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Jeff's Tweetfest 2/29

@jeffschroeder23 Having a beer to celebrate leap year day.. Seemed like a good reason to drink. I'll have one for you lil son of a bitch.

@sschroeder22 Im 3500 ft over your head you bastard! haha used ur gogo network pass, thanks! Now I just need 2 figure out what 2 use it 4?

@sschroeder22 I wish those guys from Houston were on my flight, i would have a couple myself!! ha

Hi @jeffschroeder23 & @BBJordanLloyd I'm a student at @NorthwesternU doing a project on BB. Would you be willing to answer a few Q's?

@meganpatsavas @BBJordanLloyd @NorthwesternU Sure, how?

@jeffschroeder23 ...watched big brother re-runs last night...hafta ask-did you end up taking jordan with you to hawaii??

@AnnKnapp1 no but, we went to PLENTY of other places!!

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd what a gr8 job on the video.U 2 have lotsa talent & truely show U speak f/ur hearts.Keep up the good work!

@VLMMILLER Thanks, we appreciate it, video came out really good!

@jeffschroeder23 I was really impressed with Jordan in that PCL video, she did way better than a lot of BB people who "host." haha

@kklausser she did a great job, but trust me, that wasn't done in one take for either of us haha

@jeffschroeder23 @VLMMILLER You always have done good in front of the camera, Jordan was absolutely amazing! Great Charity U2 are promoting

@TracyBil always appreciated Tracy, thanks... @PeopleforCare is a great organization!

@jeffschroeder23 Seinfeld ! lol good one!

@ColleenFKelly I was hoping if people read that they would get the joke & not think me & my brother talk to each other like that haha

@jeffschroeder23 Is Jordan on her way to NC or Chicago with u ?

@lucindagay09 Im heading to Charlotte to met up with Jordan again

Since @JokeDiva is on our show this Sunday, tweet me your favorite one liner from #ParksAndRec's Donna!

@TheBaubShow A mushroom walks into a bar & the bartender says "we don't serve your kind here!" & the mushroom says "why not, im a FUNGI" ha

@TheBaubShow wait thats not from Parks & Rec haha

@jeffschroeder23 you're not nice, you'll tweet my wife back but not me lol @AnnKnapp1 #snubbed

@rnadeau1 not true haha see you got one too

@jeffschroeder23 Do you guys have a move date yet?

@nanna47 soon!

@jeffschroeder23 Were u able to find a place in LA. We're all excited about your move?

@maxnsam not a place yet but a good area we like

@jeffschroeder23 How was your Leap Day, Jeff?

@maggiemae802 im spending it at the airport & on this plane right now, so its just okay lol

@jeffschroeder23 I am booking you a night at the Laugh Factory as soon as you move here!

@TheBaubShow Listen, you know I got good ones!!! im just board on this plane right now looking to strike up some converstion ha

@jeffschroeder23 just saying hi!! Looks like u figured out what 2 do with Gogol! Isn't it awesome! Esp when you're trapped on an airplane!

@golfgirly12 ya its kinda cool! makes the time pass a little easier, i wish i had something more productive to do other than tweet lol

@jeffschroeder23 So happy you guys will be helping Carly-Q, thanks so much!

@RealityTotes no worries i just sent you an email!

@jeffschroeder23 So are you guys excited about the move? And does Jordan seem more comfortable with the move to LA now?

@varneys04 yes & yes! ha

Hey @jeffschroeder23, omg, when you do find a place to live in LA, can you publicly tweet me your address please! Thanks!

@PhilipAlanPhoto Sure it's #1 happy street, LA, CA. haha

@Jeffschroeder23 Jeff...Are your friends or a realtor helping you & Jordan find a place in the area your interested in living in in Cali?

@singingmary no, we are just looking on westside rentals

@jeffschroeder23 are you excited to live with maggie lol

@JessalynB1987 shes a cute dog, just hope we are home enough for her, but she is small enough to take most places.

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff...What exactly do you mean by westside rentals? Im a New Yorker! LOL

@singingmary just an online site with apt

@jeffschroeder23 standing offer..if u, Jordan or both ever end up back at DFW or on layover, tweet me and airport beers r on me!

@golfgirly12 Thats a DEAL!!! im saving this message haha, you never know!

@jeffschroeder23 Do you think u and Jordan will go back to Cambodia at sometime to help with the @BuildACity project again?

@nanna47 yes, hopefully we can get back to do updates every so often. Defiantly wanna stay involves & see the project through!

@jeffschroeder23 since we've seen two seasons of BB with you & @BBJordanLloyd do you have a copy of ur Amazing Race season you can send us

@rnadeau1 pretty sure you can still watch it online somewhere

@jeffschroeder23 Jordan done an amazing job on video we're used to u doing great but sha was a natural.

@kimjgayheart she did a great job!! so did @Between_Pixels, very talented!!

@jeffschroeder23 How are families going to be chosen to live in the new homes in Cambodia!

@varneys04 that is up to the government I believe in Cambodia

@JeffSchroeder23 while you are at the airport, get your ticket to North Carolina. I will have a case of beer waiting for you.

@TheBaubShow with me & you getting together, we better make it 2 cases haha

@jeffschroeder23 Are you going to be taking @jeffprobst spot on Survivor?? I'm hearing rumors!

@JoniLoveVWBugs hahaha no... i wish, that would be an awesome job!

@jeffschroeder23 Since BB11 u & @bbjordanlloyd have visited so many wonderful placed and did so many exciting things? Do u keep a scrapbook?

@nanna47 no, but we defiantly pick out our favorite pic's to put around the apt.

@jeffschroeder23 Have you been watching Brenchel on The Amazing Race?

@ZacharyNicolos yes we have been keeping up TAR

Thanks guys 4 the in-flight chat, defiantly chewed up some time. Gonna catch a quick nap before we land. Traveling & tweeting is tiring ha

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