi Jeff

@Mi55y spoke to you and @BBJordanLloyd abt my breast cancer fundraiser yesterday. Can I count you in? :o)

@BigBrotherDish would love to, unfortunately i don't think we will be able to make it this year. sorry

@jeffschroeder23 hey jeff biggest fan here can i please get a autographed photo for my 5 yr old she has a baby crush on u lol its cute

@makaylasmamma13 how about a shout out instead, in a month you won't even remember who i am haha thanks for the support

@jeffschroeder23 Are you and Jordan still going to take a trip?

@JCavi8 were always taking trips, wanna take a really nice one very soon though

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff, you have to try Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion at Bath & Body Works.You'll love it! It's seasonal though.

@Sarahnator83 Really? I give it a whiff next time im at a mall! sounds scrumptious haha.

@jeffschroeder23 oh a while ago i asked u where you got your white jacket and you thought i was talking about the grandpa one but i wasnt.ha

@ZacharyNicolosoh ya, which jacket was it? i couldn't see the pic for some reason?

@jeffschroeder23 Did you and Jordan enjoy Seattle as much as you thought you would? Glad you got to experience it together.

@maxnsam really like seattle always have a good time

@jeffschroeder23 Ok, so it was the one with the thick black horizontal stripes , i could send a different picture if it works

@ZacharyNicolos black or white? yes send a pic and i can let you know where i got it.

@JeffSchroeder23 Jeff, it's my birthday!! I'm considering my autograph from y'all a birthday present!

@Jess_BBLove well happy birthday, how's that instead

@jeffschroeder23 You did great with the ATWFF chat the other day despite the technical difficulties! haha

@TeamJorchelFans thank you, was a hot mess haha was not suppose to go down like that obviously, but i can talk about atwff all day!!

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff, do you have a fan mail address? I've been wanting an autograph of you and Jordan since Big Brother 11. PLMK kind sir

@G4Webbhead gonna get one soon, i think? will let you know when we do

@jeffschroeder23 Have you been watching the new season of Amazing Race? Any favorites?

@kklausser no i haven't but i wanna catch up

@jeffschroeder23 Will you b able 2 meet up w/ Alex, Z, & Pavarti and talk some ATWFF? Would love to see you take another trip with Jordan.

@maxnsam Absolutely, have a few things to take care of out there but they are the main reason why im going, can't wait to catch up!

@jeffschroeder23 If you can go on any other reality show what would it be?

@UnheardWords Rob & Big haha i love those guys

@jeffschroeder23 You should. Only a couple of episodes in and it's really good! Lost passports,not following

@kklausser sounds like me and jordan haha

@jeffschroeder23 you're so freaking funny!!

@eeenashopping knock knock haha thank you

@jeffschroeder23 will u and jordan be coming to nyc in the near future?! id love to meet u both! love u guys!

@ozcutie87only if we can stay at your house, NYC is expensive! Lol

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff what song do you have as your ringtone on your phone?

@ch65048 Sublime

@jeffschroeder23 How excited are you about the Entourage movie?? It will be the best!! Can'twait!

@elenamiller1 there is a movie??? i still have to catch up on the final season!! one of my favorite shows!

@jeffschroeder23 lol hey it's Bruno Mars!!

@eeenashopping haha it gets pretty boring in that house gotta entertain yourself somehow lol

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff, I am a huge fan. Was rooting for you and Brenchel. Wanted you all to be final 4 <3

@_DayDreamer325 thanks, would have like to be in the final 4 myself lol, wasn't in the cards for me

@jeffschroeder23 JEFF! I tried calling on the Superpass chat, I want you & @BBJordanLloyd to know that I look up to both of you so much!

@TeamBB4ever thank you, we really appreciate that

@jeffschroeder23 I love u and Jordan. U both are the definition of class. I hope we get to see u on tv again soon! Good luck with everything

@heathur22 thank you very much, my mother would be proud to here that! lol

@jeffschroeder23 boy, you gotta post a video of you rapping.@chelsiahart twitted that you can rap! haha.

@caseyanne58 just the humpty dance, its my go to karaoke song!

@jeffschroeder23 No need to worry about Cutler spending time at DTWS ... his ex g/f was eliminated Smile GL to Bears tomorrow night!

@luvkahlua59 he needs to focus, big game tomorrow!

gotta catch my flight, thanks for the quick chat

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