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Jeff's Tweefest November 4th

Looking 4ward 2 shooting @3guysinabooth Mon. back in Chicago. 1 guy in the booth finished 7th on BB but he's #1 in our hearts@jamesrhine ha

@jeffschroeder23 love you and jordan what is your fb page so I can follow you there too

@meredith_diaz77 thanks so much, here's the…

@jeffschroeder23 love Jamie's new Jeff still has jokes video !! what do y think ?

@lucindagay09 Pretty funny, man was I grouchy in that house!! lol i'm much better now!

@jeffschroeder23 odd ? coming from a straight guy, but what product do u use in your hair? I've been using fatboy but looking 2 switch.

@jcooney99 I use this stuff called Aquage I really like it

The day I see @jeffschroeder23 and@BBJordanLloyd get married, I will have more hope in this world. Two of the most perfect people in union.

@DeniCannataro awww thanks

@jeffschroeder23 did u get ur Celly fixed beezay

@beezay123 ya hahaha, that thing was gong banana's!!! I figured it out when we got home beezay

@jeffschroeder23 any big plans tonight? another boyband song to sing? lol

@JessalynB1987 Just cooked Jordan & her mom dinner, staying in tonight & watching tv on the couch.

@jeffschroeder23 Have you left the south Jeff, I know you love it down here, because we are the best

@arencain I do like it down here, people are great! I leave Sunday

@jeffschroeder23 Thanks for keeping in touch w/all of us. It's been gr8 cing all the pics & knowing u & @BBJordanLloyd r enjoying life!

@maggiemae802 yes we are, thank you

@jeffschroeder23 Sounds like you had a lot of fun while visiting Jordan ~ I am sure it will be hard to leave. GL with 3 guys!

@luvkahlua59 always have a great time here

@jeffschroeder23 @3guysinabooth @jamesrhineStart practicing those Angry Birds! Even this little guy is WINNING! LOL

@queenmama7777 that stupid game haha i love it!!

@jeffschroeder23 When and where will you episode of @3guysinabooth air?

@Hellataz not sure? gotta ask James? But when I find out i'll let everyone know

@jeffschroeder23 when are you going to cambodia? zsolt mentioned it on facebook

@JessalynB1987 going in the beginning of February were really looking forward to it!!! @PeopleforCare

@jeffschroeder23 Jeffs cooking! must be the best. you always cooked such yummy meals. on#BB11 and 13. what did you make tonight?

@rkosxdestiny two different kinds of pasta, Fettuccine alfredo then a red meat sauce also some garlic knots. were stuffed!!

@jeffschroeder23 are you and Jordan together now? RT?

@hdreej0010 yep she's right next to me were just playing around on the computer

@jeffschroeder23 How was the tennis match? big tennis fan here so i hope you enjoyed the match..

@JordanLFan my first tennis match!!! was pretty cool, i guess if im gonna watch, those are the guys to see!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Congrats on getting your phone FINALLY!!!!!! Took them long enough to give one to you!

@KatCrawford27 im not gonna lie im pretty excited! here your going to the panthers game sunday. your gonna have a good time! cheerio haha

@jeffschroeder23 Alex's new show looks pretty cool. Are you involved with that?

@bostonsteven32 no im not, just him and @zsoltluka but defiantly looks cool! excited to see how it goes!!

@jeffschroeder23 Will u b involved in the actual building project for Cambodia?

@maxnsam yes were going for the building project

Hahaha I love how I know @jeffschroeder23 is tweeting when I sign onto twitter and my timeline is full of @ replies to him #gottalovetwitter

@Rebz2945 i know its so annoying i feel bad, but i gotta stay connected ya know

@jeffschroeder23 Just so you and Jordan know, you have fans, worldwide, (Israel here haha) following you and Jordan since BB11.

@JordanLFan really?? that's awesome!! I would love to make it to Israel someday.. can i stay at your house haha j/k

@jeffschroeder23 hey what is three guys in a booth

@nancykoop89 check it out

@jeffschroeder23, Hey Jeff the philly EAGLES are playing Bears Monday night here is philly.

@mgenestra good luck, by the end of the game you'll be crying in your cheesesteak lol

@jeffschroeder23 Jordan said you guys were doing the moving in thing after the holidays. Excited? Have you guys decided CA or Chi yet?

@kklausser will either be surfing or skiing together by early next year

@jeffschroeder23 HI JEFF!

@samanthappierce hi Samantha

@jeffschroeder23 But I helped in other ways during atwff and BB... (sorry on my english haha)

@JordanLFan your English is great! I appreciate the support!

@jeffschroeder23 Do you have plans for Jordan's birthday?

@nanna47 not yet?

Hey @jeffschroeder23 .. Whats your Jam right now? Im looking for some new music .... Any ideas?

@Fedfan1414 this song "young wild & free" is my new jam! next month is will be Bieber's Christmas album haha

@jeffschroeder23 Is it really hard being in the BB House because I think I want to do it

@follow_my_nuts good luck haha its harder than it looks

@jeffschroeder23 I know you've probably been asked this a million times, but would you ever consider doing Big Brother again in the future?

@ztj_wwf Probably not, who knows???

@jeffschroeder23 ITS SO CUTE!check it out!!

@annemarie792 That's awesome!!!!!! love the name haha

@jeffschroeder23 hey Jeff ! I'm a huge fan of you and Jordan ! Can I get a reply ?

@Nicole_Schubert sure but you should have asked a question cause now i don't know what to write haha

@jeffschroeder23 who made that face mask stuff you guys were using in the house?

@NotGoldieLocks Mr. Lawonderful brought it!! He was trying to get us Handsomefied haha @MrUNotReady

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff, did you know there's a city in Brazil, close to mine, called "Schroeder"?

@thegeerson Really?? Hopefully one day i get to Brazil & see it for myself!

@jeffschroeder23 would really like if my favorite big brother player retweeted me

@DanielleMaskell Your just saying that to get a reply haha

Have a great Friday night everybody!

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