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Jeff's Tweetfest 9/21

Jeff's Tweefest from Sept 21st.


This guy on the X factor just sang his original song little homie what you trippin on, awesome! This guy was very good! wish him luck!

I know! Made me tear up! RT @jeffschroeder23: This guy on the X factor just sang his original song little homie ...

@yolihugg hey yoli whats up! give everyone down there my best!

@jeffschroeder23 I am a huge fan of yours! Would love nothing more than to get a tweet from you!

@AnikJB thanks for your support! appresh

@jeffschroeder23 I don't watch that crap, but I love you.If I didn't love Jordan equally, I would tell you in great detail my dreams of you

@erinnyc fair enough haha

@jeffschroeder23 any way u could give@tinacowan a shoutout! U were only reason she watched Big brother

@ayvonnecato @tinacowan thanks for watching tina

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff wanted to let you know that you made this BB season worth watching

@Dodger_Liz thanks Elizabeth

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff! Did you hear Jordan on the radio today?

@nanna47 didn't hear it but she told me all about it, said she had a great time!

@jeffschroeder23 We gotta get a Jeff Cooking show trending. I vote for it to be called "Real cooking with Big Jeff" #JeffCookingShow

@kcampbellicious that's a great idea! im in haha. thanks for even thinkin of me

@jeffschroeder23 You just hit 88,000 followers!! With America's Favorite AND 50,000+ new followers, you can safely assume WE STILL LOVE YOU!

@Becca_Booie well that makes me and my mom feel good ha

@jeffschroeder23 jeff would you do allstars if it was in 2 years?!

@EddieGrayy not sure? don't think to many past house-guests like big jeff haha

@jeffschroeder23 ppl say u and Jordan were not really dating..I think u r...r u?

@kalebs4444 yes of course, who said that?? don't believe everything you hear

@jeffschroeder23 Also, you should try to talk@BBJordanLloyd into tweeting more!

@TeamJorchelFans she only gets on once in awhile i know

@jeffschroeder23 Totally Agree!!! He was awesome! Btw, Great job to you and Jordan on Big Brother! You two are also awesome! :-)

@EmalyLester thank you thank you

@jeffschroeder23 Hey jeff.. here is that Charlie Bit Me vid that @BBJordanLloyd was talking funny!!!

@Fedfan1414 thanks for that i just watched that today haha very funny, i still love DAVID AFTER DENTIST watch it, hilarious

@jeffschroeder23 You made this season! Was sad to see you go..all because of a clown shoe. Hopefully next time!!

@Neek7337 i was sad as well haha

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Big Jeff how does it feel to be out of the house? Glad Rachel won though.Didn't care for the other 2.

@juliec31 feels good!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 u & brendan together was my fav part of bb and the reason i watched after dark. will u guys stay friends outside the house?

@Amanda_NYY absolutely, we were even funnier in jury house, good guy

@jeffschroeder23 The song was pretty bad, no hook at all.

@bearfan80 really? i liked it, different strokes for different folks i guess

@jeffschroeder23 I voted for you 10 times for Americas favorite. I really wanted you to take the 500k home

Big Jeff

@TheMcCabes thanks, i appresh, wish i would have won too haha

@jeffschroeder23 x factor is tell me Jeff, any surprises, we going to see u on an upcoming episode, heard u luv to sing 2 jordan

@jcwein haha ya she loves it haha

@jeffschroeder23 Jordan did great ..she stepped right in....

@BradBurns32as hey brad!! ya she did great!

@jeffschroeder23 Hi Jeff! LOVED ya on BB this year!!! And thanks for voting for my gurl Rach! She so deserved it! Just like you deserved AP!

@luvinmykids4evr yes she did, played a good game

@jeffschroeder23 Are you glad that your finally back home? I'm gonna miss seeing you & Jordan on BB everyweek!

@MariaTyler_ good to be back not gonna lie, but was a fun summer

@jeffschroeder23 will you still be friends with@brendonvbb12 and @RachelEReilly ?

@Dodger_Liz for sure

@jeffschroeder23: hey jeff, did Scott show you the Clown Shoe beer he found for you two to drink? lol

@glorytorres he did haha didn't get a chance to try it yet. i have a feeling it might taste a little bitter haha get it

@jeffschroeder23 Going to a Panthers game on the 23rd when my son gets back from deployment. First ever NFL game so excited. 2 hours ago

@disawyer Di, I 4got 2 tell U my 1 nephew signed up4 the marines after he graduates this yr from highschool. @jeffschroeder23

@McCoy17 @disawyer tell him thanks from me!

@jeffschroeder23 What was your favorite part about being on Big Brother this season?

@Neek7337 being with Jordan of course, then meeting the Hoff was pretty cool for me!

@jeffschroeder23 will you do big brother again, if jordan wasnt on? i want you both back tho!

@ZacharyNicolos would be really hard for me without jordan

@jeffschroeder23 Parvati's doin better with her broken wrist...Zsolt been ask'n bout you !!!

@BradBurns32as i just saw he wrote me, gotta write him back asap. miss Z, gotta catch up on ATWFF & with Z, tell him i said hi

@jeffschroeder23 what about the #zingbot?

@patsfan3621 funny stuff!

@jeffschroeder23 yo jeff i am a HUGE FAN!!! can i get an RT please!!!!

@frankie_d_mon thanks for the support i appresh really!

@jeffschroeder23 enjoying the ability to watch tv again? welcome back to the real world

@shanis91 yes, catching up on the final season of friday night lights, i love that show!

@jeffschroeder23 which season did you enjoy more?

@antonette725 this season was mentally tougher

@jeffschroeder23 Proud of Jordan this summer she worked her ass off working out she looked incredible!!

@varneys04 yes she did, she looks great!


@deedee42066 wow thanks just put it on, thank you

Hey @jeffschroeder23 what is the 23 for? MJ? U are from chi-town

@Jessie__Nay was my football # for a long time

I wish @jeffschroeder23 or @BBJordanLloydwould have won BB there my #favorite. I wanna meet them!

@bcannon_ i wish too haha

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff can I get a shout out for my Nebraska Huskers who just joined the Big Ten! Go Huskers!!!

@ch65048 welcome to the big 10

@jeffschroeder23 loved what Simon said! Maybe you need the show maybe we need you!

@dbradstreet ya that was cool! hope that guy goes far, i like stories like that

@jeffschroeder23 How awesome is it that you were Americas favorite houseguests both seasons?

<3 you and Jordan are def. My favs ever!

@ReInHartFano182 very cool! since i can't seem to win the show haha

@jeffschroeder23 when are the wedding invites to yours and Jordans wedding coming? I have my gift already. 2 words. Clown. Shoes

@FrancescaHope15 its in the mail haha

@jeffschroeder23 also i wish Jordan and you nothing but the best~ you 2 are a perfect couple

@EmilyTo thanks emily

@jeffschroeder23 hey jeff congrats on another gr8 bb season but im just going 2 say sorry now 4 when my lions beat ur bears week 5&10 haha

@EmilyTo will see.... lions finally are starting to look good

@jeffschroeder23, BIG JEFF! Do you know the name of the guy who performed his original song last on #XFactor? He was brilliant!

@ColtPogue his name was chris not sure his last name but really liked the song

@jeffschroeder23 May I get a retweet just for being a big fan of yours?

@Anniefannie22 absolutely, thanks for the support

@jeffschroeder23 Glad you're tweeting. You & Jordan made everyone's summer. Thank you for coming back to BB. JeJo site missed you on TV

@Hellataz thanks for EVERYTHING jamie much much appreciative jordan and I are. did that sound like yoda haha

@jeffschroeder23 @shanis91 Did u see Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor) won the Emmy? I will miss that show it was my favorite!

@disawyer YES i was super happy he is great on the show!!

@ChelsiaHart um most JEJO fans know this and are a little sick of being lumped in with ppl who crossed a line @jeffschroeder23

@DianaWatt no worries, can't make everybody happy all the time

@jeffschroeder23 JEFF !

I was rooting for you and Jordan forever <3 a reply would make my day! (: loveyou guys! :)) <3

@CanadaAlainaFan thank you for the support!

@jeffschroeder23 shut up! Your back!!-) yes so true xfac

@DauphinIsland1 yes im back!! ha

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff...How cute did Jordan look in her humilitard??? So sweet!!! Did she ever find her tutu? : )

@singingmary she look super cute right!!! not sure if she got her tutu back didn't get our stuff from BB back yet

@jeffschroeder23 jeff you & jordan know that your true fans were not responsible for the shelly hate right? we got some blame from BBalum

@senoritasarrita me and shelly are all good so nobody should hate anybody. i hear what your saying i appreciate that

@jeffschroeder23 u & jordan r the best! so happy u guys got to spend the summer together

take that money & go on a great vaca together!

@sarahcuse23 that's the plan, thatnks sara

@jeffschroeder23 Did you see the guy who sang his own song then dropped his pants?? Seriously wtf!

@LifeUnscripted_ haha i didn't see that missed it

@jeffschroeder23 It was NOT your fans that were doing the hate stuff. We are not those types of people.

@nanna47 i know i know, no worries

@jeffschroeder23 you know what. the zingbot was so wrong about your soul patch. (: I think it's super hot. #justsayin

@LeeDeWyzeLoverz yessss me too haha

@jeffschroeder23 you made the summer fun...loved watching you...and Jordon was super feisty this year...loved it!!

@shopgirl043 thank you. yes jordan stood up for her nation this year haha

@jeffschroeder23 hi there! Missing you already. What is on the agenda for you now? Hopefully some more tv time?

@dollytvann never know? will see

@jeffschroeder23 Have you watched any Entourage yet?? Gotta let me know what you think!!

@elenamiller1 no im excited to see it!!

@jeffschroeder23 Are you going to take@BBJordanLloyd somewhere special?

@angelbear762 we are planning on doing something fun

@jeffschroeder23 how do we know its really you?? Hmmmm! Don't say ????? ????

@DauphinIsland1 if i spell something wrong its me haha

@jeffschroeder23 Rhonda said she's happy you are both safe and healthy! We look forward to seeing you soon. AB

@queenmama7777 thanks we are all good appresh

@jeffschroeder23 do u go back and watch the big brother episodes or are u over it?

@Amanda_NYY haven't watched yet, maybe this year i might??

@jeffschroeder23 Just curious you love boy bands which is Awesome!! Who is your Favorite??

@KySweetheart17 haha big fan of LFO

@jeffschroeder23 Good to see you back on twitter! Definitely missed your tweets!

@noragenius so fun!!! my favorite thing to do!

@jeffschroeder23 whats your favorite food

@ZacharyNicolos sandwiches

@jeffschroeder23 BB just wasn't the same without you. Your sense of humor, your wit, and your charm is unmatched! #jeffnjordansbiggestfan

@cpaxxx11 that was kind thank you

@ZacharyNicolos @jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff, I hope you answered one of Zach's questions, he is trying so hard for a tweet from you! #kidfan

@LoveVWBugs i answered a few, he does have a lot of questions, persistent that zach, i like it haha

@jeffschroeder23 make sure when you watch the Entourage finale that you watch past the end credits!

@Sarahnator83 will do!

@jeffschroeder23 Are you thinking of changing your avatar to a pic from this #BB13 season? Maybe even one with you & @BBJordanLloyd? ;-)

@TheREALMsWright funny you said that i was just thinking of updating that pic

@jeffschroeder23 When you were evicted, "Big Jeff" became a TT worldwide.

@HeyItsJessHere what's TT stand for?

@jeffschroeder23 @LoveVWBugs Hahah sorry if the constant tweets are bugging you! im just so happy you tweeting

@ZacharyNicolos haha no no, no worries buddy happy your listing ha


@deedee42066 yes she is not a big fan of the cold for sure

@jeffschroeder23 it mean "trending topic" so if enough people are talking about it on twitter, it shows up on the list on the right side

@AlineBouDiwan oh really, that's cool, getting evicted is not haha

@jeffschroeder23 where's your favorite area in the Chicago? I've lived here for over a month and I'm still adventuring different areas

@JonnieAtkinson rush and state st. is a cool area for me

@jeffschroeder23 Will you ever come back to Boston and spend a week here?

@Jess_BBLove absolutely really liked boston

@jeffschroeder23 Trending on Twitter is kinda like prom, and you were named Prom King... haha

@Fedfan1414 that's cool since i was even nominated for homecoming in High School haha true story

@jeffschroeder23 The night of ur eviction was the most heartbreaking night ever! Jordan was so sad

not 2 mention you leaving made us sad!

@TeamJorchelFans i was pretty fired up

@jeffschroeder23 ~ Where U told that the actor that played Spartucus, Andy Whitfield passed away this September?

@McCoy17 so sad, love that show and that guy

@jeffschroeder23 @Jess_BBLove did not just get a tweet from Jeff. Baaaahhhhhhhhhhhh jealous. Forever.

@teapea28 you just did too taylor haha

@jeffschroeder23 me and my mom loved you and@BBJordanLloyd both seasons! We love you! I voted 4 u 4 Americas favorite both times! Plz reply

@Brooke_DeClue i really appreciate it!


Alright guys thanks again for all the support truly! Time to finish up the final season of Friday Night Lights, so sad, love that show!

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