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Jeff's Tweetfest 8/31

Jeff's Tweetfest August 31

@jeffschroeder23 Thanks so much Jeff! That was awesome!

@ZacharyNicolos Hey buddy, I didn't realize that was your twitter name, I need to see your cute face to know its you lol thanks 4 watching

@jeffschroeder23 I missed ur interview with Britney cause I was at work. Is it posted yet?

@keli40267 i'll re-post it later on today

If you missed or want to see the BB live chat w/ Britney I'll post it later. She's funny! #bb14 @CBSBigBrother

@jeffschroeder23 @cbsbigbrother AAAHH JEFF!!!? I haven't caught up yet!!! Why Jeff WHYY!!??:-/

@Hollyblu16 @cbsbigbrother Sorry I tweet a pic of the evicted HG every Friday. I try not to ruin it for anybody till then, sorry, good EP

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff!!! You spoiled it again.

@MarcellaCav again sorry, I put a pic out every Friday of the evicted HG. Don't look at my tweets next Friday if you don't know again.

@jeffschroeder23 omg!!!! Okay, I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound rude!!! But thanks for telling me, You are awesome.

@MarcellaCav thanks, no not rude at all, i was just warning you so i didn't ruin it for you

@jeffschroeder23 i think ur right - thx for ur opin. i want to go on BB Canada but have 2 wait 2 more yrs. U inspired me 2 do so

@hockeypro123 thanks & good luck. Don't play like me though, keep your mouth shut & lay low you'll get a lot further than me lol

@jeffschroeder23 HUGE BB fan of urs. do u think ian will go all the way?opinion plz!

@hockeypro123 Its going to be a tough road for him, honestly I think Dan or Frank deserve it the most, just my opinion. never know in in BB?

@jeffschroeder23 Heard chat was great, can't wait 2 c later. As 4 the complainers remember "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one"

@Chillout27 and they stink! lol. My football coach use to say that all the time but about excesses, works w/ opinions to i guess ha

@jeffschroeder23 You wouldn't happened to be kin to any Schroeders in Arkansas, would you?!

@MelindaB83 I don't think so

@jeffschroeder23 RT @disawyer: @Chillout27 @luvkahlua59 Good for you Carrie. Amazing & someone said Jeff didn't read his tweets bwahahahaha.

@nanna47 @disawyer @Chillout27 @luvkahlua59 I read all my POSITIVE tweets, haha thanks have a great weekend guys

@jeffschroeder23 What you doing for the holiday weekend? Looks like rain for us.

@knouase Me & Jordan are taking a mini vaca, will tweet pics for sure, looking forward to it!

@jeffschroeder23 How U Like Livin On The West Coast So Far?I Moved Here 2 Vegas 4rm Chicago & The People R So Different So Is The Food!

@RensFnTweets I like it here on the west coast, i love the ocean, of course miss my fam & friends & YES THE FOOD!! haha

@jeffschroeder23 Jordan must not be home yet? You're tweeting! Tell her hi for us!

@arencain haha not yet, i actually am procrastinating going to the gym so i started tweeting lol, 5 for min. 2 hours ago lol

@jeffschroeder23 I freaking LOVE you!! Just the thought that u MIGHT see this totally makes my life haha! U & Jordan r great, <3 u both!

@jana_shivers I saw it, Thanks!

@jeffschroeder23 Have a great weekend!! Great show today!! Tell Jordan we all miss her too...

@TracyBil Thanks you, I will

@jeffschroeder23 Oh R U & Jordan Coming To VEGASBASH This Year. I've Been Wanting 2 Go But Have Been Waiting 4 U Guys

@RensFnTweets no, were not going

I just re-tweeted the BB live chat Brit interview from today from @CBSBigBrother if you wanna check it out!

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