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Jeff's Tweetfest 2/27

jeffschroeder23 I saw Angelina Jolie at In & Out Burger years ago on Oscar night in her academy dress when I lived in LA. Great story right! ha

@JeffSchroeder23 Hey Jeff, how about throwing me a shout out and tell people to follow?

@murtzjaffer a shout out haha, don't you have my phone #? you can just call

@jeffschroeder23 Did U go up to her? lolz xD

@FameGirl918 she let me go ahead of her, that's when i noticed it was her. i was focused on my burger not all the people dressed up haha

@jeffschroeder23 That is a great story! Was that the year she went In & Out w /Billy Bob in the limo on the way to the Oscars?

@deemj61 it was towards the end, i think she ducked out earlier, i didn't see billy?

@jeffschroeder23 Wowww, Now that IS a great story! You going to have a few great stories to tell in your lifetime Jeff that's 4 sure! : D

@singingmary wasn't that great, i didn't even talk to her so end of story there i guess ha

@jeffschroeder23 Good Gravy! Does that sound familiar? What's it like watching the team's u & Jordan were with on TAR?

@queenmama7777 it hurts, but we hope they win!!

@jeffschroeder23 OMG!!! I think I would have had to attempted to talk to her. To me, her and Brad are THE Most Beautiful ppl n the world!

@TinaConley think it was pre-brad and i played the cool card and ignored her, i mean the loser card haha

@jeffschroeder23 I can't believe my innuendo went over your head. Where's your quick wit tonight??

@deemj61 it wasn't that great that's why haha j/k

@jeffschroeder23 wow, thats cool. Does she look just as beautiful in person as she goes on tv?

@golfgirly12 Yes very beautiful, but there is more to me than just my Angelina Jolie story!!! haha

@jeffschroeder23 Are you mocking me??? cause I saw Marilyn Monroe?

@Pegehr TOUCHE, you win!! Bet that's a really cool story!!

@jeffschroeder23 Mind if I 1 up you? I ran into her and Brad in Met Museum of Art 3 yrs ago. Brad stepped on my foot, lmao...i was pissed

@Rebz2945 Oh ya, Robert De Niro threw hot coffee in my face once, haha J/K, Ur story is definitely better!

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