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Jeff's Tweetfest 10/19

Jeff's Tweetfest October 19

Does anybody watch Storage Wars? YYYYEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP I like this show!

@jeffschroeder23 dude, the WS is on!

@AngRenzi Baseball is still on?? haha it's football season

@jeffschroeder23 yea. Its an awesome show who do you like the best?

@BrentAndrew88 Barry, he doesn't even care what's in his locker haha, he's got good jokes!

@jeffschroeder23 great show do u thing its real or fake?

@PeterMalyan i don't like how they just estimate the price and pretend thats what they sold it for

Ok, you know what show I really like now? Dexter! I watched the first season in the Jury House, & just finished up season 2. Im hooked!

@jeffschroeder23 What network is it on?

@nanna47 A&E

@jeffschroeder23 Great show! You should buy a locker and tell us what's in it, haha

@Rix_19 I kinda want too?? but I would be like Barry and just give everything away if it wasn't super rare, to much junk!!

@jeffschroeder23 Have you gotten Jordan hooked on Storage Wars yet?

@luvkahlua59 YA funny you asked I actually did, she likes it!

@jeffschroeder23 they are bringing back arrested development for a season before the movie comes out

@JessalynB1987 I absolutely can't wait!!! LOVE THAT SHOW

@jeffschroeder23 who you got for the World Series?!

@ReInHartFano182 honestly i didn't even know who was in it until a few hours ago. its football season!!!

@jeffschroeder23 what about Glee

@KevinAgron never saw it, but that lady was on my plane once, kinda cool

@jeffschroeder23 oh wow I didn't know you had tv in the jury house!

@DA_BOHMb netflixs or movies, no live TV

@jeffschroeder23 Is that on netflix?? I heard that show was bomb and I need something new to watch after i finish Friday night lights lol

@jessiicookie not sure, might have just been on DVD, thats all we can watch

@jeffschroeder23 I hear @dominicphillip ran the pool table at the BB house when was there. Do you beg to differ? lol

@CoreyWood17 @dominicphillip not at all, he was BOSS on that table!! ask him about "THE PERFECT GAME" haha

@jeffschroeder23 what's your absolute favorite show? Mines big brother!

@rhialexa123 I would probable say E1ntourage, but I like a lot of shows

@jeffschroeder23 Thanks for the autograph, Big Jeff!

@ZacharyNicolos no worries buddy!! Glad you like it

@jeffschroeder23 do u mean bc the cubs season is over?

@dreyfuss2 Kinda haha & sox, i would watch if one of them were in it

We don't watch live TV in the Jury House, just Netflix & movies or DVD's to clarify, people got really work up haha

Apparently I need to watch season 4 of Dexter, thanks 4 the feedback. Seriously Im gonna go rent season 3 right now! Its a Dexter night!

BTW Chicago is getting so rainy & cold outside you need a flu shot just to look outside haha. I'm not ready for the cold yet at ALL!!!

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