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Jeff's Tweetfest 9/16

Jeff's Tweetfest September 16

@Russell_Kairouz: Anyone else drinking this? @jamesrhine @Mandy_Sherman @KaraMonaco @kaliabalia @jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd @Kassting

@jeffschroeder23: @Kassting @karamonaco @russell_kairouz @jamesrhine @mandy_sherman @kaliabalia @bbjordanlloyd who's ready for round 2? Ha, kidding...kinda ha

@mandy_sherman @kaliabalia @bbjordanlloyd Portillo's?

@jeffschroeder23: @jamesrhine @Kassting @KaraMonaco @Russell_Kairouz @Mandy_Sherman @kaliabalia @BBJordanLloyd OMG Portillios would be THE BEST right now!!!!

@KaraMonaco: @jeffschroeder23 @jamesrhine @kassting @russell_kairouz @mandy_sherman @kaliabalia @bbjordanlloyd Yum!! Jordan was telling me about it yest.

@jeffschroeder23: @KaraMonaco Were taking u whenever u wanna go, seriously! Your modeling career will be over cause you'll be fat but its SOOOO worth it! lol

@jeffschroeder23 @jamesrhine @Kassting @KaraMonaco @BBJordanLloyd Portillo's beef and cheddar croissant is truly food from the gods.

@HeadOfHOFFhold @jamesrhine @Kassting @KaraMonaco @BBJordanLloyd With Giardiniera!!

@jeffschroeder23 I think Portillos should hire you as their spokesperson.

@nanna47 And pay me in Beef sandwiches lol

@jeffschroeder23 @HeadOfHOFFhold @jamesrhine @Kassting @KaraMonaco @BBJordanLloyd they have no clue what that food is, only Chicago people.

@HarlowJim there is a Portillo's in California now. Its about 45 min. drive from me but already made the trip twice lol

@jeffschroeder23 Do they have Barnelli's also?

@HarlowJim Yes, but how can I make the drive all the way there & get Barnelli's? Got go Big Beef, but Barnelli's is really good too

@jeffschroeder23 so we voted YOU again for bb14 america's favorite player we can't get enough of you and @BBJordanLloyd love u guys!!

@mkpeters haha I appreciate it

@jeffschroeder23 you know it's true! Lol! if we could we'd all vote for you again give my love to Jordan can't wait to see more of U 2 on tv

@mkpeters Thanks & I will

@jeffschroeder23 Have you guys been to Moonshadows in Malibu yet? Going to be in LA at the end of the month and we are going to check it out

@knouase I LOVE Moonshadows, haven't taken her yet, took her to Gladstones the other night, one of our fav's! Beautiful & great food

@jeffschroeder23 ignore my spelling mistakes. lol..

@TracyBil Do it ALL the time, your okay with me, im not the twitter police haha

@jeffschroeder23 I was wondering how's the food at geisha house?

@LMC0312 Its really good! Seriously

@jeffschroeder23 How is Jordan feeling today? Feeling like the rest of you guy's?

@arencain haha she just went hiking so she I think she is feeling better than most of us

@jeffschroeder23 Are you ready for the last two BB shows? Atmosphere in house right now is very tense.

@maggiemae802 Looking forward to them!! I really wanna see the round table thing & see where peoples heads are at in the jury house.

@jeffschroeder23 thanks gonna have to try it sometime enjoy the rest of your day.

@LMC0312 make sure you get the Shiseido peppers as an app. I can eat a whole plate of those, I love em

@jeffschroeder23 So Jeff, how come you didn't go hiking with Jordan? She's going to show you up! lol

@maxnsam haha I always go, I love it! She went with her girlfriend so I wanted to give her some girl time... Plus Football is on lol

@jeffschroeder23 Found this recipe for Shiseido Peppers and mention of an Asian Market near airport. …;

@positivepeg OMG thanks, thats so awesome, honestly I might go get them, never made them at home... I know exactly where that place is

I would like to propose that all football fans (particularly Seahawks) kindly refrain from talking boastfully about their teams this week

@alanritchson Im a Bears fan, you won't hear a peep outta me this week lol

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